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Air of contention surrounds Titan

Opponents of the Titan Cement Plant have filed suit, asking the state to review the permitting process. The North Carolina Environmental Policy Act requires projects that will impact the environment and use public money to undergo an environmental review before permits are issued. The state and county have promised four-and-a-half million dollars in incentives for the cement plant, which still must undergo an environmental review by the army corps of engineers. However, the state has already issued a draft air pollution permit; opponents would like that decision reviewed.

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NOT A PEEP about the SULFURIC ACID plant breaking ground on 421....and to the poster about making roads out of recycled tires...they use it in a MIXTURE of asphalt...which is totally different usage than what we NEED concrete for...go back to La-La land where everyone gets along and plays paddy cake. I'm sick of the chicken littles...


There are other cities/towns in other states that are making roads & sidewalks using recycled tires & proving that that's a much better material to use then cement. It has flexibility, is stronger & better for the environment. Our society has become so dependent on what we have that making a change to something obviously better is too painful. Of course we need better paying jobs in this county & we also need jobs that are the best for our fragile environment. Just think of the possibilities-Think outside of the box.


To start, you have to melt down the recycled tires and mix it with asphalt, and you are worried about the Titan hurting the environment. Boy, you guys have all your fact straight don't you. I know what is going on here. The is a realtor out there that wants the property to build houses on it. So, if they can stop Titan they can get the property. I would like for the people that are worried about Titan hurting the environment to show me a study they have done showing how Ideal Cement hurt the environment when they were out there. Also, show me a study that shows all the people with health problems caused by Ideal. They information should be there for you to prove all the bad things you say will happen. If you will show that to us then I might be on your side. However, I think you should be more worried about what GE has for the future at its plant. Do you not think that processing of recycled uranium could cause more issues? If you have not heard you better check it out and get on your band wagon now before the process starts that would allow this..

How about construction?

Yep! RAC makes a great road. However, it's useless for foundations or commercial construction. For those projects you need good old fashioned concrete. To make concrete you need Portland cement. To make Portland cement you need limestone. Lots of limestone in Castle Hayne!


The same people who oppose Titan and the jobs it will bring to the area are those who would be the first to complain if they did not have cement for the roads and sidewalks in their neighborhoods.

Titan = Loss of Jobs

Fact: Titan would bring 160 jobs, almost all (except a few menial low-paying, no-skill gigs) going to Titan employees at their other plants brought in to work here. Cement production is automated, which means, for the not-so-bright people with low IQs who keep spoutin off about jobs, that you won't be getting a job at Titan. If your lucky, you might be able to score a job serving lunch to a couple Titan employees for $5.50 an hour. In return, many more jobs in tourism, retirement, real estate will be lost due to environmental damage, and better businesses wont want to locate here. Educate yourself. Its the lack of education and corruption of too many Titan supporters that discourages businesses from locating here.


Even if people living here don't get the jobs, you still have 160 people employed here then that now will buy homes, shop here and support the local economy!


I would like to attract another employer like PPD rather than an industrial polluter like Titan. The gain from the few jobs is not worth the environmental impact that will reverberate through generations of New Hanover County residents. Really, do we all have STUPID tattooed on our foreheads? First Hugo Nue, now this. Please research the allowable levels of mercury for children. It is ZERO. ANY dose of mercury has an effect on their development. By the way, we get our water supply from a tidal river that this company wishes to discharge mercury into. We have enough problems to deal with as far as unbridled development and growth of this area, runoff from roads, sewer spills in the creeks and sounds, and livestock runoff in the river. I'm not talking about global warming and carbon credits, I'm talking about measureable impact on our waters. We have a responsibility to reverse 200 years of poor stewardship in this area. Bottom line: keep your Titan jobs. I'd like to keep my beautiful coastal city clean for my kids and grandkids. And if you are jobless (I am truly sorry), I sure hope you are not sitting around on your butt waiting for Titan to hire you...

for youre information

for youre information greenie we get our water supply from the river above lock and dam #1 ,not from the river below it ,if you want to police the water supply you will need to go to the inland counties "you are misinformed as the other tree huggers"

reread my post - the Cape

reread my post - the Cape Fear is a tidal river, which means water flows both ways. Research water levels and salinity at lock and dam #1. It is also a habitat to preditory birds, game fish, occasional marine mammals, and riverside scavenger omnivores. Again I ask all reasonable people how it is possible that unbridled human impact will not eventually and irreplaceably destroy our natural resources?


agree with you "Again I ask all reasonable people how it is possible that unbridled human impact will not eventually and irreplaceably destroy our natural resources?" I think we should nuke every continent and destroy all human know...for the environment and children.

I want filet mignon every day

You may *want* another PPD, but the idea that we can have a vibrant local economy with only white-collar businesses is naive and foolish. Every urban area needs a mix of all types of businnesses, from heavy industry to small white-colar offices, to insure full employment and growth across all economic strata. Titan may only employ 160 workers, but how many more will be hired by other businesses for the transportation of cement out of this area? Truck drivers, rail workers, port employees? My money says that the courts will rule for Titan. You don't change the rules in the middle of the game. If they meet the requirements under law as they currently exist, they meet the requirements.

county planners

The county has all the power in deciding what zoning they will allow. Gee, how does Hilton Head do it? How is it that they don't have the need to attract huge waste dumps and poisonous cement operations? Tight zoning laws, and ownership on the part of the community planners. Why aren't they considering a cement plant on Harkers Island? Does Oak Island need jobs? The answer is that they don't want it wrecking their towns. And neither do I. So I thank MY representative democratically elected officials for putting the brakes on.

Totally Agree

You are sooo right!

yeah I would much rather

yeah I would much rather risk my health than lose my precious sidewalks.