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Amigos Internacional re-opens

After four months of being closed, Amigos Internacional has relocated, re-opened and is ready to help. Centro Latino is a resource center for local immigrants and is funded by the nonprofit Amigos Internacional. It opened on Market Street five years ago, but had to close it doors in May because rent was around $1,300 a month. The center reopened rent-free in September on the campus of St. Mary’s Catholic Church. Organizers said the location is even more convenient for thousands of immigrants located in the city of Wilmington. “A lot of our clients need extra assistance kind of getting over conflicts with communication and other sorts of conflicts with language,” said Nicholas Faherty of Amigos Internacional. For more information or for help, call Amigos Internacional at (910) 341-0007.

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The Word of God is for everyone no matter what language it is spoken, where they come from, or race.

So you agree with.... your money to directly aid illegal immigrants? Are you one of those who gripe and complaim about your tax dollars going to help illegals, but turn a blind eye when it's your church doing it?

Speak the Native Language!

Yes, but when Catholics came to America they conducted mass in English which was the native language. Sometimes during Christmas the mass in spoken in Latin out of tradition. I will promise you I will not longer donate to that church. Enough of my tax dollars is used for free health care and other programs exploited by illegal immigrants. My grandfather stood in line at Ellis Island, became a citizen, learn the pledge of Allegiance and learn the English language. If I still spoke Italian do you think people would cater to me?

So, my Catholic friends....

How does it feel to know that the money you place in the collection basket every Sunday is going to subsidize this organization? Muy bien, o enojado?

does it really matter? It is

does it really matter? It is said that whatever you give to your church Gow rewards you for it, however it is used, that's between the spender and God. sounds to me like you're trying to stir up trouble. A great percentage of latino people are catholic, they attend mass and also give to their church. if the catholic church wants to help anyone, i dont see a problem with it. after all, that is what us christians are called to do.

I am trying to stimulate debate about that admonishment for Christians to obey the law? Is it okay to render aid to those BREAKING the law? Do you recall the Council of Bishops calling for the unilateral destruction of all nuclear weapons by the United States, back in the Eighties? That was at the height of the Cold War. They wanted us to destroy all our nuclear arms, and claimed that it would inspire the Soviets to do the same. How do you feel about a church that consistently tries to involve itself in issues that are counter to the country in which you live and to which you have sworn your allegiance?

Re: How does it feel??

Well since the true meaning of the word "catholic" is universal, we should be ok with it. It is our duty as Catholic Christians to provide love, care and assistance of all fellow Christians, not just those of Anglo decent

What about those who are breaking the law?

What does the Bible say about a Christian's duty to obey civil law? (Romans 13 is a good reference) Do you think that if you provided "love, care, and assistance" in their native country, you could fulfill your Christian duty toward your fellow man AND not help them break the laws of the United States?

Your still judging. This

Your still judging. This church gets plenty of contributions from its Spanish mass. If you attend you can see how many loyal patrons are ready to help subsidize, without your help.

Thanks, but I left the church years ago

I will forever be grateful for the education I received in Catholic School, but as I reached adulthood I rejected a religion that I felt was more of a busines and political movement than any path to salvation. If the members of St. Mary's have no problem with financially assisting illegal immigrants (and you know that many of the people utilizing "Amigos Internacional" are illegals), I can only assume they have no problem with the government doing the same with our tax dollars. We'll just mark the Catholic Church down as supporting illegal immigration and opposing border surprise there.