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Actors and county leaders put on performance of Wilmington's Big Greek Wedding... even the Wilmington Mayor !!

READ MORE: Actors and county leaders put on performance of Wilmington's Big Greek Wedding
It was a celebrity who's who on stage Friday night at Thalian Hall. The Phoenix Employment Ministry put on a production of Wilmington's Big Greek Wedding. Cast members included State Representative Danny McComas, New Hanover County Commissioners Ted Davis and Jonathan Barfield, City Councilman Kristi Tomey, and UNCW Athletic Director Kelly Mehrtens, just to name a few. Wilmington's Big Greek Wedding on Friday night was elaborate as they come. Everyone who had a chance to dress in drag did. Men dressed up as women and women dressed up as men. Jeff Daniels was a hit playing the lead role of the head vestal virgin, but he was definitely in good company. It was a mix of experienced actors and New Hanover County community leaders. Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo played the role of grandmother of the bride. Mayor Saffo had the wardrobe thing down pat; the hat, the mink stole and even the dress.

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You have got to be kidding...

Are you seriously telling me that a fund-raising event that has been going on now for 4 years is being touted as politically incorrect because it took place in Greece? Did any of the negative nay-sayers realize that the food was catered by Angie's...of Chris' Restaurant...A Greek-owned and run establishment? Our Mayor, who is Greek by the way, and other elected officials helped raise money (for an organization that is needed now more than ever) on their off time and because of this they are now incompetent? Obviously there were people willing to help this organization because there were plenty of people who paid the $75 ticket price. Why can't people just see this for the good that it is instead of trying to drag this through the mud? All you have to do is listen to Don Skinner talk with passion about how this event helped almost 400 homeless people last year get the job skills, training, clothes, and support they needed for another start in life and you would be ashamed thinking that this is anything more than a fund-raiser for a good cause. Grow up already. One day, God forbid, you might need help from an organization such as this and trust me...if that day comes, you'll be glad there were people around who cared enough to raise money for you.

get a grip one

get a grip one is bashing anyone or any ethnic background...this was a play to raise money for a great cause...its as simple as that! pick something else for your soapbox...

The Mayor did a better job

The Mayor did a better job in this play than he does as the Mayor of the City...maybe he should consider a change of profession


I am sure that in my lifetime we will see this type of entertainment banned. What about this is different from blackface comedy? Is it ok to make fun of an ethnic backround? Does anyone remember "Tom and Jerry" cartoon episodes with "mamie" the black maid? BANNED. Some "Our Gang" episodes with Buckwheat and Stymie? BANNED. Portraying Jews, Irish, Italians, Catholics, Greeks, etc in a stereotypical fashion is just as wrong, hurtful, and destructive.

Re: Greek

Hey voice of a generation-Mayor Bill Saffo is of Greek heritage. So obviously, he saw nothing wrong with participating in a play to benefit a worthy cause.

Nice to know he isn't out

Nice to know he isn't out there taking care of his City like he's suppose to

And let's not forget....

To be sure, opinions on the traditional stereotypes regarding the groups you mentioned still occur. But you know what? I honestly believe it's at far lesser levels now than it once was. In this nation - and around the world, for that matter - there is one group of people that is targeted with very little to frankly no controversy: White Southerners. NO, we are NOT dirt-eating idiots who sleep with and marry our relatives. NO, just because we have a Southern accent does NOT mean we are stupid. But take a serious look at tv shows, movies, books, etc. and you'll see exactly what I mean. It's anticipated that making fun of us will occur, and so far, it is completely tolerated and encouraged.

How Moist!

How Moist!

Big Greek slap in the face

There are many of us with counter gender assignation that find this a slap in the face of our transformation from our birth defective genetic mix-up. This is a-kin to the "n" word or a slur against jewish people. Not to mention it is just plain poor taste. Transgendered people all around the world take one step forward, two steps back thanks to this kind of horse hockey!

no, just plain ignorant

This has to be one of the most ignorant comments I have read on these boards and I would bet NOT one from a transgender person. Most know the difference between drag and being transgender. To equate this with prejudice is an obvious attempt to hurt those involved rather than lift up the amazing effort they made to bring laughter and joy to so many while raising huge amounts of badly needed money for their community's most in need. To hide behind a group of people to attack those you cannot hurt face to face is sad and despereate. God bless you as you need help. God bless those who were involved in this event because they do such great things every day and God Bless all those who will be helped by the Phoenix employement Ministry and Reverend Don Skinner!

Lighten up, Tranny.

Lighten up, Tranny.

Just great!

This is all we need. Our local government leaders dressed up in drag and putting on a fruity show. Aren't we in the middle of an economic crisis?

We are (they are not)

We are (they are not)

that was the point small mind

they and all these folks were doing a great thing for phoenix employment ministry to help the less advantaged get work in this are and help them be back in the employment arena. Pretty amazing group coming out to do whatever it takes to help those in need...and getting those that can give to give!