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Are you wondering where your state tax refund is?

North Carolina's tax office said refunds are slow in getting out because it is worried about issuing too many checks at once. The department is experiencing a "temporary backlog" with issuing individual refunds. It is writing checks every week, but it hopes to make significant progress with the backlog in a few weeks. It is the latest fiscal problem for state government, which is dealing with dwindling tax collections due to the recession. Governor Bev Perdue is trying to close a projected $2.2 billion shortfall this fiscal year.

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where's my state tax return for 2013

It is almost November and I still haven't recieved my state tax return.... it sayin still processing r they really that behind I filed way back in feb. Early march???

re: where's my state tax return for 2013

You filed your return. It's in Raleigh. You are waiting on your refund.

NCDOR Policy is to Stall until Your Recourse Runs Out

In 2010 NC Department of Revenue put in place a policy rule that I just found out about that says they can keep your money if you don't secure a refund verification and get your refund within three years. So if you don't secure an DOR employee verification of what is owed you (hence no one answers the phones) and go through specific steps to get your money refunded, your time for being able to receive a refund simply runs out.

All these delaying tactics that are being reported, such as they didn't receive your return, or you failed to get it verified once they did receive it, and a few other rules you probably don't even know about, affect your ability to get your refund. Another feature of this policy is that they may simply not notify citizens that they are due a refund. The state keeps that money if the citizen doesn't know to claim it.

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Ok so I called NC and they

Ok so I called NC and they told me it is 45 BUSINESS days from April 15 when interest starts. But someone on here commented that back in 2010 the website stated the interest starts on May 31 which would make it reg days not business days. Does anyone know the correct answer? Not that I care because the interest is very, very minimal. If I am doing my math correctly it would add up to about 2.08 a month on a return of $500. I would like to know if it is business or reg days though. I filed Feb 5 2012 and still shows I am processing on the website with no estimate of when I will get my return. I just moved here in July and I am very frusturated. The website says times are comparable to last year. Well I DIDN"T LIVE HERE last year!! I have lived in 4 states now and all of them were on top of returns. NEver have I waited 7 weeks for a return (and still don't have it). I live on the border to SC and you better bet we are moving to SC as soon as the school year is over. No gas tax, lower cost of living and people there actually see their tax returns! NC made a bad impression and I have nothing good to say about it.

Havent received my state refund for the past 2 years!!!!

I live in North Carolina, have been filing my taxes with H and R Block for years. But for the past 2 years I have not received my state refund. They use our money that we work hard for to fund things that we dont want, need and most importantly dont benefit from!!!! If they spent the money to fund things like more childcare, health insurance and housing programs for families with low income then I would not object to them keeping my money!!! I do not want to support people that dont need my support, I'd rather help support a homeless person trying to get their life together!!! I WANT MY MONEY!!! I NEED MY MONEY!!! GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!!

um if your not getting your

um if your not getting your refund I would actually contact an attorney because that is theft. Unless you were not entitled to refund.

I apply for my taxes at the

I apply for my taxes at the end of January and I'm still waiting on my state taxes-I mean,pay attention now-it is f***in' 12/02/2011!!!!!It's my money and I need it now!!!!And I'm not the only one-everybody around me waiting on their taxes,too....So what I have to do and who I have to call to make the people up there move their buds,do their job and learn how to count and write checks,GD it!???!!!!!!!!????!!!!!

why refund is late

well hope you people are doing better than me. after waiting and receiving same B$ from net. I find the State Of NC has not received my return. Surprise Surprise My tax preparer sent 4 forms that day and only 3 got delivered? Or was it some Bureaucrap "lost" it? either way I will be lucky to get my refund this year. I dealt with the same thing from the state of Maine years ago. even had return receipt that they got it. after denials of receiving it and having to resend all stuff. I get a check 6 months later backdated 4 months. return envelope was in pristine condition My complaint to post office was useless (said the state used their own stamp) and probably backdated it. My call to state senator was to say state of Maine denied back dating check and mail. I expect no less from NC

where is my money

On Feb. 13 my income tax check was processed today is Jun & I am just curious to where my money is I continue to call 601 923 7801 that is a recording that tells me to wait 7 day for my check so how many 7 days am i suppose to wait before i get it ..

No surprise

Why would you call Mississippi about a North Carolina return? No wonder you are getting a run around.


in my mailbox Friday, EXACTLY 45 days from the day they received it.

nc has blown your taxes on idiotic state funded projects

the state of nc has owed my son $106 since 2009 - 2 months ago they sent him a bill for $66... ridiculous - just another government ploy - he made 3K in 2009

i'm still waiting for a ridiculously small refund of $44 from 2010 - don't count on seeing it

remember to vote out this azzhole taxminded governor next election - that's the only way you'll see your money

and, if by chance you do see your money, the state of nc owes interest to any late payment made


The North Carolina Department of Revenue, in lieu of issuing an assessment including tax, penalty and statutory interest, agrees to accept, upon verification, the taxpayer’s determination of tax due plus statutory interest and payment thereof. If any taxes have been collected but not remitted, the 10% failure to pay tax penalty per G.S. 105-236(4) will apply and will not be waived. Statutory interest as established by the Secretary of Revenue per G.S. 105-241.21 will be applied to the calculated tax due.


another lie

i filed my state taxes in january and still have not returned my refund so you can"t beleive what the states say they sure took my money now do to their sapending i have con't to suffer with out my monies maybe the government should hold they pay check aznd they would get on the ball if they lose thier home or missing a meal or two to make it from pay day to the other

NC Taxes

We sent ours in 3 times. The first time they said...'we have not gotten them sent them to the wrong address'...funny..I never said which address we sent them too.
The 2nd time, 'you should have mailed them on Monday and not a Friday'..WTF???
The 3rd time..registered mail...but it took the state 5 days to sign for them...and now..they say...'you have sent in to many returns...we got the 1st on the..??..the 2nd on the..???....and now the 3rd'...
My reply..If you would stop tossing them in the trash...then I'll stop sending them.

This is a load of bull

My brother still hasn't received his return from 2009.

Income tax nc

Me and my husabdn filed in feb we have recived our fed but niot state when we called to see why we have not we were told that no one would be getting a state check this year what bs!

state tax refund

I have sent in my state tax papers February 24th but have not yet received my refund check. It is past the 45-day window given to refund checks. When can I now expect to receive my tax refund?

now it says to call

Live in NC and am married, used turbotax for the second year in a row and filed January 26th I believe. Got the Federal return back within 11 days electronically and have been checking the NC "where's my refund" page once a week for the past 3 weeks... It always had the same result - showing that it was received and was being processed. Today I go and check it and it is stating that I must call the 1 877 number to speak to an agent about my return. What the heck is this? Is this happening to anyone else? Is it a prelude to a state audit?
I'm completely confused on this one now - Even MA was never this screwed up!

If NC refund isnt recieved by 45 Days They MUST pay YOU Interest

After 45 days, The state must add interest to you refund.

State Tax return ( lack there of )

I have been checking that same web page as well.... It tells me nothing other than to call the 1 877 number. when I call the number it refers me the the number in the top paragraph. So I then call that number and it refers me to the prevous nubmer. Tired of the runaround North Carolina is handing out in place of our refund.

I filed in Feb. and it is

I filed in Feb. and it is saying the same thing for me. When I call the number it is always busy cannot get a human to answer the phone. Have you found another way to check your status yet?

The way I found around the

The way I found around the constant busy is call the number which is listed for calling from international location even though I am not international. Granted it is not 800# and the hold is pretty good but I did speak to someone..
when I called and see the same you guys had I was told "it is setup to go to your account" (I asked for Direct Deposit). She would not tell me a date I would get it though. I tried asking questions which lead her but no go.. LOL

Got ahold of them finally

Well, like most of you - I got the perpetual busy signal as well for about 4 or 5 days and then one morning I called really early, before they opened up and just let kept hitting the option for "repeat this menu" until they opened and then I hit the correct option buttons to get to a human...
Turns out, they say that the previous town we moved from over 3 years ago says we never closed our water/sewer account and were given over half of our state tax return. 3 years later nearly 300.00 what a load of bull since the landlord told us that the place was empty for a year after we left, but that is another horror story.
So I say, well they took that portion, where is the rest of what we have coming back? She told me "we are asking people to have patience, we are doing the best we can" So they gave the town their portion over a week and a half ago and here it is May 2nd - I check the account and nothing. I almost feel like giving up and I wonder??? Does the town get interest on that portion being that it was over 45 days since we filed until they got their "share" or will we get the interest on the full refund amount or just the balance, if at all?... Anyone?

PA state tax refund

I live in NY and worked in PA. I e-filed our federal and both states on January 28, 2011. I used Turbotax and paid over $100 so we could get our money fast. We got our federal and NYS refunds the following week. PA, however said to allow 8-10 weeks for processing. Ten weeks was last Friday, and they still say the same thing, no information available. I tried looking up a payment schedule on the DOR's website, and couldn't find anything. All I could find was a calendar with personal income tax listed for April 18th. Tell me that they aren't even going to process any refunds until then? I called the DOR number that took me forever to find, and it told me to allow 4-6 weeks after processing. This is beyond ridiculous!!!!

You'll love this. I am

You'll love this. I am supposed to get a refund of $282. The site says they got my return on 3/2/2011. So seven weeks ago and all I can get is that they are processing my return.

I mailed in a payment for my fiance's taxes on Monday. They deposited the check the same week, Friday. Nice. So it's going to take more than 7 weeks to "process" my return, but less than 1 week to grab their money.

Typical bureaucratic bullshit. Funny thing? His taxes due and mine that I'm owed are almost the same amount. So...really, they don't have the funds or what's going on? I don't know anyone who has gotten their PA refund, yet.

pa state

Yeah I submitted my taxes for PA around early February and they have yet to return me money yet. I used turbotax and got my federal pretty quick but the state check is being ridiculously slow. Forgot I was even getting it until today.

My fiance filed his state

My fiance filed his state return February 4, 2011. They have been holding it for review, and we had to send in birth certificates and social security cards for the children. We did that on March 21, 2011. April 21, 2011 he called to check the status since nothing was posted when we looked it up on the E-service center. They told him that they had no record of anything being sent in, luckily I save everything and was able to argue that becuase I saved the fax confirmations. Then all of the sudden they said they did recieve the information and they have yet to review the tax return. Now here we are on May 18 and still NOTHING! It is RIDICULOUS!

Where is my 2011 tax refund

State of NC accepted my tax return on 1/21/2011, As State web site promised to send the refund within 45 days. Now is more than 45 days, I still did not get the State tax refunds yet. Seems the State are run by officials lie to the citizen. What a shame! By the way federal tax refund I got back just about 8 days through electinical credit to my account. Thanks!

2011 tax returns

I filed my nc state taxes feb 10. I checked the status and it showed that the return was accepted. I checked the status today and it shows that my refund is not in process. "it doesn't mean that we haven't received your refund it just means that we are F ing idiots". Bottom line folks we are one of the highest paying tax states in the union the most underpayed and one of the highest unemployed. Sooo we are paying for ? I would like to make a proposal to all that gives a D_mn. We the People need to file a class action law suit against the state for holding our taxes in order to gain the interest from our money. The perdue clan needs to be held accountable for their actions. our money is just that "OURS" and we have bills to pay also. This is the same BS that happenend last year we need to get THOSE people out of office and get someone in that can properly manage our money! btw the site for the state refunds is now down for routine maintainence.. BS.. Time to move to another State!