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Allen Strickland found guilty of multiple driving violations

A Tabor City teen with ties to Senator RC Soles has been found guilty of multiple driving violations. Seventeen-year-old Allen Strickland was sentenced to 45 days in jail for driving without insurance and an inspection sticker. He was also fined, placed on 18 months probation, and ordered to complete community service. Strickland still faces felony charges for the arson of his own home, which Senator Soles bought for him. The Tabor City teen is being held in jail under a $500,000 bond in that case.

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It have been several months since any word on the investigation into Senator Soles and the charges pending against Mr. Strickland. All that time in jail will go towards his sentenceing, however no trial dates and no arrest in the shooting involving Mr Soles. Are you sleeping. SBI, FBI and local police should have completed their investigations by now. Thanks

Frog and family

Hey Tabor City why not give Frog and his whole family a break. On Sunday afternoon frog got told by family members that his grand mother passed away. This is the second lost that they suffered. Frogs sister lost her baby this week and now there grand mother how about so compassion for them.

Let me think....

Ummm, no. He needs to suffer the repercussions of his actions, the choices made by his own free will.

Giving it a rest

i think that Mr. strickland and his family do need rest from all the news and people that want to make rude comments because they are going theough a hard time. he doesn't get to be there for his sister with her going though eberything that she is going though. it would be hard on you being nineteen and losing your grandmother, baby and having your younger brother in jail. so everyone just needs to give it all a rest.

Who was the Judge

I don't know who the Judge was that pasted such a light sentence on Mr Strickland but, here he had the opportunity to get this young man a real chance at life. The Judge should have ordered Mr. Strickland to attend school and obtain either a high school diploma or GED. This way he could at least attend vocational school and become someone. I fear this young man is headed down a road that is only going to land him in jail time after time. To bad the county has missed lots of opportunities to change a young mans life before it’s too late. So sad

Looks like a tool to me with

Looks like a tool to me with that stache'...what idiot buys a teenager a Corvette and a house and then expects to not be scrutinized for it. That whole situation with Soles is VERY sketchy

Not appealing

They should send this kid to jail for that mustache. That is a fashion crime.


He'd be a little hottie without it

What happened to the other charges?

The evasion and high speed pursuit? The violation of house arrest? Are they still pending or have they been conveniently forgotten?

Send a kid to jail for not

Send a kid to jail for not having insurance or inspection on his car? Sounds more like vengeance than justice.

Anyone who drives

without insurance or inspection should be put in jail. Those of you who think not, I certainly hope one of these people do not run into you and kill someone in your car. I wish that he would get longer than 45 days. Seems that's no justice!!

If they jailed everyone that

If they jailed everyone that let their insurance lapse, or their inspection sticker or license plate run out, almost everybody would be in jail. Also, GKirk88, what do you think you pay uninsured motorist insurance for?

gee, let me guess..

you're an insurance agent?


How do you figure that? If he was involved in an accident, which he caused, and which sent someone to the hospital or morgue -- who would pay for the medical or final expenses? In the absence of insurance the injured party or deceased party's survivors would. That's not vengance. For the record, he's been incarcerated -- that means in jail -- for over 45 days so effectively he has served the jail time. If they want to get serious, they should call in the officer who was pictured on WWAY when "Frog" drove away after posting bond for some other misdeed. Knowing he did not have a license -- and that was played up in the media quite a bit -- how can that Officer or the Police Chief, for that matter, not be held accountable for failure to enforce the law. Tabor City is a small town. If everyone else knew he was unlicensed, how could they not have been aware? Perhaps while conducting their investigation into Senator Soles' activities, the SBI could look into this apparent oversight on the part of the Police Department.

Surf City Tom.........please

Surf City Tom.........please refer to a previous post that explains that your uninsured motorist insurance pays medical or final expenses when the driver that causes an accident does not have insurance. Pretty simple concept.


what happens when the Uninsured Motorist Coverage is not sufficient to cover all of the damages incurred? You over simplify something of which you know little; and it shows.

The Point

The point that is being missed here is- "who enabled this kid to turn into a useless punk?"

To guest5022, You must not

To guest5022, You must not know frog at all if you did then you would know that he is not a punk.