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Annexation anxiety

READ MORE: Annexation Anxiety

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Residents on the outskirts of Wilmington city limits aren't happy with the city's proposed annexation policy. The city held a meeting last night to establish plans for future annexation. Under the proposal, the city would have to give subdivisions at least two years notice before they can be annexed. But with nine subdivisions already on the city's list for possible annexation, residents in these areas feel it's only a matter of time before they're part of the city.

“It's really not open for debate,” said Ogden resident Mary Shomody. “The city's going to annex us no matter what and I think people are realizing that and they're tired of fighting it.”

Several residents say they’ll move if their subdivisions are annexed. Wilmington City Council will vote on the new policy at next week's meeting. After a disappointing turnout it will be interesting to see whether subdivision residents show up to make their voices heard or get ready to ship out.

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I don't understand why people feel entitled to live in an urban area that is adjacent to an existing city and obviously exists because of that city and not think that they should be required to to help pay for the government and infrastructure that keeps the entire urban area a thriving, growing, pleasant place to live. The reason NC has forced annexation laws is because if our cities were only allowed to annex if people voted for it, no city in our state would ever grow again. You could build a brick wall around the current city limits and it would stay there forever. If given a choice, people will always vote to remain PARASITES of the city. People only see city council and the mayor as greedy pigs coming after their money, but the reality is just the opposite. Those in urbanized areas of the county are the parasites of the city. Freeloaders. It's only fair to annex them and make them pay their share. Nobody is forcing them to live in an urban area. They are perfectly free to move out into rural Sampson County or elsewhere. As a graduate student in Geography who is taking urban planning classes, I can tell you that NC's annexation laws have helped our cities remain some of the healthiest in the nation. We have an excellent bond rating, and most of our city boundaries coincide with the actual urbanized areas of our cities. Let's keep our ability for our cities to grow and look at this argument in the right perspective. PEOPLE LIKE LIVING IN OUR CITIES, THEY JUST FEEL ENTITLED TO BE ABLE TO DO IT FOR FREE AND LET OTHER PEOPLE PAY FOR IT!!!

I agree with the annexation... long as all areas that are currently in Wilmington are well maintained and up to city standards.

However, I know that it is not. For example the road that I live on (Allens Lane off of Military cutoff)is still a dirt road. The county had all of thier trucks and equipment in to start paving and then Wilminton annexed. All the trucks and equipment left...never to be seen again.

So when all things get brought up to what the city considers it "standards" I will agree to a annexation of further land.

Annex everyone!

I hope the City annexes everyone in the county! Misery loves company,
and after getting my property tax bill in the mail yesterday, I'd be happy to spread some of the love around to my county brethern!


Once again as we have seen in history the rich prosper and the poor get poorer. Saffo and his cronnies are forcing us to pay again for the same services we already get. What is that we are getting...we know what the city is getting...more money to mismanage. EVERYONE WHO IS SICK OF THIS NEEDS TO VOTE THESE PEOPLE OUT!!!!!!! WE CAN DO IT EXPECIALLY SAFFO.....HE HAS TO MANY TIES TO REALATORS ETC. AND WHILE HE IS SIPPING HIS DRINK THE REST OF US HARD WORKING PEOPLE ARE WORKING OUR BEHINDS OFF SO HE CAN.........


Go ahead and accept that the city needs more money to support downtown and other items that help downtown. They then want to develop the areas for the polluted river and make more improvements for the convention center area. Can't get it all out of the hospitality tax!! Let Saffo know that those city streets that he does not want county residents to drive on are mostly state roads with state road signs, traffic signals, etc. In a turn-about how about city residents drive only on city streets. Lets see Saffo get home to Landfall then!!

Hey 9999.... let's not give

Hey 9999.... let's not give this greed-bag mayor any ideas. He may want to start using the helicopter for his commute to Landfall.

Forced Annexation

Just haviing moved to NC,I have read a bit aabout how different townswere formed. One of them Leland, whic wanted to be annexed by Belville. What did the residents do to stop that forced annexation? They incorporated Leland as a municipality. I don't know the process but, for those areas whose residents want to stop this forced annexation, there solution maight be the same as was Leland's.


This is a democracy, correct? Put it to a vote of those people that are involved, both city and county. Let the vote be the determining factor. That is one of the the privileges of living in the United States, I thought.

Unfortunately, North Carolina...

is one of a handfull of states that allows forced annexation. No vote by those affected is either needed or required. Where the vote does come into play is when those elected officials supporting forced annexation are running for re-election. THEN and only then do the affected citizens have a vote in the matter.

Why Give them more that they can not Manage

The City of Wilmington can not run a budget or do the right things for the city they have now.They are talking about selling Sable but putting in new side walks and buying a golf course and adding new parks Keep giving to these Money hungry people and we will be living in a city of filth and crime because the money will be one keep up the good work on destroying the once beautiful and historic city of Wilmington Thank God I live in Pender County

i agree

see all of you that wanted a convention center look where they are getting the money from anexxation. remeber safo and city concsil people are liers and i am one cant spell to good ha. As long as saffo is tied into realtors forced anexxation will continue, somewhere safo is breaking laws on misuse of city money "3rd street road condition" enough said.

Interesting point, if it

Interesting point, if it were true. The city never thought of selling sable. That was NHCSD. Sable stands for southeastern airborn law enforcement. And guess what, its for the entire southeast. The copter was given to the city by the military and fuel is paid for by drug seizure money which we would normally lose. Also you need to learn about grants. The federal government establishes a. Parks grant and that's where the money comes from.bit doesn't come out of residents pockets. And where do u get the fact that the city can't manage its money. City employees haven't gotten a raise in over 3 years, no avalible overtime. And they keep tightening their belt. All without raising taxes in an awful economic time.

City employees haven't

City employees haven't gotten a raise for three years.... well, too damned bad. Many taxpayers have suffered declines in income and loss of wealth.

YOU need to learn about grants... the funds STILL come from taxpayers. Do you think that FEDERAL is another planet where money grows on trees??

maybe if the city didnt

maybe if the city didnt build a million dollar convention center that no one uses it would have more money. not to mention the million dollar tax breaks its giving titan. there are alot of things the city could have done better but thats in the past, the only thing we can do now is make sure the politicians dont screw up our future

Actually you should get your

Actually you should get your fact straight as well.

The Parks and Recreation Trust Fund is a state-managed grant that requires a 50% match (aka tax dollars and/or value of proposed park property if owned by applicant)


A portion of parks and rec funding comes from the previously voter-approved bond referendum, which is paid back with interest by tax-paying residents.

There IS something that can be done!

North Taxolina is one of a few states with these draconian annexing laws. First we MUST vote for our anti-forced annexation GOP candidates this fall to insure that the NC General Assembly is controlled by the GOP for the 1st time since 1898 (yes, that's 1898!!). (Thom Goolsby, Carolyn Justice, Danny McComas, Beth Dawson) They can get the law repealed.

Next make sure you vote for Pat McCrory for governor next year. And finally make sure that some good candidates run for Mayor and city council next year. Work for them, tell your friends about them, and VOTE THESE IDIOTS OUT.

Forced annexation MUST be repealed so that we, the property owners, have rights. Saffo et al do not care about OUR rights, they only want more power and money.

This is crazy! People cant

This is crazy! People cant afford housing now in Wilmington, thats why people like my self have gone over the bridge, were they treat there people fairly, the city is going to bust and they dont know how to handle their monies, and there all for the rich, Im so glad Im out of there and in Brunswick Co.