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Archive - Blog entry

"But we NEED the rain!"

While it may be true that nobody likes a rainy day, it's just what the doctor ordered around here!

Jump in, the water's fine!

While we've mainly focused on the oppressive heat so far this summer, the incredible water temperatures up the East Coast are just as impressive.

Tame Tropics Trending Toward Trouble?

So far, so good. That's been our motto up to this point in the 2010 Hurricane Season. But could this quiet activity come to an end?

One, wait - two, for the record books!

Believe it or not, as hot as this summer has been, before this week Wilmington had seen only one record high temperature this year.

Wake up! Heavy AM Storms bring DC to stand-still

While we found ourselves waking up to yet another sultry morning on the Carolina Coast, Washington DC was wide awake as flat-out nasty severe thunderstorms plowed through the District during t

Scorching summer across the East

Almost as handy as any barometer, thermometer, or computer model - the thesaurus has been a much needed tool for forecasters in the Eastern US this summer.

Long Distance Travelers -- AM Storms

Well we had somewhat of an unexpected visitor this morning; a large complex of thunderstorms!

Colin, We Hardly Knew Ye!

Just as quickly as he came, he's vanished.

Not only Colin -- but Eddy too!

As we woke up Tuesday morning we had a new guy in the weather picture, Tropical Storm Colin.

"Fore!!" New Depression forms in the Atlantic...

Well that didn't take long. It seems all it took to end our lull of tropical activity was a flip of the calendar from July to August.