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Archive - 2006


Remembering a President

If ever a modern American president has been overlooked or misjudged, it has been Gerald Ford.

Christmas Is Not Over

I’ve never understood how and why many people, among them some of the most devout Christians I know, know so little about what Christmas really is.

Congratulations to YOU!

Well, I guess it’s finally time to update that awards and honors section of my resume.

A Trip Full of Wonders

In Early November, WWAY Promotions Director Steve Klem forwarded me an e-mail from ABC.

Life on the Morning Show

The next time your alarm clock goes off and you dread getting out of bed, consider this: There are probably people in this world who have to get up even earlier than you do.

Five Years Later

Ooh! Pictures of Suri!

The October issue of Vanity Fair features exclusive photos of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and their four-month-old daughter Suri. And to this I raise the question: Who cares?

Days of Infamy

Plane crash hits close to my old Kentucky home

I didn't sleep much Sunday night.

The Class of 2011

Yesterday I blogged about teachers as folks head back to school. Today, it's the students. Specifically the Class of 2011, which starts college this fall.

Back to School

Yes, it's that time of year. After a summer of laziness, students are waking up well before noon, grabbing their books and lunch and heading off to school.

Update: Missing Woman's Family Launches Website

To follow up on my last post about some missing persons cases getting major attention and others not, Allison Foy-Jackson's family and friends have created a website to help find her.

The Strange Case of JonBenet Ramsey

All this hub-bub about an arrest in the JonBenet Ramsey case has revived some thoughts that have stirred in my head for a decade now: Why do most people care about this?

Welcome to the Blogosphere, WWAY

I haven't even been here three months, and I'm already going where no one has gone before for WWAY NewsChannel 3.