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Alleged drunk driver smashes into Dairy Queen; woman jumps out of the way to save her life


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Just before 11:30 Friday night there was a huge crowd outside the Oleander Drive Dairy Queen in Wilmington, but only two customers were standing in line for ice cream when a SUV crashed into the store. Fortunately they heard the vehicle coming before it slammed into the building. The man was able to get out of the way. The woman wasn't as fortunate. The SUV missed her by two feet, but shattered glass got into her eye. She was treated at Cape Fear Memorial Hospital in Wilmington and released an hour later. She still needs a follow-up with an eye doctor due to the pain associated with the injury. There's a possibility there still may be glass in her eye.

The driver of the SUV was not injured. One witness says the man didn't even seem to know he'd been involved in an accident. That same witness says the the man responsible for the crash urinated in the parking lot in front of employees before a police officer arrived. Response time by Wilmington Police was fast. A Dairy Queen employee says an officer was on site about a minute after the crash.

Before the SUV was towed away Wilmington police put a sticker on it citing it was involved in an DWI-related accident.

Update: Just drove by the Dairy Queen Sunday afternoon, and the restaurant is back open. It's one fewer window, but it's open.

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you lost me at...

"huffing dust cleaner". Why is someone still driving around with a license after being caught doing that WHILE DRIVING!? What kind of a backwater is this for crying out loud...


So much for her not driving again....

Why can't these drunk

Why can't these drunk drivers start hitting trees and killing themselves instead of injuring innocent people?


.. Stickered the truck as a dui ??o guilty until innocent??

DWI Sticker

Just to let everyone know, the sticker is a decal placed on a vehicle that is seized for the school board. This happens when someone is charged with DWI, and their drivers license is revoked for DWI, or if they have no insurance.The vehicle is sold at auction and the proceeds go to the school board for your children. Sounds like Mr Loozer has an drinking/driving problem.


Ever hear of field sobriety tests or portable breathalyzers? A blood test isn't required to charge someone with a DWI.


They stickered the truck.. wow thsts a fast toxicology report..

Where is everyone?

Wow, what a difference this story is from Randi Petrolinos' coverage,... no name to identify the driver, no cheap shot at his facebook page, no mention of the drivers age, etc.......! Perhaps the higher ups told this reporter only to report the minimal facts and no trashy National Examiner type coverage.
This guy actually hurt someone! Where are all of the hate comments for this driver? What, no comments about him being a loser, etc.....?
How many DWIs' does this guy have? Is he a spoiled rich guy?
Why dont we all get to know these things? Isnt it "everones" business to know, atleast those were the comments made about Randi?
No comments about his urinating in public either.
Where is everone that was so quick to trash Randi? Amazing that when a reporter reports responsibly it doesnt incite a cyber riot!!!!

I hate to say it, "Family"

I hate to say it, "Family" (Of Randi) but the comments in her case wouldn't have gotten so out of hand if you and her friends had kept your tempers.

I agree with you that the reporting in these two cases isn't balanced. I would like to know why as well.

Here's an idea...

Shouldn't you be worried about keeping Randi clean/sober and off the road until her trial instead of how Ch. 3 is reporting on other drunk driving incidents?

Police say Garcia has gotten 3 DWI's in just the past 10 years.

OK I start thr cyber riot! I checked FaceBook and did not find a "Isaias Garcia". I went to the fugitive files and could find no one that matched his description. If he is an illegal maybe we could send hime to Arizona. Why put him in prison in NC where he will be feed,clothed and given free medical attention?

Why aren't they making such a big deal out of this accident?

PC. Pure and simple. According to WECT, he's Hispanic and his name is Isaias Garcia.

And yes, he's had other DWIs. Three within the last ten years. This guy nearly killed innocent bystanders who didn't voluntarily get in the car with him but this story is being treated as an "Oh, by the way" news item. Reporters won't feel quite so good about themselves if they publicly destroy an immigrant.


I hate what he did, he is a loser like Randi, and one should not urinate in public, that about cover it for ya? I also think this scum should be locked up for along time right next to Randi. Both are idiots, and endanger the lives of everyone of us who choose to drive sober.

Quit your griping

Boo hoo hoo, cry me a river! Atleast this guy didn't try to run from the scene of a crime...yes my dear, poor little Randi ran from the scene of a crime. She created her own mess. Stop trying to misdirect blame from the person who is at fault to a reporter doing there job. All that does is send her the message that she is still a little angel and that she is right while the whole world is out to get her. I have never seen a more self centered and irresponsible family than Randi's. The parents should be out there apologizing for her behavior and publicly stating how she will be getting the help she needs instead of having hissy fits about WWAY. Call me when you graduate from middle school...lame!


It will get a ton of comments when his/her family gets on here and starts telling us all to mind our own business and cusses us out.

Re: Where is everyone?

The difference here is that if you notice, this was typed up a few hours after the accident happened and NOT always do we know who it was RIGHT after the wreck happened! I am sure that there will be more to come and his name will be released!

MORE driving under the

MORE driving under the influence...people stop DRIVING under the influence and endangering the lives of others!

A1 Jerk

What a selfish idiot. It has to be tough to drive without being drunk.


There is way to many DWI and DUI in this town. Its seems every week they are reporting a drunk driver injuring, killing someone, and doing property damage. I wish someone in the General Assembly would pass a bill were if they got a DWI or DUI it would automatically they do at least 24 - 56 months on prison. If they kill someone they do a 20 - 40 prison sentence. One day it might happen after they kill a politician family member caused by a drunk driver.

Never going to happen

They will NEVER break heavy on drunk drivers. DWI brings in millions in attorney fees every year, a large portion of which come from repeat offenders.

Do you think the legislature is going to kill that cash cow?

After all, the majority of representatives and senators in Raleigh are___________. (Fill in the blank. I'm looking for their occupation, not words like "inept," "incompetent," or "sleazy maggots.")

I hope that you never make a

I hope that you never make a mistake in your life that hurts someone. I'm not saying that what happened in this incident was innocent, but that's the point, no one knows if it was innocent or not.And no person was hurt. We citizens, of this beautiful country, all enjoy the right to have our stories heard before we are judged and sentanced. This right is part of what makes this country great. People make mistakes. Period. Our prisons are filled with people serving their lives for mistakes that were non-malicious. I don't have any answers, but I know that locking someone up and throwing away the key is not an answer that I want to be the norm.

The 4 witnesses know if it

The 4 witnesses know if it was innocent or not. They literally had to run for their lives, they witnessed the level of intoxication as he tried to leave the scene. Also the woman who was outside did have to go to the hospital because glass hit her eye and face. The employees are a bit terrified due the fact that they narrowly escaped death. He never hit the breaks.

Dairy Queen crash

oh i am stunned. Another drunk driving accident in Wilmington. Surprise Surprise !

No indication

this fellow was huffing.

On another note, perhaps MADD can ramp up the orientation of its new local Coordinator.

There certainly appears to be a need. And the season is still young.

It was very fortunate more were not injured.

another Fri night Drunk Driver

What a surprise.. Hope the ba**ard goes to jail for a long time. So d**n drunk didnt know he wrecked. Also hope he got nailed for public indecency for whipping it out and pi**ing in the parking lot how friggin inbred can you get