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Annexation bill passes House, might meet resistance in Senate

The way North Carolina cities and towns go about annexing land could be changing. A bill is making its way through the legislature, offering some big changes to the state's annexation laws. House Bill 524 passed its third reading Thursday. Now, it's onto the Senate. It would make it more difficult for cities to annex. The major changes proposed in the bill include giving residents a chance to vote before being involuntarily annexed. It would require signatures from 15% of residents in the city and the proposed annexed area to force a referendum on the ballot. The bill also suggests a tighter timeline of three years for cities to get services up and running in annexed areas. Representative Danny McComas said this shouldn't affect the Monkey Junction annexation, since it's already been approved. Some Monkey Junction residents have filed suit against the City of Wilmington over the recent annexation. Representatives McComas and Carolyn Justice both say they've already heard that the bill will be met with some resistance in the Senate.

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You can't make this stuff up.. "require signatures from 15% of residents " SO..AGAIN the minority gets to rule over the majority...WELCOME to America...where YOUR vote counts...LOL..especially if your in the minority.


I think the article says it would reqire 15% of the people to bring it to a referendum. In case you don't know a referendum is a vote of the people where the majority would rule.


Shouldn't that be 51 % ?

51%, you're kidding right?

Come on, this is America where no one cares anymore just so long as their own needs are met. Getting 15% would be monumental, getting 51% would be darn near impossible.

Of course it will meet with resistance

Once power is ceded to the bureaucrats, they will never surrender it. There's only one way the people can get the power back, and a cursory review of world history shows that it isn't usually a pretty picture or easy row to hoe....


When this bill meets resistance in the Senate, we need to identify the "resistors" by name and then advertise that information at election time. Lets hold those "shameless politicians" accountable at the poles. Politicians will vote in favor of whoever can help them get re-elected or put money in thier pocket, namely other politicians(town and city councils). No matter the rights or desires of the citizens to be annexed. Although way before my time, I have read that in the old days sassy politicians were tar and feathered and chased out of town in shame. Not sure there's enough tar or feathers to go around now days...... but it is a nice thought.

Unfortunately, it probably

Unfortunately, it probably wouldn't make any difference. A whole lot of people (both Liberals and Conservatives) don't research individual candidates. They just hit straight party ticket and move on. Party affiliation is more important that the individual candidates' stances on issues that the voter may find important. Also, I doubt the reversal of an antiquated NC statute will be very high on people's list of priorites, unless they would be directly affected by it - like those who live in areas which are being targeted for annexation. Most who research the issues, may likely be more interested in the economy, for example.