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Alligator in pond has neighbors concerned


NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- Another gator is on the loose. This time a real one in a Monkey Junction neighborhood.

Residents say they have not seen the four-foot alligator lately, but they do have concerns. Kids like to fish and feed the ducks at the pond in the Archmill Place Community. Elizabeth Pettet thinks some neighbors captured the gator and dumped it in the pond several months ago.

"My concern is that it's going to harm a child or an animal you know, go on my porch, come on my yard, where I can't see him," Pettet said. "He's been in my driveway, he's been in my ditch, and right now we don't know exactly where he's at, and he's over four feet long, you know."

Signs were put up around the lake yesterday, warning people about the alligator and prohibiting them from swimming, fishing, or trespassing at the pond. Residents say the owner of the pond refuses to pay to have the alligator removed.

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the owner of the pond pays to have it removed, then he would be within his rights to have the pond declared off limits to all the residents.

If he is allowing the community to use his pond, and does not make a charge for it, then perhaps the neighborhood should pass the hat and collect the $500.

You get what you pay for.

The owner is the Home Owners

The owner is the Home Owners Association President and resides in the community so doubtful that would ever happen.

You have me confused now

Is the owner of the pond the HOA or an individual who happens to be President of the HOA?

Get a grip

The gator is not going to come charging out of the pond and eat a child. Supervise your children when they are outside, as you should, and don't feed the gator. It won't bother anyone if you don't bother it.


me voted for Obama and you think the entire planet can live in piece without any wars.....

Your dealing with an animal that has survived MILLIONS of years...and does ONE thing VERY WELL....EAT. It's just not as simple as you make it out to be.

"what is rude"

Who is this talking about children dont need to be there..
They live in the neighborhood them children have every right to be there at the lake or pond fishing the d*m alligator should be somewhere else they shouldnt kill it but iut can flippin be removed..
they shouldnt have an alligator loose like that especially around children just wait until one of those children is injured then there gonna widsh they got it removed.. its gonna be there a**. people just dont make no d*m since


I live in this neighborhood and have seen the gator as recently as this weekend. The owner has two small children himself and owns Monkey Junction storage along with his father. He needs to simply just pay to have the alligator removed. They have the money. It just does not make sense why he would rather leave it there. And no it is not to be left up to wildlife and habitat rights when peoples lives are at stake. This gator is not restricted obviously to only the lake if people are seeing it in their yards. It is ridiculous when you have to look outside your window before leaving your house to make sure there is not an alligator in your yard. I know one thing. A $500 fee to have it removed is alot cheaper than a lawsuit for it biting someone because you did not want to come up off the money!


your kids should not be near the pond....or any pond....its nature for them to be there....what do you want to do kill it?


Yes, kill it. It's not a zoo!
The Indians were once here too but it didn't stop you from living here and taking their land.


Who, in their right mind, would not want to pay to have an alligator removed from their own pond, knowing there are children close by?? What is this fools name?

When I lived at Silva Terra

When I lived at Silva Terra in MJ we had an alligator in the retention pond. When we called the alligator guy we were told they do not remove them because if they do another one will come in its place. He told us NOT to feed it. It was there for a summer then he moved on. The way we are taking over their land.... what do we expect????


Nothing a rifle wouldn't fix...


I agree that this gator needs to be removed or shot. I live in this neighborhood and know that the owner has two small children himself. I also have seen the gator just this weekend. He needs to simply pay the fee to have the gator removed. He has the money. They own Monkey Junction storage. Better than a lawsuit from it attacking someone! This gator is only getting bigger.


I can't believe you people.... You go into nature and build your houses and then complain when nature decides to come back. Look at Land Fill. They built all those house where the deer ran free for years and then got upset when the deer started eating their brushes.

He is all yours...

If you feel so strongly about reptile rights come get the alligator and take him to yur neighborhood. It's a win win for everybody.

gator removal

I agree with you, if the person cares so much about the well being of that gator come get the damn thing! But I do think if everyone uses the pond everyone should chip in.