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Are you ready for Election Day?


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- After months of campaigning, the big day has finally arrived. But are you ready for Election Day? Do you know where to vote? Do you know if you are even registered properly? Do you even know who you can vote for? Use the links below to find out all that information. The polls open at close at 7:30 p.m.

Check your voter registration. This link will let you look up your voter registration, show you your sample ballot for Tuesday and tell you where to vote.

Bladen County Board of Elections
Brunswick County Board of Elections
Columbus County Board of Elections
New Hanover County
Pender County Board of Elections

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Was Lanase trying to have staff intimidate voters today by shovi

Went to polls.. There were a couple of young guys at Alderman ON the sidewalk throwing marked "sample" ballots supporting that guy that cant tattoo Lanasa in my face.. I had to loudly say excuse me to get them to move out of my way... It felt like voting during the era of the movie "gangs of new york"...
Nice Lanasa.. get your groogies to slap your name in people's faces trying to force a vote.. Lets hope the election office doesnt find out about your man handling today... It was unprofessional and uncalled for.. The same way you would attemppt to run the county...

voters not being allowed to vote

I cannot fully embrace evrything Demorcratic or Republican at the Koolaid drinking level so I registered as an Independent. I feel,as an example this is my way of voting for a good Demorcrat for the Senate , a great Republican for the house a Libertarian Judge and an Unaffiliated dog catcher. I am being told as unnoffiliated I can vote for no one really. If I'm a good boy,however, I will be allowed to vote for any one I like in the general election. The primary that I am excluded from contols the general election candidates. The only way I can vote for anyone is a straight ticket Koolaid vote which takes away and limits my choice. I want my vote to be a sample of how I feel and it fails to do so. This rule should be changed, any ideas how?

About Time!!!

Please remove your signs from the right of ways. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. You are wanting to run for political office and you cannot even follow one simple rule. NO signs in the right of way. This community is littered with this trash!!

I absolutely agree! And why

I absolutely agree! And why do they all need to put signs up in one area? I mean, what is the point, if there are 15 signs the same size and the same colors, then what is the point of the sign. It just makes the streets look trashy. And after the election it takes weeks for them to clean them up, and even then, in some neighborhoods they literally become trash on the sides of the road.
By the way, why don't we have a Green Party? The "demipublicans" are both sticking it to the people, don't we need and derserve something that actually takes what is best for the PEOPLE into consideration.
And what's with this "quality of life" tax? If their excuse for it is that it is just a small portion (1/4 of a cent) then why do we even need it? I think the quality of life in Wilmington is great compared to surrounding areas, what more do we need, more gardens?