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Animal shelters busier due to economy

READ MORE: Animal shelters busier due to economy
We have been talking a lot about the affects of the tough economic times. For some, tight times are even making an impact on the family pet. Brunswick County Animal Services director, Richard Cooper said more and more each day he is seeing animals being dropped off at the shelter because people simply cannot afford an extra mouth to feed. "The economy has been in kind of a downturn for a couple of years now, you see it in all aspects of life. As I said it affects everything and it goes all the way down to the animals," said Cooper. Necessary veterinary care that can run into the hundreds of dollars can also be a huge drain on already tight family budgets. Privately run shelters and non-profit organizations like area humane societies are seeing a decrease in adoptions and donations to keep their shelters going. Cooper said the most important thing pet owners can do is adjust their spending habits on things like pet food and maybe even look into buying health insurance for their pets. "The main focus is for people to try and take care of the pets that they presently have. They may have to make some adjustments, they may have to cut some coupons, look for deals and that would help them out," said Cooper. Cooper said he hopes people can do their part to care for their animals, because the shelter is bursting at the seams with pets that need loving homes. Cooper said, "Hopefully we won't have to see too many more pets coming into the facility." Cooper says you can also help the shelters by spaying and neutering your pets.

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Man the animals are already

Man the animals are already family member when u invited them in to you home and then you kick them out thats so wrong... We need more animals fixed and we all so need maybe we should consider have only a set amount kids per couples.. I cant have kid so my pets are my kids and they get well taken care ..

all of you insane reply

How you treat your pets is a reflection of how you treat other people, especially your kids. I have great sympathy for your kids. Guess they had better hope it does not get too expensive to care for them too.

all of you insane

When it comes down to me, the kids or fido, you best believe who is getting the boot. Health insurance for a PET!!! Please, i wish i would. The vets are overpriced and generally suck. Animals die everyday, what makes this any different??


Guesterheimer, I think you would be better off with a plant. My family and I have been very blessed with all sorts of pets due to people like you. All of our pets are rescued including a cat that has no front claws that was thrown out side to fend for his self. If you have no more respect for an animal that you have taken into your home and totaly depends on you for their life, then you are better off with a house plant. No commitment with that.

No, just loyal

What part of "we ALL tighten our belts, as a family" confuses you? Skip lunch and feed Fido. He'll be happy and you may someday see your toes once again.

Insane and Inhumane

Thank you for being a good example of what a PET owner shouldn't be. I hope for any animals sake that you don't own one. By the way, I don't believe this article had anything to do with pet insurance or vets being overpriced. They are no more overpriced than the medical doctors that are seen everyday. Here's a little something for you. PEOPLE die everyday, what makes this any different?


AMEN!!!! I wish for one day everybody could see and feel the world through the eyes of an animal. How dare you toss a poor defensless animal out on to the streets. If you are taking your pet to a kill shelter then you sentencing them to death. It sickens me to know people can be so cold towards animals, but won't bat an eyelash at spending $200.00 on those shoes your kid does not need, or how about that $2000.00 TV for the football games. I have been taking in strays and rescues for the last 6 years. I have numerous cats and dogs and I can tell you they will always eat before I do. I see it as my job in life, if I do not care for them who will. What you do in life comes back on you 10 fold, you people abandoning your pets need to remember that.

Proof, that many people are generally worthless

Why in the world did you get a pet if you're going to abandon it when it's no longer "convenient" for you to be a pet-owner? A dog or a cat is a part of the family. We ALL tighten our belts, as a family. We don't simply discard Bosco and Fluffy as if they're used tissues. You wouldn't put your kids up for adoption, would you? But having had both kids and pets, my money says that the dog is smarter than your kid and the cat smells better. Go look at the size of your butt and/or gut in the mirror, then tell me how you can no longer afford to feed the dog or cat.

Worthless People

I agree 100% with the comment above. When you make the CHOICE to buy, adopt or take an animal in please commit yourself to care for the animal like you would yourself or your children. I personally feel there should be some type of penalty for animal owners that don't care for their pets or just give them up because they don't want them anymore.

I agree!!

I agree with Uncle wouldn't get rid of your child because things got tight, would you?? You might cut back on the treats and toys, but you would find a way to feed and take care of him/her! It irritates me to no end when people have had their pet for years then when things get tight or they go through a stressful time, they don't think twice about getting rid of that loving companion who has loved them unconditionally and would do anything for them. Pets do have feelings!! Maybe you can cut out that extra burger or game of golf and take care of someone you've been given the incredible priveledge to take care of. I have 11 dogs, and most of them are rescue dogs. I would have more if I could, but I'm not rich and on a very limited budget. I don't go to the movies or eat out a lot, but I do make sure my "babies" have food and shelter. I work an extra job on Saturdays just to make sure I have enough to take care of them. We do have to scrape together when we have vet bills, but we do it! Again, if you or your child needed to go to the doctor, I would think you would take them. If not, please find a responsible new home for them and don't just dispose of them! People always find a way to still do the things they like or want even in hard times, so don't tell me you can't cut out a few extra-curricular activities and take care of your pets who love you....


I agree...if you cannot care for your pet, at all times...don't get one.....get a pet rock instead of a live animal....