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Alleged serial burglar in court

Alleged serial burglar, Allan Slade Rickenbacker was back in court Thursday. Wilmington Police arrested Rickenbacker Wednesday night and put him in jail under $125,000 bond. He is facing six other charges that happened before he was charged last week. Rickenbacker made his appearance in court via video from New Hanover County jail. Rickenbacker has not posted the $125,000 bond, and will remain in jail until he does.

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Back in Court and Jail

I hope all of those who might rush to post "he's guilty, let's hang him" comments will allow the court system to work. Let him have his day in court and allow the police and DA to present their case in an unbiased atmosphere. Then do the snoopy dance.

Of course he's

Of course he's innocent...just ask everyone else that's in jail as well. They all are innocent

of course

where did I say he was innocent? Are you not capable of reading? I said hold the innuendo and bias comments until after his trial so he doesn't walk free due to the rhetoric being spewed forth in this post. I guess you don't get it or have a short attention span.

Why don't you ask the

Why don't you ask the innocent folks who had their homes invaded how they feel? It's obvious you are a friend or family member but you can only back him up for so long. He's proven over and over again that he is a criminal...nothing can change that except maybe being removed from society.

Guess Again

Anyone who takes the time to read my posts, and has half a brain and does not jump to conclusions, would know I am neither his friend or an acquaintance. No where, not in any of the related posts, have I defended him. On the contrary, I have noted he may get a free ride out on probation or plea bargain thanks to all of the biased posts being made by so many, including you. If he is ultimately out of danger through a plea bargain or an appeal process, you and everyone else who has posted should stand up, look in the mirror, and say "Boy were we dumb".