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Alleged Creekwood shooter in court today

A juvenile arrested for a murder in the Creekwood community made his first court appearance today. Seventeen year old Obrian Hester is charged with the murder of 45-year-old Michelle Crutchfield of Wilmington. Crutchfield was shot and killed on North 30th Street on September 1, 2008. Hester also faces charges of armed robbery with more charges forthcoming. Since Hester is a minor he is not eligible for the death penalty.

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Crime never pays

I don't care if he was 17 or 10, he took the life of an innocent person, who really was a beautiful woman inside and out. I really think the laws should stop protecting these creeps that have nothing better to do but hang out all hours of the night preying on whoever comes their way. I wish the laws would make the punishment the same as the crime. If you shoot someone, you should be shot to death, etc. etc. These two BAD BOYS need to pay for what they did and not treated special because of their age. They were old enough to pull the trigger.

Too young

45-year-old Michelle Crutchfield of Wilmington was too young for the death penalty

re: death penalty

I think him being too young for the death penalty is what'll help encourage these gangs to get more and more of these kids to do their killings. They know that these kids are too young to get the death penalty and then in a few years they'll be back on the streets and welcomed into the gang with open arms (unless they're killed by another gang first). I say if you're life means so little that you can take someone else's life...then they should take yours too. This is just a slap on the wrist for this kid. No wonder all the youth of today do all these shootings. Plus, it's not like their parents are going to stop them...heck, their parents probably don't even know where they are most of the time. Note: If you're not going to properly raise your kid, then don't have one! (or in most cases 2, 3 or 4 or them)

thats not true

I know that is your opinion or what ever.....but dont put that up there, talking about my brother should die as dont know why he shot the lady...i dont either but all you know is that he shot some one and shes deid...that was so not called for

Get a grip Olivia...

So, based on your comment, if the reason is okay, then him shooting Michelle is justified? I don't care if she was trying to buy a truckload of drugs, there is no justification for murder. Eye for an Eye... Olivia, what if this white girl had shot your brother? How would you honest. I know you are defending your brother, and that's human nature, but come on...