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Allen Strickland arrested for setting fire to his house bought by RC Soles

There have been major developments related to the stories we've been following connected to State Senator RC Soles. There has been an arrest in arson investigation that sparked a media frenzy over the Senator's involvement with many of his young male clients. Senator Soles bought a house for one of those clients, 17-year-old Allen Strickland. The house was gutted in a suspected arson late last month, and on Thursday, Strickland was arrested for setting his own house on fire. He's also facing fraud charges for trying to collect insurance proceeds on the house. Strickland's bond has been set at $100,000 dollars. The Columbus County Sheriff's Office has declined our request for a jailhouse interview with Strickland. The day of the fire, Strickland told WWAY he jumped out of a top story window to escape his burning house. He said he thought someone was trying to kill him, and has repeatedly denied setting the fire. In fact, earlier this week, he offered a $5,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest and indictment in the arson investigation.

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this is totally unfair what

this is totally unfair what yall are doin to frog, he doesnt derserve this. rc soles is the one that caused all of this. Frog is only 17. I grew up with frog and so did the rest of my family, he is like a brother to me. frog has no one else but us, and all yall do i tear him down like hes the one doin everything wrong. How about you take a step back, look at the sitiuation and get your facts straight, maybe everyone should be all over rc like they are on frog. rc is the one gettin all these young boys in trouble, and i see no one sayin anything to him. hes got all of tabor city intimidated. we need to stand up for whats right and put him in jail instead of frog





Just because Rc soles is a

Just because Rc soles is a senator yall need to look at him more. He should be treated like everyone else. They need to bring in someone who doesnt know Rc Soles to be the judge. Rc Soles knows people in high places and its not fair that the things that are happening he is going to walk away like nothing has happen and the younger boys are the ones who will be getting punished. whenever rc soles is done with these younger boys they end up going to jail and rc soles comes out laughing and smelling like a rose.he is not the godfather of tabor city like he wants everyone to believe. The government needs to open their eyes and stop taking up for people like RC soles.

Tabor City/Columbus County

I grew up in Tabor City but haven't lived there since graduating in 1985 when I went off to a very good college. I later earned 2 masters and my doctorate, so I'm pretty sure that not everybody from there is a dumb hick or redneck or whatever pejorative you choose. I never knew that Columbus County was one of the poorest counties in the state until I moved away. It was home, as it has been to my family for generations. It breaks my heart to see empty stores downtown, to hear that young people are leaving in droves b/c there are no jobs, and that drugs have become such a problem. But I deeply resent the attitude of those who keep "throwing off" on my hometown. The vast majority of Tabor City folks are hard-working, God-fearing, tax-paying, salt-of-the-earth people, and they don't deserve your pity or your contempt.

Why Strickland probably burned it?

This is not rocket science. It's about a 400 sq. ft. house. At the most, it probably cost between 30-40k to build. He was charged with attempting to defraud an insurance company out of over 100k. You do the math. I think that's motive enough, don't you?

Where have all the good men gone.

Now I know there must be some good men and women in TAbor City that could run for the office of Senato for Columbus county. What are you afraid of. Why are you letting the 40 year senator keep you down. This senator has done nothing in 40 years to bulid tourist, business or any thing else. Tabor City could be the most beautiful city in North Carolina. They were trying to build a Walmart on 701 just outside of Loris. The senator could have contacted Walmart and had them build it on the TAbor City Side of the Line, however he dropped the ball. Home depot wanted to build on 701 and 9 however that fell through, again Senator Soles could have provided land on the Tabor City side of the line, we have Lake Tabor that could be promoted for tourist, also we have Yoga Bear camp grounds which could be promoted. We have one of the oldest schools in Downtown Tabor CIty again no promotion. Downtown could be up-dated with nice resturants and speciality shopps which would bring in tourist. We could use a couple of nice hotels in the area too. People who come there for the strawberry festable, yam festable have to leave after the events and go home or to Myrtle beach because there is no please to stay in the area. Time for the people of Tabor City to see that the Senator has done nothing for them, however over 40 years has managed to full his pockets and entertain himself with young men. Time to pull your head out of the sand.

Bond Money

He paid the down payment for his own bail. Wonder where the money came from. Several rumours around Tabor. Some said he used credit cards, but how dose a 17 year old get credit cards. Makes you wonder where the bond money came from. I'll be glad when all this is out of my little home town. We moved out of Wilmington because of all the hustle there.

I have been hearing about RC

I have been hearing about RC Soles for many years and what a poor example of a public servant and representative. I am familiar with Columbus county and cannot believe that you people continue to vote this guy in office. Look around you......Columbus County is by far the worst county in NC. Look at all the empty buildings, high unemployment rate, poorly educated, not to mention just the lack of anything to bring people there. Inadequate doctors are not available unless they come once a month from larger cities. You folks in Columbu County just need to look around. Who in the world would want to live there? What a dump. And to think you have RC Soles to thank for most of this. I ask....what has he done for you? Look around....


I don't appreciate you downing Columbus County. Whatever problems we have, we didn't choose to be born here but this is our home. Why don't you leave your home? It doesn't matter where you live, you have to try and do better each day. I am not a Sen. Soles supporter. I think he is horrendous, but you shouldn't down Tabor City because there are a lot of good people here. Another thing, Columbus County is a poor county but the shape the country is in today, tell me a place that is prospering?

I happen to live in Columbus

I happen to live in Columbus County!!! It is a wonderful place to live.

Pender and Brunswick

Pender and Brunswick Counties also elect ya can't blame just the Columbus folks...though i wonder if they have had accusations of voter fraud like Tabor has...

Replay to guest 3

Guest 3 did you just fall off a turnip truck. What makes you think we want you to send your inadequate doctors to our county. They must be coming to this poor county to finish sucking the blood out of our citizens. As far as living here, stay the hell away. We don't want you any way. I hope we don't ever have anything to bring people like you to this county, cause then we will have to reelect RC to run you out of this county. I pesonally I love living in Columbus County and have been here all my life except for several years in Wilmington and don't think that Wilmington is all that great. Hear all the time about the crime going on in downtown area and housing projects. You can ride down Wooster street and see all the highly educated people in that county, but don't go before 12 because they aren't out of bed yet. If you don't find any there go down to orange street or surrounding area or try around greenfield lake area after dark cause I hear all about the highly educated people in that area. I am sure that there are plenty of highly uneducated people in Brunswick and Pender counties as well. I agree that RC has not done all that he should have to help all the citizens of Columbus County. We have had a lot of industry that has left because they felt like the minimum wage that they were paying us was to much. As far as our education system, maybe the federal government ought to quite putting sand back on the beaches to protect the rich folks houses and use it for better education. Lastly, stay out of our county because my personal opinion is that you sound just like what RC is, a self centered individual that wants to control everyone. There is no doubt that you would not be an asset to this county.

Hey now, wait a minute...we

Hey now, wait a minute...we just got a darn nice branspankin new prison. Created lotsa jobs. RC is to thank for that. Don't forget, it took votes from three counties to get him elected. Lots of high class people who just have to vote a straight ticket.

It's nice to know you have

It's nice to know you have kept up with RC Soles for so many years, but you should also know that there are many citizens in Columbus County who do NOT support RC Soles and never have. You shouldn't generalize the entire population of Columbus County based on those who are stupid enough to vote for him and support him. I have NEVER supported him and neither has my family. RC Soles is a terrible example of a public representative. As for the rest of your comment, there are lots of people who live here that are highly educated, including myself, that do care what happens in our county. By the way, it looks like you are the one "poorly educated". I think you meant to say "adequate" doctors instead of "inadequate" but what do I know, I'm just another stupid citizen of this horrible county! I agree that Columbus County is poor and there is not much here, but it is our home, and you don't see me cracking down on your hometown, wherever that is. Have a little respect and stop stereotyping when you don't have all the facts straight. I will be thrilled like the rest of them when RC is out of office. I haven't received a dime from him and I have worked hard for all that I have like a lot of the rest of the people that live here. Believe me, my eyes are wide open and they always will be. I can look around and see plenty of people out there, like you, who have nothing better to do than sit around and criticize from the outside in.

Evil Souls

Ok so what is the motivation Frog had to burn down his own house? Insurance money? He owned the house free and clear, owed nothing on it. So why would he torch his own house? This is Soles/Gore work to confuse the public about Soles shooting Blackburn from 30 feet away as he was walking away. And no one is answering where all this cash is coming from.

R.C. and Boys

This media circus is beginning to wear thin. Enough already! WWAY, looking more and more like National Enquirer, has fallen under the mantra "Give us what we want--dirty laundry." You're doing all you can to appeal to the lowest intelligence (there's so much out there), as you can see by reading these comments. Time to focus on something more important than the Soles' imbroglio.

Yes, let's sweep this under

Yes, let's sweep this under the rug. Why should an elected officials behavior be scrutinized. So what if the DA and Soles show the appearance of impropriety. Doesn't corruption make this country great? WWAY has done an excellent job in trying to expose a very fishy situation to the light.

rc soles is important

i beg to differ. soles, one of the most powerful men in the senate , an elected official with a seemingly bottomless pit of cash to hand out to these criminals is worthy of attention. Also it is newsworthy to mention the various associations, personal associations sen soles has with these criminals. we vote for someone based on their ability to make sound judgments. I know we over looked Julia Boseman's outlandish behavior and you are saying we should over look this man's behavior? Who paid who for what is what i want to know and where did all the cash come from?


My boys are 16 & 18 .Why would a older man buy a 17year old a house? u KNOW WHY RIGHT>>> The sad thing about this is the boys are trouble kids.. they need help. Not someone to hurt them more .. Hope the boys can get there life prays goes out to the boys .......


How exactly is he "hurting" these boys by buying them a home? Stupid yes...harmful no.

it's called "contributing to

it's called "contributing to the delinquency of a minor"...

Not Helping

It depends on what is expected back. Would you say the same if it were a 'minor' girl? Plato

Well, think about it. Under

Well, think about it. Under what circumstances would you buy a teenage boy who was not your relative or legal dependant a home?


This case needs be sent outside of Columbus County. Rex and RC know one another to well. One of our judges Sherry Dew Tyler was a partner with RC at his law firm in Tabor City. All elected officials in Columbus County are also democratic. about outside the state?

Tabor City and Columbus County both have oustanding citizens who don't like the corrupt politics of Senator Soles and his "good 'ol boys." Many of us will celebrate the day that his "reign" ends! Former law partner, Sherry Prince Tyler is now a judge and her husband, Mitchell, works at the court house, scheduling court cases. Mr. Tyler is a good friend and supporter of R.C. (Makes you wonder if R.C.'s cases go before his desired judge...) R.C. has been in power for decades and has connections at every level. Should any STATE agency be investigating this state Senator? To get to the real truth of this whole mess, I say call in the FEDS!! Are you listening, FBI????? We need your help!

Strickland does not...

seem to be the sharpest tack in the box. He apparently figured or did not figure the arson would be investigated as good as it was. Perhaps he was like fishing, throwing the bait out and see what bit,, It appears he got bit,, and now has to dance and pay the piper. Perhaps the 5K he was going to use as a reward can now go toward him getting a lawyer(R.C. perhaps)or not, and hey the reward money was probably from the good ole boy RC anyway. Well you folks in Tabor maintain and hey vote him in again,, oops sorry ,, my bad... later,,~


I can't believe it took them that long to piece it together. Hello, he was involved in another arson and all of a sudden his house burns. Finally someone grew a brain. And if he had jumped from the window he said he jumped from he would have been more than burned. Good thing the SBI got involved. TCPD could have never figured this one out.

look have u ever jumped out

look have u ever jumped out of a window like Strickland did, if not then how would u know that he would of got more then just burns. i have jumped from places higher then what Strickland did and i didnt get hurt, its all how u land on the ground. Yall need to stop picking on a teen and start looking at RC Soles. Tabor City needs to remove Rc Soles out of office. In my opinion Rc soles is behind it. Have yall notice every problem there is With Rc soles its dealing with younger boys. Explain that.

Reply to Guest1978

So you say TCPD could'nt figure this out? Have you to know that TCPD has one of the largest case files in Superior and District court here in Columbus County. They also have the highest arrest rates and convictions of any other municipality there size. They only have two detectives that are even on the payroll! So tell me how can TCPD have the highest arrest rates? I'll tell you, they work hard and smart. For as little as they get paid, that group of guys are on top of there game. Guest1978, I think you need to go through the training and become a police officer. It seems to me that you would be a fine candidate. Hey, you already have everything figured out.