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Animals get the blessing from above

READ MORE: Animals get a blessing from above
When you go to church you do not usually bring your pets, but today dozens of pet owners brought their furry friends to church for a blessing. What better gift to give these furry animals than a blessing from above. People stood in line with their pets, as Father Tom of Saint John's Episcopal Church prayed over each. Anne Bunting is a local resident and member of Saint Johns. She said, “I wanted to bring my animal. It doesn't come to church on Sunday's.” Bunting made sure her dog Dusty was prayed over. Dogs and cats were not the only animals to take part. Kassiani Harris's hermit crabs were blessed and she won a prize for her most unusual pet. Thank Saint Francis of Assissi for Saturday’s pet blessing. According to some believers, he is the patron saint of animals. Church leaders said he had a special connection with them. He would even preach to them. “I feel like they are a blessing to me they bring me so much love joy and happiness, so I wanted to have them blessed because they are god's creatures too,” said Natalie Mozey, a pet owner. The New Hanover County Humane Society and Carolina Canines were also there to accept donations.

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How did we let something so pleasant and that benefited a few local non-profits turn into this?!? Cant we just appreciated people getting together with a common goal in mind with the benefits going to organizations in need?

A contradiction

It's very nice wanting to have your pets blessed because you feel that these animals are a blessing to you, but to then go home and eat other animals is a huge hypocrisy and contradiction. Does anyone think St Francis ate animals after he preached to them? ALL animals are God's creatures and deserve respect and love, not just a select few you keep in your house. Animals have souls and emotions: ALL of them. If you truly care about God's creatures, don't eat them. Don't allow other people to raise them in hellish conditions doomed for slaughter. Don't support the culture of violence that reigns at the slaughterhouses where animals are abused and tortured for fun before they kill them. Do you think God approves of that kind of thing? Be honest.

What about these?

What about Gods plants? They have feelings too and you eat them and their babies.

St Francis????

Vegetarian...Gee I guess that means you're Catholic. So what's the difference between what you said about animals OR the Catholic inquisition abusing and torturing thousands of people for fun before killing them???!!! Probably ate them, too. (barbarians!)

It may be a contradiction,

It may be a contradiction, but hamburger sure tastes good - and my dog agrees with me!

you're right..

to an extent. You are very close minded in your opinions. You obviously feel that all animals are pets. This is not true. Most animals that are butchered are raised for that fact. They are not raised to be a family pet, they are raised with the knowing that they will be slaughtered for consumption. We do not kill dogs and cats or exotic birds for food. I agree however, that the animals are mostly mistreated and something should be done to that effect. However, I was raised a Christian and have never once in all my teachings heard God say 'do not eat meat'. I think it unfair for you to say "if you truly care about God's creatures, don't eat them". I do care about God's creatures. I have adopted many pets, fostered hundreds and continue to devote my personal time to countless rescue organizations. I do not condone you for not eating meat, please don't do the same to me because I choose to eat meat. Just because I ate a cow that was born and raised to be eaten does not mean that I do not love animals or my God. God has nothing to do with consuming animals, and I would appreciate it if you could/would learn how to keep separate your personal opinions from those of The Church.