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Affordable housing gets financial boost

READ MORE: Affordable housing gets financial boost
The economy has put stress on affordable housing in Wilmington, but thanks to a multi-million dollar tax credit from the North Carolina Housing and Finance Agency, help is in sight. Taylor Senior Homes and The Pointe make up two-thirds of Taylor Estates. Thanks to a $ 6.7 million tax credit, housing and economic opportunities, a Wilmington housing authority subsidiary, can now begin construction on the final stage, Taylor West, early next year. Current residents say the nearly 50 families that will live in the new development will find a great community. “When you walk outside and you see community areas where you can sit and talk with your friends, like the park benches and the gazebo, when you can walk out an there is grass on the ground and there are pretty flowers and nice trees, those things really help. You know you look forward to coming home everyday,” said Barbara Armstrong, a Taylor Estates resident. With Taylor West, the Wilmington Housing Authority says it hopes to not only provide the available housing it desperately needs, but also improve the quality of life for it's residents while becoming a part of the city's growth. “It's really going to continue to enhance this neighborhood. The new police station has made a tremendous impact, so I just think this is another piece of the puzzle that goes towards redeveloping this area in general,” said Mike Krause, director of the WHA. The tax credit will provide about $ 5 million in construction funds for the twelve building development. The WHA and a city loan will provide any additional funding needed for the project. Taylor West will have two, three, and four bedroom apartments and will house almost 250 people. Leasing for the properties won't begin until 2011.

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I wonder

the term "affordable housing' would indicate Federal or State funded subsidies will cover at least aportion of the monthly rent. Will physically able residents be required to provide some payback for the subsidies? Will they be required to perform yardwork; gardening; or common area janitorial clean up? It only seems fair, if you truly want to have pride in residency, that you would put forth some effort and help the WHA budget. In fact, if the residents take over these types of chores, the savings might allow the WHA to provide even more subsidized housing units. For that matter, I wonder if any current, physically able residents, in subsidized housing, put forth similar efforts? And if they do not, why not? With all of the budget cuts being forced on everyone, it would seem only fair they might help out.

That is what I have said

I have said the same thing in the past. If you are able to work and are living on taxpayers dime, you should have to work in the area you live. Mow the grass, paint walls, remove and replace carpet when somebody moves out (if they ever do) learn plumbing, electrical trade. Then when the thugs start spray painting walls the residents will have to repaint, it might help them step up and stop that stuff. If they know they will have to fix whatever they break, they might stop purposefully breaking things.

A few states have proposed it....

New Jersey, New York, Wisconsin and California bounced the idea around at various times. They met immediate heavy flak from two fronts - the municipal employee unions, who stated that the plan was designed to eliminate hiring more city employees, and the ACLU who claimed that it was tantamount to indentured servitude, a form of "slavery" (in their teenie-weenie little minds) and thus illegal under the Constitution. As soon as the word "slavery" was bandied about, the states ran for cover and abandoned all plans. We're simply supposed to accept that only half the population should pay taxes, while the other half gets to ride on our backs.

thank GOD they torn it down

I use to visit several people in that area and those places was infested with bugs terribly. I am so glad that they are screening the tenants and making sure this stays as beautiful ....10 years from now....I am thankful I was able to help an elderly friend qualify...the building is absolutely beautiful..the decor is nice and simple with a twist of elegance....thank you to the responsible parties....Finally, the area is looking up...