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Archive - 2011 - Blog entry

Severe Weather Possible: VIDEO BLOG

Here's hoping everybody had a Merry Christmas! If it was cold(er) weather you asked for, it looks like you just may get your wish.


I've been a forecaster for nearly 20 years now, but I can still remember my first Christmas as a meteorologist.

Looking back, December 2010 is hard to believe

How quickly we forget the past! Our weather may be "chilly" right now, but honestly it's not that out of the norm for this time of year.

California's Hurricane: The Santa Ana winds

We certainly know about high winds around these parts, but not like this.

Snow in the south. Winter's on its way!

First time in a long time, but I'm back here writing on my blog. Things have been a little crazy around these parts going over a major graphics overhaul.

Tropics, Tornadoes, & Tumbling Temps...

We've got it all today. A tropical low headed our way, possible tornado threat tonight, potential for flooding rains, and then temperatures that will drop like a rock by Thursday.

How cold is it? Well - we got snow on the map already!

Call me crazy, but snow on the first day of October just isn't right.

A Canadian cool down and a tropical shut down

It's going to feel a lot more like fall soon. Big-time pattern changes across the country and across the world will make for some drastically different weather in the next 5-10 days.

Tuesday update: Katia is big, but well behaved

This storm is a monster - but thankfully, like all along, our friend Katia does appear to be a "fish storm".


What is your favorite movie? A simple question, but the answer can be hard to determine.