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Accused surfboard thief tracked down

Wilmington Police say they have tracked down a surfboard bandit. Griffin Hornstein has been cited with two breaking and entering and two larceny charges. Hornstein was spotted by video last week trying to sell a surf board that was reported stolen from a Wilmington home. His girlfriend, also seen in the video has not been charged.

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New Beginnings

I have since put that life behind me, and I am looking forward to the future that lies ahead. Currently living in Las Vegas and operating my own Nightlife company. Its almost funny looking back at this. What was I thinking!? Well, on to bigger and better things!

Placing ads on Craigslist

This dufuss is actually placing ads on Craigslist trying to get people involved with some kind of hiring scam. Promises $34hr jobs!
Really like a young thief can provide anything but a scam! The title for his ads are Top Performers Only, in customer service, sales, and marketing and pr.
What a dummy, he posts his personal email account, and name making it easy to find who he is and what he has been convicted for.
What is going on with the 20 something generation?


Hi Kat,

I will be the first one to admit that I have done wrong in the past. I definitly DON'T appreciate these attacks on my character and intelligence. What people don't see when they see my criminal history, is the story behind t ad how that experience has made me into a better person. Ill be the fist to admit that I've done wrong in the past. What can I say, I was a hard-headed kid going down the wrong path. Indeed, I have made mistakes. Sometimes it takes a good kick in the ass, like going to jail for someone to realize that they need to make a change. For me, that was it. During the time I spent locked up, I got a glimpse into a life that I knew I didn't want for myself. And that paradigm shift, if you will, sparked a significant change in my life. I have since then, COMPLETELY turned my life around.

Although I can see things from your point of view, you have never met me. Therefore, who are YOU to make such attatcks on my character? The past is GONE. The only thing that matters is the present and the future. Don't judge me on where I've been, but rather, where I'm going.

As far as the legitimacy of my posting on craigslist, you have NO IDEA what you are talking about. Once again Kat, your ignorance precedes you. It just so happens that the company I represent IS publicly traded on the NYSE under ticker symbol PPD. We were actually recognized by Forbes Magazine, as #66 on their top 200 companies list. The company, does in fact have openings, with bottom-level positions starting at $34/hr. So Kat, before you go slandering an upstanding member of society's legitimacy, I suggest you do your research first. If you wish to discuss this matter further, I can be reached at (910) 264-4892. Thanks fo your time, and the BEST of luck to you in your ventures!

Griffin Hornstein

I am totally behind Griifin!

I am totally behind Griifin! You have no right to judge a person on his past... only God can judge people! Life & the people who live it are not perfect. We all make poor decisions sometimes. They are called mistakes. Without mistakes, we would never learn & progress.
I have made huge mistakes in my past & that has made me who I am today. Griffin is my boyfriend & he is an amazing person. I do not frown upon his past, nor do I judge him. He has paid his dues & does not deserve judgement from you.
Kelli Carlin

Martial Law

Bring Back Martial Law, Give Us Back The Right To Use Force As We See Fit. The Old School Way And Punks Like This Would'nt Be Prowling Around Looking For Something To Steal. My Quote Is If You Value You Life, Like The Things I Work For Don't Mess With It

Surfboard theif

There was a time when surfers maintained a code of ethics and you could leave your board on your deck or on the beach for days at a time and nobody would touch it. This is a travesty and this young man deserves to be punished to the fullest extenyt of the law. Rik /Carolina Beach

accused surfboard thief tracked down

I'm glad they did find who did it. I just wish they could find more peole who do things similar to this. I know that the police have so much other stuff to look for thats worse, though. It's a shame that stuff like this happens continuously every day. There are so many people out there that don't care or realize the price you might have to pay when you do these things. They need to be taught better when their growing up. But then again it doesn't matter how much they've been taught how wrong stuff like this is, their going to do it anyway. They just plain don't care about right and wrong. Their going to do whatever they want to do. What's so bad is that they don't have to pay much of a sacrifice because our jails and prisons are so full.