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Are your travel plans affected by the economy or lower gas prices?

READ MORE: Are your travel plans affected by the economy or lower gas prices?
Gas prices are way down compared to just a few months ago, but analysts say that's not motivating some people to travel for the holidays. AAA said our weak economy will keep people closer to home and off the road. Carmen Sanders of Maryland said, "Every time I go to the tanks I'm happier." Carmen loves the gas prices these days. She is filling up for $1.59 a gallon. “We were excited to find that they were much lower here than they were in Maryland or when we left Maryland,” she added. Sanders drove to the Tar Heel state to spend some time at her beach house. Next stop is Louisiana for the weekend. Despite the sour economy, Sanders still plans to travel over the holidays. In 2007, more than a million North Carolinians were on the highway around Christmas, but AAA says the recession will cause fewer drivers to hit the road this year; a continuing trend from Thanksgiving, Labor Day and the 4th of July. The economic slowdown is keeping motorists like Mandy Bossie close to home this Christmas. “Just trying to cut back on expenses, and mostly everybody is coming here,” she said. But not everyone is letting the economy keep them from their holiday traditions. Rayfield Robinson of Wilmington said, “Not really. Because gas went down so much, it really shouldn't be a problem.” Despite the economy and AAA’s predictions, Sanders believes people will travel. “It's just from my observations people are encouraged to get out and about and add some joy to their life. Hopefully they'll travel at Christmas,” she said. Last year around Christmas, the state average for unleaded regular gas was $2.95, this year it's $1.62. AAA will not have official travel predictions until later this week, but it also expects air travel will be down because of the economy, saying some airlines are offering fewer flights.

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I was going to go somewhere

I was going to go somewhere due to lower fuel prices, but someone forgot to tell the grocery stores fuel prices have dropped, so I had a choice of traveling or feeding the family.

We had planned to travel no

We had planned to travel no matter what the gas situation was. We just put some money aside for our trip. Now that gas is down, we will use the remaining money to pay on other bills. The economy does effect our decision to travel. We travel fewer times during the year to visit family because of it. Gas going down just gave us a break to feed costs in other areas, not really to go buy more "stuff" that we don't need anyway.

I Blame Bush!

I blame Bush for these low gas prices! Now people will go driving all willy-nilly increasing their carbon output. Wrightsville Beach will probably be under water because of rising ocean levels before the end of the week. Obama is going to fix this though. Get those gas prices up to $10 a gallon so we can reduce our carbon footprint. Bush is just doing this on purpose!


Wow - I guess people just dont recognize sarcasm when they read it anymore. They all wanted to blame HIM for the high prices but he sure doesnt get any credit for the low ones, huh? Not that he is responsible for EITHER but only thought of when things are bad and forgotten when things are good. I got a laugh out of it anyway, 4535, thanks. I too, experience a lot of problems thanks to George Bush. Pretty sure he rigged my coffee pot to overflow this morning.....

tree hugger

Tree hugger - go back to hugging your tree. All liberals want to blame Bush for everything, and no one wants to take responsibility for their own actions. Bush didn't cause the recession, he just happened to be in the hot seat when it started. Congress and Cabinet members didn't do their job. No I don't think Bush is perfect and definitely feel he has made mistakes but so does every other president! And if you think Obama is going change things for the better, then you are in for a rude awakening! The only reason he is president is because he is black! Call me racist if you want but that is the truth. Black people who never voted before got off the derrieres to go vote only because he was black. Most of the ones I talked to didn't even know what he stood for or what the issues were. All they heard was free healthcare - well most of them already get it!!! And yes, Bush lowered the gas prices just to spite people!!!!


Ok Guest4535, you are a gump. Off the planet now! That will be the best way to reduce your carbon output.

I Blame Bush!

Guest 4535 did you read your comment before you sent it in? You must be kind of young to comment like this. Grow up. There are a lot of people who are very grateful that gas prices came down. And what is this comment about reducing carbon footprint? That's so very childish. Just how old are you anyway? Sincerely....How old?