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Annexation of Monkey Junction is one step closer

READ MORE: Annexation of Monkey Junction is one step closer
Council approved the second step in the process of annexing Monkey Junction, to the dismay of many residents who live there. Monkey Junction is one step closer to being annexed into the city of Wilmington. Tuesday night, city council members, except Kristi Tomey, who's opposed to forced annexation, approved a service plan for the area. "I feel like if we're annexed, the services aren't going to be get any better," said Monkey Junction resident, Charles Wade. Council also approved, and praised, a request for voluntary annexation into the city by a developer who will build a mixed use development on River Road. Wilmington Mayor, Bill Saffo said, "Annexation also increases a city's size, population, and raises its ability to attract desirable commercial and industrial developments as well as employment opportunities." Also on the table Tuesday night was increasing the taxi rates. As it stands now, there is a two dollar drop rate, which is the amount on the meter when you enter a cab, as well as a one dollar fuel surcharge. "My concern about this surcharge, is when it was brought to us as a surcharge, the gas was $4.50," said Ronald Sparks. The voted ended up getting pushed back 60 days, but would have increased the drop rate to three dollars, and gotten rid of the surcharge. City council member, Margaret Haynes said, "That really penalizes people that have to take a cab to go to the grocery store or take a cab for a short trip." "I still continue to have some concerns if we make the short trips unprofitable for the cab drivers that they will be somewhat reluctant to respond for short trips," added Laura Padgett. Council also voted to amend the city's panhandling code to allow street performers in certain areas, as well as regulate where performers and other solicitors can be on downtown streets. "We are an artistic and somewhat edgy community and I appreciate the opportunity to allow buskers to perform in the downtown area," said Haynes. Also included in the panhandling vote; street performers no longer need permits to perform at River Front Park. They are also allowed on the median on Market Street between Water and Front streets.

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After moving to this side of the river in 2000, it became clear that the city of Wilmington was on a quest to annex chunks of the county. It seems that the county and city are in competition for the almighty dollar from taxable sources such as retail stores, businesses, restaurants and tourism,not to mention the residents. It would seem that the city is the bully on the playground and has our states permission to steal the apples out of our county's lunch box.
You and I as well as businesses gauge our progress on not only how much we make but how much is left over. This would be profit or savings and a indication of success. We operate our families or business based on the these amounts. The city only needs to annex more of the county to facilitate their grab for real estate and taxes. Annexation will help finance the millions needed for the expansion of parks, convention center and other city amenities.
This will someday come to an end when the city runs out of other people's money. Our only hope for a respite would be the success of the convention center. That might take the attention away from the county's dwindling pocketbook.

Street Performers!

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that noticed this section of the article! You know, personally, I've always felt that we needed many more "Street Performers" downtown. The last one that I saw was apparently doing a bit of acting. A monologue, I believe, which began just after he finished urinating in an alley and ended with him needing just 10 more dollars to get a cab because his mom was in the hospital in Clinton. It was quite a treat. Now we'll all be able to witness this fine performance (and hopefully many others)in the median on Market St. between Front and Water. Finally something besides those horses...great news! The tourists must already be lined up for a show! Our city council is amazing! Why can't we all be so creative?

Abundant Sarcasm...

I first want to say that I agree with you, except for the part where you thank our City Council for this. We need to be thanking the ACLU and their take on Freedom of Speech which gives your intoxicated actor friend the right to say what he wants. I believe that the city was pressured into this. At least I think they did attempt to distinguish between panhandling and performing, but I'm sure that someone will say that the panhandlers have the right to state their beliefs that we should be giving them money just because they ask...

MJ will get annexed...and

MJ will get annexed...and those people won't see any additional services for at least 10yrs from now..but they'll have to start paying for those new services right away

Growing government

I had to laugh at the comment about people using city services and not paying and of course annexation is all for the greater good. No this is about growing government and having more people dependent on city services. More people can pay city tax so that the city can take more when they over spend again.All of our really smart elected leaders cannot figure out a way to cut spending because they have to have government provide all those services they have promised and over paid for.

Are we edgy......or just stupid?

Every one of those urine and vomit soaked winos and crackheads will now be a street performer! "I shallnow shing.....Un bel di from Mamom Bufferly...." ...and who are YOU to say it's not art?

throw them out

The best thing that could happen if they force the annexation on Monkey Junction would be if all the new city residents then voted out all the puppets and council monkeys. That would be sweet revenge


That very thing has happened after past annexations, but it didn't seem to change a thing. The ones that were voted in were as bad as the ones voted out. The odd thing is no matter how bad a job they do, they seem to be re-elected every election. Just look to the County Commisioners as an example.

then you get Harper!

The last time a bunch of annexing yahoos did this, we got Harper..the northside got sold out to developers under the african american's noses, city council imploded, military cut-off became a nightmare and the sewer not only went unchecked, it was ignored when problems surfaced...but boy was there a push for a merry go round downtown and other things to promote HIS businesses! You have the best council you could pray for looking out for your interests and you should thank God everyday...and if those folks who are stealing resources EVERY day would just pay what they should and be accountable, we would not have this issue.



Great response, informed!

Totally agree!

Thanks councilmember

What a nice pat on the back you just gave yourself Mr. or Mrs. Councilperson. Yea, you guys are all just peachy. How about re-elect nobody. Only new fresh faces for mayor and all council positions.

Throw them out!

I second that!


I 3rd that, Throw all them out.

to 1st, 2nd, and turd

I would suggest if you are going to "throw them out" you come up with better folks? Who Lanasal? Curtis "default of mortgages" Wrong? George Rageon? No, sorry folks,we need more than hypocritical naysayers who do nothing more than say what others don't do, we need the folks that do. We have that for the most part on our council. Hell, even padgett, who has been there to long and lord knows tries to run things rather than be a council member, at least listens and understands that it is more than complaining...its about working togthere, looking at the needs of ALL the citizens, and not just doing what is right today, but what is right for the future as well! And no, I am not a council person or any other elected official. I am someone who loves this community with all my heart and abhores those who wish to tear it down. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem, so if you wish to be like those on the sidelines as described above, have at it and all the anger and meanness that comes with it. The rest of us will, as our Mayor puts it, "take an interest in our government" and work towards making the best for all concerned.

From 1st to the last

I do vote and am not a socialist.