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After Omaha shooting, officials discuss local store security

WILMINGTON -- The shooting rampage in Omaha has sent shockwaves across the country. Are we prepared here in Wilmington for an event like that, and are local shoppers concerned? An incident like this highlights the importance of having a security plan in place. The vice president of the company that operates Independence Mall says at all times, the mall takes necessary measures to make guests and retailers are safe. The mall has a full security staff on duty at all times. But law enforcement officials say often, the best way to prevent violent incidents from happening is to be aware of your surroundings and pay particular attention to non-verbal communication from the people around you. WPD Capt. Marshall Williamson said, "You get that inner feeling that something's not right about that person. Maybe they're carrying a package in a specific way, their hands may be in their pockets, the clothing may not match the environment, they could be talking to themselves." Officers say you should notify them or security right away if you notice anything out of the ordinary and let them determine whether the threat is a credible one. A mall spokesperson could not elaborate on exactly how many security personnel they have in place or tell me whether they have cameras inside the mall. But authorities say even with technological advancements, nothing is 100 percent.

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I know the law says citizens with concealed carry permits cannot carry concealed in places of business with stating no concealed weapons. If it is concealed, how will they know? Isn't that what "concealed" means?

They likely won't know....

...but in the event it was discovered, you could be charged with a misdemeanor and lose your concealed carry license. Bend over to tie your shoe have the wind blow your jacket open as you enter a store, and the fact that you're packing might no longer be a secret. The best course to follow is to respect their right to post such a sign, take your business elsewhere, and let them know why you're taking it elsewhere. Two major retailers in the area removed their signs when they realized that it was costing them business.

They should

They should allow everyone with legally carried concealed weapons on the premesis. Including me!

The best thing the mall could do....

....would be to take down the "no concealed weapons" signs. They have nothing to fear from law abiding citizens, and any nutjob determined to do harm is going to ignore the signs anyway. Remember, we already have one school shooting that ended quickly because of an armed citizen. (Pearl, MS)

very true

I agree. A law abiding citizen will not carry due to the possibility of legal ramifications for ignoring the no concealed sign. A criminal doesn't care and will walk right by it. Until the field is a little more level they will always have the upper hand.

Mall Shooting

As far as I know Wilmington's mall does not display signs stating "no concealed weapons". I have never seen one and I carry a .40 cal. every time I go there.