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Affordable Housing Summit held

Realtors, lenders, builders and many more came together today to find a solution to a growing problem in this region. The problem is the lack of affordable housing. The Affordable Housing Summit Friday included panel discussions aimed to dispel myths on a wide array of topics, like housing ex-cons, safety in neighborhoods, land trusts and foreclosure prevention. One organizer says it was a good turnout, but she would have liked to see more citizen participation. Panelist Nia Perkins, an ex-con, came to shed light on the challenge of finding affordable housing. Perkins said, "I can personally attest getting the 'no's, the 'no's the 'no's and finally receiving one 'yes.' So if someone can give me a chance, why can I not go back into the community and help someone else receive a 'yes.'" Perkins says she wants to tackle the challenge of finding affordable housing now so it isn't a problem for future generations. This was the second year for the summit. Organizers hope it becomes an annual event.

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Affordable housing? Somehow,

Affordable housing? Somehow, that phrase and wilmington don't belong in the same sentence. Housing will never become affordable in this region until 2 conditions are met: A. the average income doubles. and B. people quit charging and paying twice as much as a house is worth.

^^^^^Could not agree

^^^^^Could not agree more...That is why i no longer live in your money pit..I moved away 10 years ago..Best thing i ever did in my life...I got tired of living in poverty...Well no more than what construction pays in your pitiful area..It is a wonder why so many live in poverty in your area..My god..People think $15.00 a hour is alot of money in 1998 when i moved away from poverty stricken N.C....Lord knows what these companys pay now in your area.....