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Americans spend more on health care

Americans spend more money on health care than in any other country in the world. According to a new study published in health affairs by researchers from Emory University's Rollins School of Public Health, one reason may be the size of our waistlines. Americans spend over $6,000 per person each year on health care, the highest in the world and twice as much as European nations. A new study from researchers at Emory University's School of Public Health suggests Americans' poor health habits may be partly to blame. Researchers examined the rates of 10 of the most common and costly chronic illnesses, including diabetes, hypertension, stroke and arthritis among those over age 50. Overall, the rates were significantly higher in the United States than in Europe. Obesity and smoking were more prevalent in the US as well: 33 percent of Americans were obese, compared to 17 percent of Europeans. Fifty-three percent of Americans had smoked tobacco in contrast to 43 percent of Europeans. As a result, every chronic illness closely linked to obesity or smoking was more common in the US, leading to higher health care costs overall. The researchers estimated that if the US could improve its population's health to the European level, Americans would save on average over $1200 per year on medical bills.

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Pharmaceutical Reps - Dressing for Success (From Frederick's)

There was an article out a couple of weeks ago with tips on dressing for job interviews. Said the only time it's appropriate for a woman to wear short skirts, high heels and overly exposed cleavage is when she's applying for a pharmaceutical sales rep position. Any questions??? The pharmaceutical/medical/health insurance industry is no different than organized crime with the exception that organized crime has a Code of Honor.

Because Americans Have Been Brainwashed

Our elected officials have been BOUGHT by the pharmaceutical industries, pure and simple. One cannot open ANY magazine in this country without being bombarded with larger-than-life pharmaceutical ads "ask your doctor". Yeah, ask your doctor, because he's in their pocket, too. We are sick of it being shoved down our throats, with nothing but pills and more pills. Very few MD's will give advice on diet or nutrition, and what foods that are readily available in our supermarkets have been injected or bred full of growth hormones or have been genetically engineered. There's a pet obesity epidemic as well - they playing too many video games, too? It's all this garbage our FDA and USDA have allowed into our foods which are basically owned by Monsanto, Smithfield and ConAgra. We should only be consuming approx 20 G of protein a day, yet our beef, poultry and pork industries are shoving down our throats we need more, when it is the excess proteins that are killing us as well. And we still bite at it, hook, line and sinker. They have brainwashed us with drug and beef ads up the wazoo, but hey, it's great for profits.

Ask Your Doctor - How Many Pharma Ads Say This?

Cripes, even Prevention magazine which used to be a wonderful publication offering diet tips and healthly alternatives to poisoning our bodies is nothing but pharmaceutical ad bombardments. Our medical community in the US simply treats the disease and not the person with the disease. You could walk into an MDs office with a limp and they'll give you pain killers. Used to be they'd look at your leg and pull out an embedded splinter. Not anymore - the pharmaceutical and health insurance companies own us and we have been foolish enough to allow it. The majority of ailments from allergies to arthritis and cancer can be controlled, prevented or alleviated altogether with proper nutrients, less overprocessed foods and activity. But a healthy America would put one of the only remaining professions that haven't been outsourced in a predicament where they couldn't live in luxury without us being sick. Pesticides in everything, botulism, ecoli, blue tonge disease, bse, salmonella,Listeria monocytogenesparasites, crypto, teflon we cook from, rocket fuel in our water - and our officials say we have the safest food supply in the nation, blaming the illnesses on China and our diets. What a sham and a scam, these US food producers. Buy organic.