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Another Wilmington restaurant goes smoke-free

READ MORE: Another Wilmington restaurant goes smoke-free

It may not be required by law, but some local restaurants are choosing to go smoke-free. Yesterday Salt Works II in Wilmington banned smoking after allowing it for 18 years. The transition was met with mixed reactions. For some customers it was a welcomed improvement.

"It's much better," Al Todd said. "There's definitely a cleaner environment. Just a cleaner feel to it not having the smoke and it just seems to be more pleasant in general."

For others it was discrimination.

"They have ceiling fans," Freda Fields said. "They have vents. I just think it's unfair to smokers in the area."

Restaurant manager David Wicker said going smoke-free was the right thing to do.

"I know when I go out to eat I don't want to sit there and smell smoke," he said. "And I have no problem with people smoking. I just don't want to smell it the whole time I'm eating."

And Wicker isn't the only one. A bill that would have banned smoking in restaurants statewide fell only six votes short of passage this past summer in the state legislature. That's a decidedly small margin in the largest tobacco producing state in the country.

"It seems to be the trend of the way things are going now," Wicker said. "We have a lot of people that almost refused to stop coming in because of the smoke."

Some smoking customers, like Fields, say they'll take their business elsewhere.

But employees of other Wilmington restaurants that banned smoking say many of the customers that said they wouldn't return eventually did.

Check out the New Hanover County Health Department's Smoke-Free Dining Guide

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i heard someone talking

i heard someone talking about banning steak in restaurants. ever hear of anyone die from second hand cholesterol? and unless you are a vegetarian the smell of a steak probably isn't going to gross you out.

non smoke and unruly kids

These are interesting comments, Smoking: sorry but the wall made of lattice or 'distance' doesn't keep smoke in the smoking area. It is as silly as a non-peeing section in the swimming pool. Kids: kids are welcome, however, just like an adult, if they misbehave the manager should ask them to leave. If each manager would do this, eventually the parent will either (a) not have a place to go (b) train the kids to behave. I overheard one lady rudely excuse the kids behavior by saying to the waitress 'I can't control her so what am I to do?". Well surprise .. if you can't control them at 3 and 4, what are you going to do when they are 14. I have heard of restaurants that don't allow kids. Word was, that the kids poured gravy into the expensive antique lanterns. Also, if you look it up. Disney (of all places) has an adult only section on their island cruise around Bahamas. It isn't the kid's fault, it is the parents for not teaching them how to behave and act in public. I wouldn't ban the kids, I would however ask the parents to calm their children and if it didn't work, ask them to politely leave.

Non-smoking restaurants.

First, the restaurants in CA and other states didn't go under - patronage actually went up. I refused to go back to Salt WorksII until they banned smoking. The place wreaked of smoke even while people weren't there smoking. Also. Those smokers who think it is their right to smoke even if it bothers others - would they mind if I sat there and sprayed my Lysol around the room. I like the smell of it while I eat. The same people wouldn't like a cigar, they say it stinks... hummm... It was NC legislatures in the heay tobacco areas that voted against the ban and they take money from the tobacco industry. Surprise there? Why are govt buildings are off limits to smoking? They don't like the smell. Well eating in the smell is worse. How about for the restaurant workers that work there 8 hours a day or more? What about their health? Is a smoker so addicted that they can't wait 15 mintues until after they eat to smoke outside? it is selfish to say, I will pollute the entire restaurant because I want to smoke.

Healthy change!

Smokers have the right to smoke but when you smoke in an enclosed area you are forcing those around you to smoke also. I think it is horribly thoughtless SOME smokers feel it is their right to burden my lungs with their unhealthy habit. I want to say thank you to any and all establishments who make the decision to go smoke free! I faithfully anticipate the day all businesses in Wilmington are smoke free environments. It will happen, it is just a matter of time! Truth is cigarettes kill people and we know this is true. God Bless

Love it

Everyone, should smoke that way we can save social security, we can save the farming industry, we want care if we fry from global warming and the honey bees can all disapear. Blah, Blah, Blah, You non-smokers win, we all quite uh oh whats next, cell phones, bathroom products, orange juice, bacon, ive got it we should have meat free restaurants, that way we can hear all the horrible things that are associated with that. Lets not fool ourselves the poinenty of all of this is masking as supperior infringement of the non-smoking click of social reform. if left to no conclusion the argument will be endless and pronounced, but yet still arrogant in its exspression. For all of its BS you will win because your conviction for superiority will only exspedite the end. and what to be left of you beyond that will be your own making and any damage to the lesser of the outcome. Hold not beyond the edge of daylight and see till morning is un accomplishable, but simply wait and the sun will rise. Hope is here we will stop anyone who smokes all rights equivilent to thee for you are small in my image. So stand tall, you get to stare across the room at clones, while you dine. All will match my vision of tolerence to your vision of perfection.

Go outside

Is it that hard to not smoke for an hour? Both my parents smoke, but they would never smoke at a restaurant or around other people eating. It's disrespectful. If we went out to eat and they needed a smoke, they would go outside. It's the polite thing to do.

Plow: Neil Boortz couldn't

Plow: Neil Boortz couldn't have said it any better! I have left restaurants bofore for 2 reasons: smoke and screaming, uncontrolled brats.

Smoke free bars???

I'm all for smoke free restaurants. I do not smoke and I can't stand to eat in a smoke filled room or a place that smells of smoke. But as far as bars go (and restaurants after 10pm), if people want to smoke then, that should be their choice. Going to a bar to get drunk or going to a restaurante to eat are two completely different things. You can't go to a bar to drink alcohol and at the same time complain about someone smoking...and yes, I do enjoy a good beer on the weekends

bars... difference

I don't get it. What is the difference in going out to a restaurant to meet friends and having a beer with your pizza and going to a bar to meet friends and having a drink without the pizza. Bars are also places to dance and have a good time, or sometimes watch the football games and such. On other peoples comments: If you don't care for the smoke smell after walking out of a smoky restaurant, you won't care for the same thing in a bar. San Francisco Airport had a smoking room for those who got off a plane and needed a smoke. They didn't use it, reason was stated that it was too smokey. Admittedly, one couldn't see across the room. It was glass walled and horrible. As for the restaurant part. Hey if you can sit on a plane for hours without smoking, you can sit in a restaurant for 30 minutes. It really comes down to manners and being about 'me me me'. Try smoking two at a time, it will kill you faster and we can enjoy the fresh air when you are gone.

yea... but...

Just because I want a beer, why should I have to have cigarette smoke blown in my face? If there was a smoke-free bar, I'd go there almost exclusively. The bars in DC are smoke-free, and it's great, you walk out and dont smell like an ashtray. Okay, enough ranting


Go to DC then.


Then go to DC.

Stop Complaining

I am a smoker, but to hear people complain is just stupid. First and foremost, it does not take long to eat at Salt Works II, so i do not see what the big deal is about not being able to have a cigarette for 45 minutes. Second of all BE GLAD that the business owner has THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE to be smoke free and is not forced to do so. Luckily our state is able to understand economics and allows a business owner to choose whether or not his or her business allows smoking; if it begins to drive away business it will be banned, if it brings in business it will be allowed.

Go somewhere else..... and

Go somewhere else..... and smoke it uppppp!


I just cant figure out why people continue to do somthing that takes more lives a year than ANY THING ELSE....its amazing with all the information that is out there that people still do it and complain when other people try to make a situation better...its ignorant...and the people who are complaining about it get ready because if NEW YORK can be smoke free then little old wilmington is just a matter of time...besides the cigarette companies are all ready taking their business over sees b/c the market is getting our states new cash crop is GRAPES..and sod farms are getting more prevelant so...good luck in a couple of years when your paying $12 a pack to ruin not only your things but also your life and those around BROWNZ...DIRTY MARTINI...YO SAKE..ARE ALL SMOKE FREE BARS

Now A Child Free Restaurant Would Be The Ticket..

Seriously, I would pay 25% more for a meal to go to a restaurant and not hear children screaming the entire time. That and to not have some slobbering little biohazard at the next table picking his nose and or sneezing all over the place. The worst are the idiot parents who think boundaries are bad things and allow their kids to roam the restaurant. I'm not that old, I'm a Generation X-er, and I'm stunned at how the parenting styles have changed since the 80's. When mine and my friend's parents took us out to eat, we didn't leave the table unattended and sure as heck could not have been heard across the restaurant. Not every restaurant is supposed to be Chucky Cheese. Think about it restaurant owners. At least one child free night once per week or per month. I'd easily pay more for such a night.


what do you mean? You think kids should have a designated night out? What about pigs like you? Friday nights half off for swine. You have got to be kidding me. We should keep our kids at home. Maybe YOU should not come out. Cigarettes and children, pretty close in comparison. Non-Kids please..... Who ARE you?

I hope that one day will see

I hope that one day will see and understand the fact ' that you where once a child yourslf'.Have you ever stop to think 'that the children of today will be our care givers in our old age.' Hope that they will not stop to think of what you have said about them today. Just remenber 'Once a man two times a child.'

I hope

I hope you are not a parent, people like you should not have children, don't be so uptight and the small things in life wouldn't bother you so much.

Better yet have an OLD PRUNE

Better yet have an OLD PRUNE FREE rest. I am so glad that you where born a perfect adult!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please do not tell me or any one for that 'that you never picked your nose. chewed with your mouth open, cried or laughed at times that where not appropriate.' Maybe the BEST place for the perfect prunes like yourself is an 'OLD FOLKS HOME' where you can and will be forgotten the sooner the better.

now a child-free restaurant

maybe it would be kind of you to offer to some of your relatives or neighbors who have small children, to babysit for them so that they as a couple might enjoy a night out alone?? Did you and your spouse have those privileges? Thnk back about how wonderful it was to just be able to sit quitely at your own table, just the two of you, knowing that you children were securely in someone else's hand who chose to give up THEIR evening so you might have one of your own. Also, your English could use a little updating-it's my friend's and my parents. Maybe you should consider going back to Chuck E Cheese's to improve your grammar skills.

maybe it would be kind of

maybe it would be kind of you to offer to some of your relatives or neighbors who have small children, to babysit for them so that they as a couple might enjoy a night out alone?? Actually, they made the decision to have kids so they can pay for a top-notch sitter and not expect others to provide free services for them. The point was not whether my neighbors or relatives can have a child free night. The point was that restaurants should consider offering a child free night for their customers who chose not to have children and burden our neighbors and relatives with expectations of free childcare. The same goes for those who have children but aren't expecting others to provide free sitting services for them as they go out for a night as a couple. Did you and your spouse have those privileges? Thnk back about how wonderful it was to just be able to sit quitely at your own table, just the two of you, knowing that you children were securely in someone else's hand who chose to give up THEIR evening so you might have one of your own. I'm guessing you meant to write the word Think when you spelled it "Thnk?" Also, you probably meant quietly when you spelled it "quitely?" Again, you chose to have those kids so you can choose to purchase quality care for your children when you want to go out to eat and not expect your friends and neighbors to provide it for you. Also, your English could use a little updating-it's my friend's and my parents. Looks like there's a lot of that going around when considering your atrocious spelling. You should re-read your own posts before you criticize the posts of others. Maybe you should consider going back to Chuck E Cheese's to improve your grammar skills. I'll see you there when you're there working on your awful spelling. That is, I'll see you there if you can find a gullible friend or neighbor to guilt trip into covering your parental responsibilities for the evening.

I bet

Plow your posts seem very condescending. Parents (in most cases) do choose to have children, and choose to raise them, maybe you had cold unloving parents hence your cold matter of fact mannerism . Children are not for everyone but for all those parents out there, they know there is no other love like the love of one's child. If restaurants with noisy children is such a hindrance to you, your life must be missing something and I'm not insinuating a child.

maybe it would be kind of

First, "free service" is also known as a "gift". I assume that you receive gifts on your birthday as well as other meaningful days during the year. Do you expect your loved ones or friends to give you their "free service"? I am assuming also that you had parents who gave birth to you OR adopted you, hence, you were also a noisy, burdensome child at some point in your life. I haven't heard in the last 40 years about a baby having come from the stork. Also, just so you know, English is/was a different subject in school than Spelling. Sorry about my lack of concern with regard to "spell check", and not going back to check my own post. Maybe you should report for duty to the Star News as a proof-reader, that would be enough to keep anyone busy. FYI- I am an honors college grad with a Master's in English Literature, and an undergrad in English. Maybe you should open up your own restaurant, where you and your friends could be happy all by yourselvs in your small little world. Better yet, why don't you get in touch with "smoke free" and you two could form a partnership for "The Perfect Restaurant for Perfect People". Your motto could be "if you have one, leave your heart at the door". I was not trying to make the point of offering babysitting for free so that the parents would save money, I simply was trying to make THE point of why not help to make someone's day a little brighter by offering them kindness. Have you ever been in a position to offer someone something or do you just receive what others give you? Do you ever place an offering into the Salvation Army buckets at Christmas, or do you feel that the people who are helped by that donation should be helping themselves? Do you participate in the "Toys for Tots" program? Or, because that goes to help children, you don't feel the need, because after all, those "kids" may end up being out on the town with their parents one night and happen to end up in the same restaurant as you, playing with their new toy. Incidentally, I have a 25 year old son who is a Real Estate Magnate, so do not talk to me about "covering my parental responsibilities". He is a law-abiding, tax-paying citizen, a homeowner, a newlywed, he volunteers with children, he is a kind human being, and an all around great person. While he was in college and working a part-time retail job, he helped two gentlemen who came into his place of business. Both men were deaf, and my son helped them by doing sign language with them. Sign language that he learned as a small child. That offering of "GIVING FREE SERVICE" was so appreciated by those two men. Maybe you could take some lessons from him. After all, we are never too old to learn. Why just a couple of years ago, there was a gentleman who received his college degree at age 87. He was still someone's child even though he was 87, so I would bet that his parents, had they still been around, would have been happy they "covered their parental responsibilities". I certainly hope you are not a parent, or a grandparent, an aunt/uncle, or godparent as you have a very sad and sorry opinion about children. I also hope that you don't volunteer at your church to help in the nursery or Children's Depts. because little children understand much more than we when they are not loved or wanted. I bet you are glad you are no longer one yourself, huh? I am sure I will know you when I see you in the restaurants around town because you are sure to be the one with the acrimonious and invidious look on your face. Cheers!

Children and Parents

I'm single...I don't have children and I don't begrudge people who do. But I have to say taxes educate your child so the least you can do is deal with them. I'm sorry you don't have free time...but you deal with it. The rest of us shouldn't have to.

child free restaurant

I understand where you are coming from BUT, I am a mom and I have taught my children to behave when out in restaurant's. I started when they were little (infants) and if they acted up I simply left out of respect for the other patrons. I don't think it's fair to have a child free night because there are good children. Maybe, if a child acts up and the parents can not stop it a doggie box handed to them would be the way to go..then maybe they will begin to TEACH their kids how to behave. Oh, and I have also left many of stores if they did not behave to. Sorry to the employee's that had to put my stuff away I left in my basket BUT, I taught them!

I agree that Salt Works made

I agree that Salt Works made a good decision. In fact, I think it would be nice if some bars and nightclubs went smoke-free. A risky proposition, maybe - but I think many people would enjoy a nice night spot where stinky cigarettes are not allowed. There could be a balcony or porch for people to smoke if they had to have one.


I agree with the non smoking in bars as well as restaurants. I stopped going to Salt Works II recently b/c everytime I went in at 8am to have a nice breakfeast with the other locals someone would be puffing away next to me and frankly I lost my appetite. Same goes for bars. I left half of a drink the other night b/c the guy next to me was blowing smoke like CRAZY! It grosses me out!

Where can we go?

I would like to see all this energy wasted on telling me were I can't smoke, used to create a list of restaurants and businesses where we smokers and our money are welcomed and appreciated. While I'm waiting for my food and starting a good conversation or simply reading the newspaper, I want to is peaceful. After dinner, there is nothing better than a good cup of coffee and a cigarette while continuing a good converstation with your dinner guests. Isn't it strange how the same people that whine the loudest about smoking in a restaurant are the same ones who will head straight to a smoke filled, ear-shattering noise (music) bar on the weekends.

smoke free

Since we are moving as a society away from bad habits in businesses and public areas, what is the next step? I propose that we also at least consider the feelings of the healthy and health concious amoung us. In these same restaurants we should make it law to also provide walls inside to keep the site of unhealthy people from the rest of the normal people eating there. Why should normal people have to see someone abusing their bodies in plain public sight? Why should small kids have to be exposed to bad behaviors of others in public places? They SHOULD NOT! To have the kids see someone that is obviously overweight continue to stuff themselves silly with high fat foods cannot be tolerated. Would you wnt you kids to see someone commit suicide with a gun? NO! Then why should they have to be exposed to some doing it much slower. Smoking is the same thing, slow suicide.