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More bones found near site of spring discovery

READ MORE: Allison Foy's family was in town
Its been a week since human remains found off Carolina Beach Road, were identified as Allison Jackson Foy. Today her loved ones visited the site where her remains were found before taking them home for her funeral. During the two years Allison Jackson Foy was missing, it was the not knowing that was the toughest for her sister, Lisa Valentino. “When I'm here, at the site, I'm very numb, it's so difficult for me to understand that this is where my sister's life was ended,” said Valentino. Pete Roach was friends with Allison Foy for 15 years. This was the first time seeing the place where her bones were left. "I said to Lisa the other day, it's been like holding your breath for two years and its just like, I don't know how to breathe just yet,” said Roach. Valentino and Roach traveled to Wilmington to bring Allison's ashes back to her native New York. Friday afternoon brought something they didn't expect while visiting the site, more bones were spotted where the remains of Foy and Angela Rothen were found in the spring. WPD detectives confirmed the five bones were human. One was identified as an arm bone, the four others from a hand and foot. Mike Overton from the Wilmington Police Department said, “We are missing those from our original two victims. So there is absolutely no thought that there might be another victim out there.” The question going forward, who killed Allison Jackson Foy and Angela Rothen? WPD detectives will not comment on the investigation further until Foy's autopsy results are released by the medical examiner's office. All they will say is the investigation is ongoing. Foy's funeral service is set for Monday in Oyster Bay, Long Island.

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It is outrageous to see this

It is outrageous to see this happen it shows how untrained our law enforcement is around nc. Has anyone ever noticed that police officer are the weird loser kids that you went to high school with.. and now there the ones supposedly protecting us and helping find killers. This is why police officers detectives should be required to attend a 4 year university and technical training

Cops totally screw up crime scene evidence.

I agree. The cops missed key evidence in the way of human bones at the scene of a double murder crime scene.

But, being lazy government workers, you notice that they were not fired for their incompetence? Nope.

Weird Losers

Id rather see the "weird losers" as the police officers than the "cool bullies" (Im guessing you were one). And by the way the officers who I went to school with do what they can for being underpaid and underscheduled. Its not their fault. I wonder if you could do a better job, go get your BLET.

Yes, it's outrageous...

I love people who comment with such venom when they have no idea what they are talking about! I personally know a significant amount of our local officers are M.B.A.'s. Also, police officers who are not patrol afficers are required to go to hours of technical training all over the country. However, keep posting your brilliant, well-researched blogs. At least they are entertaining.

Uh, your claim that a

Uh, your claim that a "significant amount" of your police acquaintances are "M.B.A.'s" was laughable.

First of all, you speak of an "amount" of police officers as if they are a food product. You don't use proper English. You meant to say that you knew a "significant NUMBER" of police officers....

Furthermore, police officers generally study college courses in POLICE work such as in the Criminal Justice major. They rarely study business as you claim.

Your claims of police officer expertise is astonishingly stupid.

The proof of just how stupid the police were is right in front of your nose. THE COPS MISSED KEY EVIDENCE IN THE WAY OF BONES. THEY DIDN'T EVEN FIND HUMAN BONES AT THE SCENE OF A DOUBLE MURDER.

My God what a horrible thing

My God what a horrible thing to happen to that family. The discovery of human bones makes you wonder how thoroughly the WPD investigated that crime scene. I think someone in the WPD needs to explain how they are investigating the incompetence of their investigators.

Miss Priss were at the initial crime scene?? How else could you claim as fact that WPD investigators left something behind? Did it ever occur to you that the monster responsible for these murders enjoys not only his criminal activities but taunting detectives? Are you REALLY willing to concede that the bones were there all along? Or is there enough room in your small mind to consider that just maybe the additional bones were added at some later point? Did you even bother to read what was ACTUALLY found? If so, your tiny little brain would have to conclude that TWO FULL SETS of skeletal remains were NOT FOUND...which means, Einstein, that the rest of the bones are out there...somewhere. I've been a detective for a long time. I've seen things your narrow intelligence could not begin to comprehend. I recommend that you sit down and be quiet about matters that you clearly do not understand.

What a nightmare for the

What a nightmare for the family. Leo, I think you are right about the taunting. It's not like the bone was under somthing and sticking out, it was on top (according to the news). I hope this creton is found before someone else is killed.

To all those people that are

To all those people that are downing police officers, YOU need to walk a mile in their shoes. They too are human. Maybe since all you do is sit around and find fault in what they do-can you do any better. You are probably a welfare recipient to start with.

stupid public employees

The government is the ONLY place where cops can miss bones at the crime scene, admit such in their reports, and then not get fired.

They didn't bother to sift the dirt and you notice that they did not deny that? They did NOT deny a failure to sift the dirt for evidence.

Only in government. Only public employees get away with that kind of lazy work ethic.