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Anthony Pierce expected to be indicted Monday

The district attorney's office is expected to indict Anthony Pierce Monday. Pierce was the driver of the vehicle that Officer Richard Matthews chased the night he crashed his car and died. Pierce is charged with two felonies; fleeing to elude arrest and possession and intent to sell marijuana. District Attorney Ben David said more charges may follow. Officer Richard Matthews died last month. He was responding to a call for back-up when he swerved to avoid a box in the roadway, lost control, and hit a tree.

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Video of the Box

Unless there is a Police Video of the men throwing the box out the window then charging the men with the officer's death is not right.

last time i saw this video

last time i saw this video the driver anthony peirce looked like he was going slow!!!! and to top it off he even had his turning signals on...!!!!!!!!!!!!! please.... like you even need a backup to me it looked like the driver was drunk and didn't know what he was doing! so being a passenger in that car.... makes you guilty??? NO! you could of just been at the wrong place at the wrong time! i think you should let the passengers free!

How can this man possibly be

How can this man possibly be charged with the death of Officer Matthews. Don't get me wrong I am very saddened that this officer died protecting the citizens of wilmington, but to charge Mr. Pierce with his death is obserd. How fast must one be going to swerve in a 3 lane road in the middle of this night with no traffic and hit a tree? The officers in persuit were not hurt and they were in a much more dangerous situation. It just does not make sence to me.

It's been reported that the

It's been reported that the box in the middle of the road was thrown from the fleeing suspects vehicle. It that is the case, then they should add charges for the others that were in the car as well

did they finger print the

did they finger print the box that was in the road? i would love to know that?????

What are you...

Saying....The box thrown from the car being chased? The box and the chase, though they were within a couple of miles from each other, were not close enough for that to happen. It was just an unfortunate coincidence that the box was in the lane that Matthews was in. Other comments nailed the situation. The speed was ridiculous. Every officer that was not on something already at 0100 would be responding to a chase with drug suspects. Slow down to a comfortable 60 -70 mph range. Traffic is light, signals are blinking, and the ones that are not blinking you can go through anyway...

When was his speed released???

The Speed was Ridiculous??? How fast was he going? When did they post his speed? How do you know he wasn't driving 60-70mph? Anything else you care to make up?

Using the brain

I don't have to make up anything...I will allow you people who do not think before you type to do all of that. I have actually been in a car going 60-70 and I have been in a car doing over 100 and can clearly tell the difference when looking at the video. At 0100, responding to a chase, driving on Shipyard, three lanes, light traffic: I have been in those shoes...He was going about 100 mph. It is not made up. Just watch the video, look at the lines in the road, listen to the engine, and then go out and drive 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100 and see for yourself, instead of sitting behind your keyboard and allow your fingers to think for you. It was too fast for what was happening. No officer was calling for help, he was calling the chase doing a good job. It was a desire to be in the action. And, please explain to me how the bad guys threw the box out of the car when they were on Parkway Dr. and the box was over by Cardinal Lanes. THINK before you type!!!!

"A dangerous pursuit ensued,

"A dangerous pursuit ensued, which involved a high risk felony. Richards (Officer in pursuit of Pierce's SUV), acting shift supervisor that evening, CALLED to other members of his squad for assistance. Matthews was among those officers closest to Richards." From the indictment. Pierce just robbed a man with a gun before the chase ensued. I don't blame LEO for the chase or for Matthews driving 102mph to back up a fellow officer who DID request assistance

Well the report says he was

Well the report says he was going over 100 miles per hour so....ummmm

don't see how

I don't see how you can charge a man for an officer's death. It was the cardboard box in the middle of the road that caused the death. Are you going to get the person that littered. They are the ones that caused the death and also speeding. All these chases don't have to be high speed.

Don't see how

Let's make this clear for everyone to understand. The driver of the car that did not stop for the blue light's and siren, are responsible for Officer Matthews death. Under NC State Law, the driver of the said vehicle must comply and pull over for Bluelights and Siren. Failing to do so puts others safety at risk, which this case easily proves. By failing to comply with the Law, they in turn put Officer Matthews, other Officer's and the general public at risk of serious injury. The case would have been the same if someones grandmother was killed because of some other action of these CRIMINALS. They are not nice young boy's, as I've seen them descibed.

AMEN! the person that

AMEN! the person that littered should be charged for the death of that cop not those boys!


You know the next time someone runs on foot or in a vehicle we {the cops} should just walk or drive the speed limit and stop and wait for a green light, in fact just take the blue lights off the top of the patrol car. Then lets see how many people that run get put in jail after they run. You know your right nSane you don't see. Oh and how you can charge someone for the officers death is the same way a person that got hit by a vehicle that is being chased by the cops, they could then sue the Officer because if it was not for the officer then the person would not have been hit. IF THE SUSPECT'S VEHICLE IS GOING AT A HIGH SPEED THEN THE OFFICERS HAVE TO BE GOING AT A HIGH SPEED. IF YOU DON'T WANT ANY MORE HIGH SPEED TELL THE OUTLAWS TO STOP DRIVING FAST TO GET AWAY! R.I.P BROTHER IN BLUE

what? the guys in the car

what? the guys in the car wasn't speeding at all! if anything they were going slow and had there signals on!

Police Chases

I agree with LEO. People always want to critize the officers in this town. Sure police cars have accidents, and usually due to someone else not complying with the law or rules of the road. Richard Matthews was an excellent officer, and a friend. Let;s see the suspect was throwing out packaged drugs and you think the officers should not have responded as they did? Yeah let's see...hmm throwing out drugs in a residential neighborhood, more than likely heavily armed. Sure they'll just pull right over and risk going to jail. LOL. As someone who has been in the officers positions I realize he did what his job required. For someone to think law enforcement should not chase a suspect shouldn't expect emergency services or the fire department to respond quickly either. The risk or just as high for the EMS worker and the Fire Department. So how about thanking those who put themselves in harms way instead of speaking badly about them. N Sane do you use high speed internet or dial up?

Thank you

Thank you to all LEO's, Fire Department, and EMS you all do a wonderful job!!

The box didn't kill him,

The box didn't kill him, going too FAST killed him. The box could have been an animal, a person or anything else. WPD needs to review there policy on responding to a call. There have been multiple accidents invloving City police cars, I think it may be time to re look at this issue!! God rest officer Matthews soul but the truth of the matter is he should have never been going that fast!! What if there had been cars in the other lane, he could have endangered other citizens lives. The officer is no good unless he makes it to the scene safely. I due hope that true justice is served to the offenders that were arrested however they are not to blame for Officer Matthews death!!


If you want to assign ROOT BLAME in order to establish a cause for this tragic loss, you can't stop at the speed of Officer Matthews. After all, he was responding to another officer's request for help. You can't stop at that officer, because that officer was responding to observed illegal activity. Illegal activity (OR, for those who will no doubt pick my opinion apart because they want to blame police officers instead of the criminals - the PERCEIVED observation of guilt because we are all innocent until proven guilty) was due to Pierce committing a crime. Had Pierce not committed what any officer or other logical, reasoning human being would have perceived as illegal, he would not have been stopped, the first officer would not have called for help, and Officer Matthews would have not responded. You are correct that an officer does no good if he/she does not arrive to the scene. I would add that he or she would not have to go to the scene if criminals would give up their illegal activities in the first place. For you and those like you who state that officers and deputies should not engage in chases, I really am struggling to understand where you're coming from. Can you honestly mean that if someone commits an illegal act, they should be allowed to get away with it just because officers and deputies decide NOT to go after them? Do you really not see the chaos that a scenario like that would create? All any criminal would have to do is commit their crime and then flee, safe in the knowledge that no one will catch them because no one will try to! You can't win a war by sending your soldiers into a war zone and then tie the soldiers' hands behind their back (think VIETNAM.) Either you have laws and you have people in place to enforce those laws, or you give your society over to utter chaos. I do NOT agree that WPD needs to rethink its chase procedures. The officers are instructed to proceed with due diligence. If it had been a Saturday afternoon in the month of July, the chase would not have happened. But that was not the case: It occurred in the overnight, when there are FAR fewer drivers AND pedestrians on the roads. It occurred in the dead of winter in a beach town - ALSO not a high traffic time. As for me and my house...we will take police officers and deputies ALL THE TIME, EVERYTIME over criminals ruling the world.

Ok Friend

No one said you should not chase, support, or attempt to go after a criminal, I support that 100% however that nights events did not warrant him going so fast. If I am not mistaken your job is to protect our community and you can't do that traveling unsafe speeds. Just about all of my family is in law enforcment and I totally support you guys in what you do, however it is very wrong to pin Matthews death on that boy. I recently lost a family memeber to a drug overdose, and I would agree 100% that it was the drug users own fault not the drug dealer. I would never support him being charged with his murder. That is revenge not justice.


"I do NOT agree that WPD needs to rethink its chase procedures." I agree with you 100% They should just teach their officers how to drive at high speeds.

Amen Amen Amen

It is very apparent they do not know how to drive...look at the rash of accidents. And that is just what they want us to hear.

Felony Murder

Felony Murder is First Degree Murder. In the commission of committing a felony Pierce indirectly caused the death of Officer Matthews. Because of that he can be charged with Felony Murder and could receive a life sentence. I believe this is a proper charge and punishment. When you look at the split screen video posted on the Star News you will see that the chase was still in progress when Matthews wrecked. Charging Pierce with Felony Murder might make other fleeing felons think twice about leading officers on a chase. Go get'm Ben!

that is the fact

Thank you for stating the fact of the law as it is! All these dudes had to do was pull over when the lights came on. They chose to run and then the chase was on. It was because they ran that the chase went at the speeds they did. They caused the accident and deathe by one, breaking the law and two, not pulling over. Felony murder is the correct charge and a jury not bloggers will decide the fate of these men.

Doesn't make any sense LEO??

Doesn't make any sense LEO?? His speed is what killed him, chasing a drug dealer is way less dangerous than an officer driving 100 plus down Shipyard, he could never been able to stop safley. There were also other officers responding to the scene. You should know an officer is no good unless he makes it there safley. Charging that man with officer Matthews death is pure revenge not justice.

Matthews was going how fast?

How fast was he going? 100MPH? You sure? Sure it wasn't 70? 60? What training do you have to judge his speed? How busy was the traffic on the road? Rush hour? Medium? Light? How about NO TRAFFIC! Was it a curvy road, two lane? Nope straight shot, 3 lanes. How fast is too fast when you are responding to another officer's call for help? And one more thing, what study are you refering to that says chasing felons is less risky than speeding? Just curious because last time I checked you're wrong.


I was told he was driving 100+ by other officers within the force... come on man you are making no sense at all. Why was he driving an older model crown vic anyway...... My point is no matter the time, traffic or any other factor all LEO's have a responsibility to protect citizens and you cannot do that if you do not get to the scene of the accident. Just because there is a crime in progress doesn't give you the right to drive like a maniac... by the way have you noticed how many WPD cars have been wrecked latley. This is not the first it is one of MANY in recent times. He wasn't in the chase he was responding to the chase big difference. There were plenty of other officers in route and this all happened right by the new police station no reason to drive so fast!!! RIP Matthews

The call

I watched and listened to the video and I never once heard Officer Richards call for help. He did an outstanding job of calling the chase and calling the locations where the contraband was being dropped, but was not calling 10-33 (Officer needs help, quick!!) In my experience, when an officer gets involved in a chase, every other officer wants to be the officer to assist and help him. I have no problem with that, but it takes the entire team. Perimeter, back-up, maybe checking upcoming intersections for traffic (yeah, it was light, but still there). If I am calling for help, being shot at, in a fight, then I want every available officer to come to my aide, but in a chase, you need a secondary unit and everyone else needs to "be in the area" but not in the chase. I appreciate his desire to help and his desire to be in and see the action, but it was not worth the cost when the primary unit was calling for help.


"A dangerous pursuit ensued, which involved a high risk felony. Richards (Officer in pursuit of Pierce's SUV), acting shift supervisor that evening, CALLED to other members of his squad for assistance. Matthews was among those officers closest to Richards." From the indictment. Pierce was armed, Pierce had just robbed a drug dealer at gunpoint and was being chased when Richards got in behind him. This POS AND his cronies caused the death of Officer Richard Matthews by committing a felony. Like it or not THAT"S the law!


Very well said!!