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Are you ready for Windows 7?

READ MORE: Are you ready for Windows 7?
Less than three years ago, Microsoft came out with Windows Vista. It has been hit with a lot of criticism and frustration. Computer experts say the new Windows 7 addresses Vista's problems in a faster and more user-friendly operating system. "Windows 7 is probably the best operating system Microsoft has put out since Windows '98. It's fast, it's robust, it gives you all of the newest features, and latest of technology, without having a slow CPU, slow hard drive, slow internet," says Manny “Papageek” Lloyd of Geeks in a Flash. Lloyd says if you're using Windows XP or Vista and you can afford to do so, switch over to Windows 7. He says Windows 7 uses a lot less memory than Vista, which helps keep your computer from getting bogged down. One of the features Papageek likes best is the user interface. You can see a miniature version of all the windows you have open on the bottom of the screen, without having to click on anything. The biggest change visually is the taskbar, where you can hide programs you would normally keep on your desktop. While Windows 7 is a more secure system, it doesn't mean your computer is immune to viruses. You will still need to be protect your PC with anti-virus software and run regular updates. Papageek says Windows 7 offers two networks which can actually be more confusing than helpful to the average consumer. Despite it's disadvantages, Papageek says Windows 7 is a winner. “Windows 7 is Vista done the right way." Some applications that were a part of previous versions of Microsoft, like Windows Movie Maker, photo gallery, and Windows mail will not be included in Windows 7. They will instead be offered as a separate free download, called the Essentials Pack. Windows 7 costs $200 and will be on shelves Thursday.

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Papageek Really!

"One of the features Papageek likes best is the user interface. You can see a miniature version of all the windows you have open on the bottom of the screen, without having to click on anything." Really, Apple already had this along time ago. Also NO Viruses on a Mac right now, so you don't have to BUY extra programs. And Windows 7 cost $200 starting really, a full version of Mac OSX 10.6 is only less than $150 and you get so much more than on Windows without BUYING add-ons.


MacNTrash...what do you do with it once you get it home and put together a few movies....there is VERY little software out there for Mac...if you aren't going to care about the software...go for a real OS...LINUX...


LINUX is the only real Operating System Ubi dubium ibi libertas

The following is false "Also NO Viruses on a Mac right now"

false, false, false.... RSPlug Trojan If you are refering to Snow Leopard 10A432, then no .. you are not completely protected on install.. In fact.. the protection offered gives users a flase sense of security when in fact the protection os nowhere nearadequate. the XProtect feature checks for only two known Mac trojans.. There are MANY more out there.. So Yes.. Macs DO get viruses and there ARE viruses out there.. Windows PCs get MORE viruses, simpll because there are so many MORE PCs than Apples out there.... If I was a virus writer and my intent was to do damage.. ANd I could infect a billion computers (PC) or 100 million (apple) of course.. the virus writer is going to choose the broader of the two to expliot... But don't believe for a minute, that Apples cannot or do not get viruses... That is simple false.

A decent Mac costs almost

A decent Mac costs almost double what the PC equivalent costs. Better computers, yes. But with a much bigger price tag.

Ever price their RAM?

My fiance wants an iMac for Christmas. To go from 4G to 8G it costs $1000. To go up to 16G it's $1400. For that money, the RAM better get up early and cook breakfast!

And you will pay for that

And you will pay for that from Apple... $999 for a so-so laptop (Dell equiv. $400 w/ XP) or their pro version laptop for between $1500 and $2000 ... (Dell between $500 and $1200 So regardless.. one way or another...Front or Back.. It is going to cost you... And Linux (many versions) is free.. So us Open Office which emulates MS Office.. It's free for MS as well... (saves in xls and doc formats) You should research more on open source... Oh.. And Win7 for Vista users is free..... Apple charged you $30 for the upgrade from Leopard to Snow Leopard... There is no truth to once you go mac, you'll never go back by the way... It's based off of unix at a preimuim price... The average user cannot afford an all inclusive $1500 laptop.. But they can afford a $400 laptop with a $99 academic copy of Office or a free copy of How is that more than a mac? You apple peeps crack me up....

Better than Vista but.......

I have been running Windows 7 for months now testing it against other custom applications we use. The cost of updating the applications and buying new hardware to fully support Win7 doesn't lend to any ROI to speak of and given the present business climate it doesn't make sense to spend the money on it at the moment. XP Pro will still be the OS of choice for quite a while yet for our business. As far as home use IF you are buying a new pc then that's the only choice of course if you are wanting to stick with Windows. Win7 is Vista as it should have been. More like Vista sp4. Just a tune up, a splash of gas and a re-package using the same kernel. If you run Vista now I wouldn't spend the money on the update personally. I like Microsoft because it puts food on the table.... I still see no huge compelling reason to go to Windows 7. I use Fedora for my personal pc.

XP Pro at end of life cycle

Next year XP Pro will be at the end of cycle... What's your ROI going to look like then when you don't have security updates and are at a liability because you have holes all over the place? If you are using custom apps that won't work with Win7 or Vista then your programmers need to get off their c# butts and work in the now... Not the yesterday.. I mean.. I thought cobalt was dead.. It's a mentality such as this that keeps the U.S. behind in technology.. But then again.. The comment is coming from a Linux user.. And Fedira? Come on... Umbuntu is the way to go man...

Bah Humbug....

It is evident how much you really deal with the real world...... So if mickeysoft tells you to jump you ask how high? **chuckle** No problem... jump! Holes all over? If you run Winderz you are used to that! Come on you can do better than that. Don't be a fanboy just because!

We do what it do...

Hey TRS-80 guy... Or are you still peddling on a unisys mainframe... Your ignorance shows... If you feel you must need to know my private life there stoop,, I'm running a lilo boot between redhat and xp pro on my secondary station... My primary station because of critical application testing has been on Windows 7, well before beta1 was released to the public on TechNet way back when. Guys like you are wanna-be beta testers and haters because you will never be able to grow and adapt to new technology fast enough to keep on track with your job and can’t stand the thought of having to do away with gerbils spinning around on a wheel in order to spin your old hard drive attached to a dilapidated cyrix 200 mmx chip in your DC.. Microsoft calls guys like me, an MVP and development evaluator.. If you are still calling Microsoft, “Mickeysoft”.. Then you can’t relate because you are that far behind me and half the population.. Because of the size of our biz (sorry I'm not used to the 2 employee disaster designer team, and catch phrases from 1991 that say "winderz" for you haters out there.. And as far as being a fanboy... I have forgotten more in technology than you will ever be able to learn there cupcake… Don’t hate because you can’t keep up with the technology that my ten year old is keeping up with.. And please.. Stop using phrases dropped off in 91/92.. It shows your age and lack of professional knowledge.. Toodles… We do what it do...


Well I have been doing this for 20 years, so I guess I am "old" and we are a "Microsoft" shop. I run the latest OS, Exchange, SQL, Great Plains Office.... blah blah blah. The custom apps are "Microsoft" as well. We design hardware and write the software for it so no you haven't forgotten more than I will know but it's ok for you to think that if it makes you feel better. If you re-read my first post you will see it didn't make sense in our situation to spend all the money at this time. If you think every company will just migrate to Windows 7 just because then you are fooling yourself. There are many things to be considered and IF you are the "professional" you know that. I have all the papers as well... so what? I don't need to worry as it appears you are the "Defender of Redmond" so they are safe. Make us all proud..... Jeese....

Windows XP End Of Life.. Plan today

Since April 2009, Windows XP SP2 has been in the extended support stage, this means support not a freebie any more and only includes security updates and patches. Next July, XP SP3 will enter extended support as well. ALL support for Windows XP SP2 and SP3 will end in April 2014. At that point and time SinXP will be a HUGE target... Here's another issue.... (Which will make XP unaffordable compared to Win7 Pro or Enterprise) The ability to buy Windows XP machines will be forever altered fter this week.... Once Microsoft releases SP1 for Win7,, OEM licenses bundled with every PC will no longer have downgrade rights to XP. This means that to deploy Windows XP on a new PC, companies will have to purchase volume license copies of Windows along with the new PCs or use existing, volume licenses. In other words.. It won't be worth it.... Enterprise deployment is easy w/ the MLS tools for IT pros, but my professional reccomendation would be to upgrade the IT Dept PCs.. (give your guys and gals a good head start) and with the lifecycle of 3 years for a business workstation (typical) Plan on replacing each box prior to 2014 with Win7.. Starting with that OS today if you have any workstations that need to be replaced...

You nailed it!

Very well stated. I agree with what you are saying. [quote]Once Microsoft releases SP1 for Win7[/quote] I always like to wait for at least the first one! By that time we can change some things internal and a couple of our outside software vendors will also be supportive. It was NEVER my intention to bypass Win7 like I did Vista but my sole point is not "right now". Many folks are of the same opinion. Look at what happened to the ones that went to Vista because it was the greatest thing since sliced bread! Windows 7 is the OS to go to but the smart deployment will make all the difference imho. Home users... this is a good one. I will get there from a business standpoint.... always have and always will. Still getting that check!!! Have a great day!

Point Taken

Point well taken... But I've still forgotten more than half of what you know.. How is the cam biz these days anyway?


Those that can do those that can't rant..... Cam biz.... good one! Now run along! I'm sure you have some wares to peddle.

Sending a book your way

Oh Jesse.. I don't peddle anything.. I wait for Enterprise level customers and corporations to call the corporation I work for.. Fly out to their onsite.. fix their problem, fly home, relax, and enjoy my 6 digits.. At least a CCIE is good for something else besides playing around on mysql all day and having to outsource programming to guys in the Ukraine.. Ooops.. Did I say that out loud? Serously.. Microsoft has a lot to offer and I am going to ship over a Windows7 for dummies book so you can get a head start...

Windows7 is Vista done the right way?

Windows7 is esentially NT6.1 as Vista was NT 6.0 ... They are so similar inarchitecture that there is only a 3 thread difference in kernel processes.. (That's close)However... If you have followed MS OSs... You know that a screwed up OS is released then about 2 years later comes something good... Windows 7 is it... I've run RC since beta and it is smikin and runs everything my xp ox does.. but even better... Also.. it is not $200.. If you have Vista, it could be free... The upgrades are anywhere from $119-$219 depending on what version you purchase... But its not $200... Microsoft sites: Cost - Free upgrade from Vista - Oh yeah.. And most everything you run on XP is compatible with Win7.. unlike Vista which sucked. Win7 rules..

Opinion and Win7 could be free for Vista owners from Microsoft..

First off.. I have 21 years in IT as a professional and hold numerous certifications. By no means, am I "sold" to Windows although I am a Microsoft Systems Engineer. BY THE WAY… MANY OF YOU WHO ARE RUNNING VISTA ARE ELIGIBLE FOR A FREE UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 7 FROM MICROSOFT. For more information… Go here.. Is my system ready for Windows 7? If you are running Vista.. Yes... Are you running XP? Then perhaps........ Microsoft has an upgrade advisor tool available at This past year in June, I attended TechEd in LA.. Microsoft's premier annual event and had the pleasure of meeting and working with the Windows 7 dev team. As a result of this.... I have had access to the RTP (Release to Production)version of Windows 7 Ultimate for quite some time now. I agree with the author.. (Although I disagree that Win 98 was a "good" OS, although it was a gui breakthrough for the normal user).. In a nutshell... Windows 7 looks like Vista, but plays like XP Pro... but even better..... About pricing… There are a few versions.. But the three most basic are: Windows7 Home Windows7 Professional And (my favorite…) Windows 7 Ultimate…$ Assuming you already own a copy of Windows (example.. Windows XP, Vista, 2000, etc..) Here’s (retail) what it will cost you.. (upgrade) (but watch out for sales… I saw one retailer already has $15 coupons for a current pre-order…) Remember.. If you own Vista.. you may be getting your copy if Windows7 for free… Home - $119.99, Pro-$199.99 and Ultimate-$219.99 If you are running Vista.. Should you upgrade? ABSOLUTELY. Simply put.. Vista is crap... In fact, during the TechEd Keynote, we were told.. "Forget about Vista".. Just as "Win98 Me" was a catastrophic failure and poor OS... So was Vista... (Sorry.. Its the truth) BY THE WAY… MANY OF YOU WHO ARE RUNNING VISTA ARE ELIGIBLE FOR A FREE UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 7 FROM MICROSOFT. Is it fast? Oh goodness.. Is it ever... Windows 7 boots up faster than any other OS Microsoft has ever released. The architecture utilizes a computer's memory better than any previous Windows Operating System. Is my system ready for Windows 7? If you are running Vista.. Yes... Are you running XP? Then perhaps........ Microsoft has an upgrade advisor tool available at Tired of closing multiple windows and don’t know keyboard shortcuts? No worries! Shake it Shake it… Simply drag your mouse cursor to the toolbar of an open window, click, hold and shake.. No more Windows… It’s more secure, faster, less buggy, user friendly, intuitive, .. It’s incredible… For us geeky geeks... Virtual PC is included with Ultimate.. Is it worth it??? Absolutely.. Certainly… You betcha….