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American Indian Heritage Month

READ MORE: American Indian Heritage Month
WILMINGTON--North Carolina has the 8th largest American Indian population in the country. November is American Indian Heritage month. We spoke with Wilmington Indian Council Chief, Steve Silverheels, who hopes this will encourage people to learn more about his culture. Silverheels says he regularly chants for inner peace and stability. It's a common Native American ritual Silverheels is proud of. It's a heritage he'd like more people to understand. "We are the first Americans," Silverheels says, "it hurts us in some ways that we are not recognized more." Governor Mike Easley is trying to change that. Last year, he announced November as American Indian Heritage month across the state. Last month, President Bush signed a law that makes Friday after Thanksgiving Native American Heritage Day. Both are attempts to spark interest in Native American culture. Silverheels says, "We want to reach out and touch people with the love of the great spirit--that's what we try to do at these Pow Wow's and at these festivals that we have year long." Silverheels belongs to the Mohawk Senaca tribe from the Iroquois nation. He enjoys attending festivals and programs where he can educate people about his heritage. Now that legislators have put Native American culture in the spotlight this month, He hopes more people will be encouraged to embrace it. "We very glad to get dressed up and show our stuff--you know what I mean. We're a proud people, we're a brave people." Chief Silverheels will be preaching at Liberty Community church in Wilmington on November 30th at 10:30 am. For American Indian Events going on in our area go to

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is the only Heritage Month I do not BOYCOTT! The rest of us are sucha thing as a German-American, African-American, Gay-American...WE ARE ALL AMERICAN! If you cannot accept that...LEAVE! HOWEVER, American Indians are the ONLY...and I mean ONLY people in this country that got SHAFTED by the government! The rest of us gained from their demise! These people DESERVE WAY MORE than we give them in aid!

who else got shafted

Indian people are not the only group who got "shafted" by the "government" as well as other groups of people. In addition to slavery and a multitude of other injustices, many people have been run over by "progress" and racism. Your comment leaves a bad taste, no one needs to leave who has a different opinion than yours, that is very unamerican. I don't deserve aid, I work as hard as the next person and our wholeness depends on us, nobody else and especially not governments or soap box enthusiasts.

Here's to the american indian!

They were not only shafted by the goverment, BUT BY THOSE WHO RAN THE GOVERNEMNT. We all know who they were. But, here's to the AMERICAN INDIAN.

Indians Forgotten Minority

Indians are the forgotten minority. This country was an Indian Nation when the Europeans first landed, and it was taken from them as if it were not their country. This minority, with the greatest grievance, is almost invisible. This should change.

I used to care about them.

The Westward Expansion and Manfifest Destiny all but eradicated the Native Americans. For many years I supported two charities that served the Navajo and Sioux peoples. I gave them thousands every year. Then they decided to file suit against the tobacco companies, and I realized they if they were Americanized to the point of filing lawsuits because of their own errors in judgment, they could pay for the lawyers on their own. The day that lawsuit was filed, my checkbook was shut.