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Alleged burglar out early on bond

READ MORE: Alleged burglar out early on bond
An alleged burglar is roaming the streets a free man tonight, after posting his bond shortly after being arrested. The suspect is not new to the Wilmington crime scene, either. He is facing charges in seven recent burglaries that cost victims nearly $7,000. Alan Rickenbacker allegedly broke into homes on Acacia Drive, Fenway Lane and Peachtree Avenue. Some homes he has broken into even two or three times. "We are concerned that we can be broken into again. We are concerned that this fellow has a habit, and he is going to continue to go out and break it because he has done it multiple times." said one concerned victim. Victims of alleged burglar Allan Rickenbacker say he got off too easy and Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous agreed. "Problem is he with his record is that's all he's been doing, he's a thief, he's a burglar, his record is as long as my arm.", said Evangelous. Rickenbacker was arrested Friday. His bond was set at $100,000, and a few hours later, he posted bond and was free. "He's back out on the street, he will burglarize again. My biggest fear is that one of these days he is going to break into a house, there is going to be a kid home, sick, and become victimized by these types of activities." Evangelous stated. This is not Rickenbacker's first run in with the law. He was already facing 14 charges of uttering false pretenses - meaning he tried to sell the goods he allegedly stole at a pawn shop. This has victims wondering why he was allowed out on bond. In this case, Rickenbacker was eligible for a $100,000 bond based on his record. Ultimately it is up to the judge to decide where to set bond. Bail bondsman, Raul Brewster, posted Rickenbacker's bond once before. He said it is almost better to have bond set for repeat offenders, so the community does not have to use tax money to keep them in jail. Brewster stated, "Take the load off the state, take the load off the tax payers, we are going to be responsible, and we are going to make sure that he shows up in court."

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surf city tom your comments

surf city tom your comments are just like those dime a dozen jail house lawyers criminals trying to represent them selves ,the chief evangelous was just stating his opion a constitutional right ,but as for a fact about rickenbacker he has pawn slips from pawn shops where he has already pawned and tried to pawn stolen goods that he broke and entered to get with finger prints and the stolen goods and no aliby to convince the da or a judge or a jury that he is innocent .rickrenbacker does have a record a arm long full of dwi and drug charges that are now felonys under new law but under old laws were misdemeanors .what gets me is that how he has 7 burgalry charges and 14 uttering charges ,"""""" why does rickenbacker not have 7 other bail bonds for the other charges .and 14 bail bonds for the other 14 charges . our judicial system is designed to help crimininals who abuse it .there is a point system a scale the judge goes by and it is based on your criminal record for setting a bond and for determining punishment and it is used exactly the same way for every one .the problem is like the chief said the point scale is letting this creep walk the streets and thats all he does is dwi, use drugs, and break and enter but his criminal record is on a low point scale but after he is convicted of those burglary and uttering charges rickenbacker will advance into a new bracket on the point or scale system .

My Comments

Evidently you people can not read. My entire point has been that the Chief's comments, and those of every one posting here who rushes to find the accused guilty before his trial, give him the perfect out to walk on appeal if convicted. "The community was up in arms against him. Even the chief denied him his right to a fair and unbiased trial." I can hear some whining attorney right now. This guy would not need Matlock; Pee Wee Herman could get him off this one no matter how strong the evidence against him. And it will be entirely due to all the biased comments being made by the Wilmington Police Chief and the men or women on the street. Why don't you learn to read the entire post rather than bits and pieces? Let the man have his day in court. If he's convicted than y'all can do the Snoopy dance in the streets. You can stand outside the jail when he is loaded for transport to some correctional facility. As it is now, most likely he will get an attorney who can point to this stream of postings and rightly claim his client did not have a chance at a fair trial. And he will likely plea bargain the alleged crimminal to some form of substance abuse treatment and probation. You folks are going to help him prove the justice system works when he is able to walk free. One final thought; why have none of you registered with WWAY? Y'all appear as unrecognized Guests. I have yet to see one solid fact posted on this stream. All I see are a bunch of folks up in arms who likely have torches and a rope ready for a late night lynching. For the noGuest who did not have the conviction of purpose to identify himself, perhaps you should take some courses in grammar and punctuation.

That's another problem, SCTom

So let me get this straight: "Rushing to judgement" on a Repeat (Habitual) Offender and Law Breaker with a lenghty criminal record (FACT) is somehow considered (by you) ethically immoral as it violates the Bill of Rights and Constitution!?! What do you think the primary duty of a Judge is? I reserve the 'right' as an individual citizen of the US, to 'judge' based on any historical account. That in no way should be confused with a formal judgement made in Court of Law with or without penalties. So, what about all of the individuals 'rights' that were violated time and again by this guy -committing crimes across Wilmington without being locked-up? Where is the justice? What about all the laws he's broken (and been convicted) which has propelled himself into criminal status yet, he still walks? Where is the justice? I can only hope that you or I won't be a victim anytime while he walks free b/c the non-judgemental decision made when setting his bond. The chief going on record was commendable; notifying the public is the right thing to do.

Another Problem

If this Gentlemen has such an extensive crimminal record, why was it not disclosed during the Bond Hearing? By crimminal record, one should not include convictions for DUI or Drug Possession. While serious crimes, they have no relevance to charges of breaking and entering. In reviewing all of the meida reports, I still see nothing which comments on convictions for robbery, breaking and entering, or even jay-walking. If everyone with a prior conviction for DUI is subsequently charged with a felony, are they presumed guilty decause of the DUI conviction? Again, I ask, what has he been convicted of that is a misdemeanor or felony other than DUI and drug possession? The real issue is how will the Chief's comments impact the outcome of a "fair and impartial" trial? Will this guy walk free, on appeal, due to public comments which might have been better made in private?


maybe he's related to a JUDGE!!!

Life is not fair

people get arrested for the first time ever an have a high bond, but the system let a burglar,out on the street. what if your house is next.

That's the problem...

For the lawyer who is showing interest in defending the "alleged" suspect on this forum, I hear he is looking for representation. Although, you should ponder this before you sign up to lose a trial: "if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, looks like a duck, there's high probability it is... wait for it... wait... for... it... PROBABLY A DUCK! I applaud the chief for "spilling the beans" on this guy to the press. It appears he is concerned and frustrated with the Judge who is ultimately to blame here.

That's the Problem

Perhaps everyone, apparently including Wilmingotn's Chief of Police, should have taken advantage of Constituion Day at CFCC. You might have learned something. This is not about the "alleged" burglar's innocence or guilt. This is about his Constituionally gauranteed rights to a fair and unbiased trial. Any half baked attoreny can use the Chief's comments and the follow up postings on this website to convince a Judge this "alleged" crimminal has no chance for a fair trial in the greater Wilmington area. And if convicted, there is probably a good basis for a lengthy appeal during which the "alleged" crimminal will be free on bond. This is not about innocence or guilt. This is about the Constitution and our rights under it. But then I am not a lawyer. Think what a trained attorney could do with all of this.

That's the Problem

You may want to go back and read my post. You applaud the chief for "spilling the beans". In "spilling the beans" the Chief may well have gauranteed this "alleged" burglar will walk free as a bird when all the dust settles. Anyone in law enforcement knows you do not speak in a positive or negative manner regarding pending legal actions. That is one of the first things they teach in basic law enforcement. Step 1. Investigate the crime and arrest the suspect. Let the court pass judgement. Remain silent in public other than at an arraignment. Step 2. Remain silent until testifying in court or in reviewing facts with the Prosecutor. Step 3. Testify and be cross examined in court. Remain silent otherwise. Step 4. When the verdict is rendered, comment on the justice system working. You would have probably done well in the 1930's in Germany. The governing regime had a high sense of judicial process. You probably would have done well in the 1940's in Russia; Stalin eliminated over 20 million dissidents who did not agree with his views on the future of Russia. Another great example of judicial process. Anyone in this country is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. This individual may well be guilty. That is not for you or I to guess unless we sit on his jury in which case we will view all the facts before rendering our decision. How is the Judge ultimately to blame? The Judge reviews the facts and renders a decision. Suppositions and thoughts of unthinking people who spout off after the Judge rules have no bearing on his decision. If this individual has such a long and well publicized record, why did that not come out in his arraignment? Had it been presented I am confident the Judge would have considered it in rendering his decision. Finally, I want to note I am not an attorney; nor do I seek to defend the "alleged" crimminal. But a long time ago, I took an oath to defend and uphold the Constitution. Taking off the uniform did not end that sense of obligation. Thousands of brave young men and women risk their lives daily in defense of our Consitution today. Maybe you and all the folks who rush to judgement should take the time to read it and the Bill of Rights. Who knows, one day you may be on the other side of the fence.

Burglar on the street

Why don't just give him a skeleton key and make it easier for him to get what he wants.The burglarized victim who shoots him when entering the house will get in more trouble than the burglar himself.... And you wonder about our youth......

well here goes again another

well here goes again another thug or hoodlum let back out, oh no he's not black he's and white man so this let's us know that crime is on both sides of the fence those of you that always blame blacks for crimes and see there crimes public, but not white crimes that's why our crimes are 75% black b/c whites get out, if this was and black guy oh boy but i'm glad it's not, way to go white man keep up the good work, keep the press off our black teens and news please put more of the white teens on this, Ashley high vandelism, runaways, etc...

"Alleged" Burglar back on the street

I must comment on this one. In our country there is a presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Perhaps the Chief is unfamiliar with the Bill of Rights. I can not believe he had the lack of thought to state anything that might predjudice the "alleged" criminal's right to an unbiased trial. Any half baked attorney should have no trouble appealing a conviction, if one occurs, solely on the inflammatory comments of the Chief. What was he thinking when he spoke those words? I saw nothing in your news broadcast outlining crimes of which the accused has been found guilty. Perhaps that is a good follow up for tonite. At the very least, the Chief has given the accused grounds to seek a change in venue -- something which will cost the city of Wilmington. At worst, he has given someone the grounds for an appeal and possible overturn of a conviction. It's one thing to be accused of a crime. It's another to be convicted. So far, there has been no conviction. Until he is convicted, he, like every other citizen, is entitled to the presumption of innocent until proven guilty. He may well be guilty. That's not for the Chief to say. That's for a court of law. One can only imagine there is an attorney somewhere who can see a nice defamation of character lawsuit and judgement for the "alleged" burglar if he is found inncoent. Let's hope the City has insurance to cover the defense costs and judgement. That might be a good question for "ask the Mayor".

What's that old saying

What's that old saying again? Oh yeah... "All that's wrong is right...all that's right is wrong...will be the end of time"......... Here it is folks :-( As for the bail bondsman saying... "Take the load off the state, take the load off the tax payers, we are going to be responsible, and we are going to make sure that he shows up in court."...I say BULL! Throw them in a jail ranch in the middle of Montana with primary duties of cleaning up cow dung. That may make them think for a while. Oh yeah...throw the judge that set his bail in right behind him. Apparently Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous doesn't try hard enough to convince a judge that this is the wrong type of decision letting a repeated criminal back out. That may be another whole story within itself in the realm of our police management. Sorry Chief, but fight back...or at least prove you have. We as citizens always feel these types of decisions to let criminals out on bail is wrong. Are we so wrong to come to that conclusion as citizens, when these people are back on the streets free again? (i.e.) This guys criminal record backs up my question. Maybe he's got inside connections with the law...who knows? What's that old saying again????? And to the writer stating that someone at home will be this guys match "between the eyes" as it were...may come to pass soon enough. The law...or lack of...causes this way of thinking...and retaliation...and because people are forced to believe this way in self defense, they will become the ones on trial in the end. What's that old saying again?????

Chief did his job

Hey, the Chief did his job. The prosecutor asked for higher bail. Blame the Judge. That's where it belongs.

What is this man doing out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now this is terrible. Why is this man out on bond with his charges. Are they letting him out to hurt some one when he break in and they are home.Someone have a heartattack because he is in there home. Then what. What are the courts doing. They are giving him the pass to rob again. This is ashame.This is the behavior i dislike when they show the county what they really are made of . This is sad what about the families feeling safe.


ALMOST time for citizens to start resorting to mobs and vigilantism as our Justice system just REFUSES to hold up their end of the scales....this is the NORM nowadays with our wonderful system of Justice....don't ya love it!

burglar bond

This is much more common than you would think, especially if the person lives in New Hanover County and hasn't missed court dates in the past. To all you internet vigilantes, we get it! You go ahead and do what you find necessary to protect your home - just keep it to yourself. I am sick of this "let him come in my home, my (gun type) will end it" nonsense. I do wonder how he came up with 10,000 cash to post his 100,000 bond. I doubt from theft because he and his wife clearly have a SERIOUS drug problem. Thats ten thousand that does not get returned; either this man has a generous and foolish benefactor or he himself is the fool with 10,000 laying around but still out stealing. Regardless, this is just as bad as giving habitual drug dealers low bonds. The dealer may be back on the corner that day trying to get lawyer money, but he won't be crawling through your window. It is almost certain this guy will reoffend, maybe electronic house arrest would have been a proper condition of bond?

Alan Rickenbacher

Does not surprise me about Alan. He caused trouble in the methadone clinic he goes to as well. Breaks all the rules, but they loved their daily money grandma paid for Alan in bulk. He's a rule breaker and has been getting away with things for yrs.

A thief AND a druggie?

Living proof of the good a three strikes law would do for the state. The sob-sisters won't let us execute him, so the voters should demand that he be imprisoned for life after a third felony.



Take heart, Chief!

He might break into a house where an armed, expert pistol shot is home. Two 230 gr +P hollowpoints through the orbital sockets will end the burglaries pronto.

damn skippy. I'll pay for

damn skippy. I'll pay for the bullets all day long. cheaper than court costs.


Well said!!