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Apartment complex evacuated because of fire

Campus Edge Apartments were evacuated Friday afternoon, because of a fire in an apartment. The complex houses mainly UNCW students, and is located off Racine Drive near the university. Witnesses say the fire appeared to have started in an upstairs unit, possibly in one of the kitchens. The entire complex had to be evacuated while the fire was put out. NewsChannel 3 spoke to one Campus Edge resident who was inside the building when the fire started. "We started smelling smoke and saw black smoke coming out of the top there and realized that the building was on fire," resident Robert Higdon said. "We got out as quick as we could and we looked at one of the apartments and it was just consumed by fire, nothing we could do about it." The fire was put out within about an hour, and residents were let back in to the other units.

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I agree...

I lived in campus edge about 10 years ago and at that time it was filled with drugs and prostitutes and crime. It has only gotten worse and everytime I hear of somebody contemplating moving there, I warn them against it. It is one of the most unsafe places for a college student to live still today. But I can't say that this is the reason the fire was started. But in my personal opinion, if they're tearing down places like Taylor Homes and Nesbitt Court to rebuild, why not rebuild Campus Edge and make it look a little more tasteful and get rid of the people that are contaminating it. They make enough money that they could do it, and it looks like the fire could be a bit of an incentive to do so. That place should be condemned. That's just my opinion.

It's really not funny. It

It's really not funny. It was a kitchen fire and I know someone who lives there and does not use drugs. He lost everything in the fire.


cramped us edge is known for prostitutes ,drug dealers ,junkies and thieves i wish i had a knickel for every time the police was called there ,someone dropped there crack pipe or was cooking a big batch of crack and it boiled over, you can share the kitchen with all expenses included cable and electric bill cant get no cheaper ,that pool they have the water is so green its unbealiveble it should be on an episode of the surviver show where they pay some one 100,000 dollars to take a drink of it ,Earls wrecker has made a million dollars off that place ,it is supposed to be for college students being the rent is so cheap and beside the college, but the lowlifes of wilmingtons most wanted crooks and thieves make a vacation ,rondevous spot out of it

trash at edge

I have stayed at a friends apt there and your right there are prostitutes and drugs going on there still today. I think the owners condone this type of client due to the owners are tied to Earls towing and as long as people are making money in the complex it's no big deal for Earls to reap the profits.I hope parents thinking of renting one of these apts for their kids will read this and take heed at not letting them stay there. Unless they want their child to become a statistic. But I know the police do need to run a sting in this complex. thanks concerned citizen


as you say it is known for "prostitutes, dug dealers, junkies, and thieves" why do you not be a good citizen and call the annonymous hot line with some hard facts the Chief and his force can use to clean up the neighborhood? This time of year most pools have tints of green as they typically are not subject to cleaning and treatment this time of year.


from your comment you weren't one of the college students staying there because you have no concept of punctuation, proper grammar usage, or spelling concepts! If you are a college student, maybe you should consult with an English tutor!

wow! thanks for the grammar lesson

It is amazing, but not unexpected that some pedant would comment on the grammar of a poster and not the information that is contatined. At the edge of campus, the edge of a good neighborhood there is a slum that is the root of assaults and crime on so many and no one will a.) do anything about it b.) talk about it and warn students...yet, like those at the University that earn 90 plus k to spin information (oh, and they are firing faculty)...this is not talked about....well, thanks for the gramar lesson, but maybe a lesson in the saftey and management of our neighborhoods would be better.

You're welcome

for the grammar lesson! The school doesn't talk about it because they don't want any future students or parents who would send their child to the school to know about how little they do to protect their students. And they certainly don't inform new residents of where to go and not to go. But on that same token, people should investigate and do research before moving into a complex. Call the local law enforcement agencies to find out all they can about criminal activities in the area. Another problem is the property management company probably doesn't do anything about the Riff Raff who live there. My husband used to be a property manager. Even if someone had been arrested for a felony they weren't allowed to rent from them. But Campus Edge probably doesn't have the same standards. All they care about is getting the money. And I agree a lesson in safety and management would be better but the problem is that people don't call and report crimes. They don't because a) they are criminals themselves b) they fear retaliation c) the police don't have the resources to follow up on everything. Even when law enforcement does follow up, everything they do is criticized because some criminals rights were 'violated' or some junk like that! Or because our City Police Chief and County Sheriff can't get past their petty differences and work together. Instead they are constantly trying to one up the other. Its ridiculous and childish!


why don't you give the authorities a helping hand by informing them as to the who and when and where?

RE: Campus Edge

Someone was probably smoking crack and dropped their crack-pipe onto a flammable object.