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Area Gas Prices Remain High

Even though Hurricane Ike hit the Gulf Coast, we are still feeling effects here at the gas pumps. In Wilmington, prices for a gallon of regular unleaded fuel lingered around four dollars on Saturday. That’s almost forty cents higher than just two days ago. The Wal-Mart in Leland, for example, charged four dollars and nine cents. The fuel feeding frenzy broke out Friday when Ike shut down oil refineries in the Gulf Coast and limited the nation's fuel supply. Some North Carolinians say they have spent close to one hundred dollars on gas in the past two days. “Well, when I heard about what was going on I decided to fill my baby cake up,” Tony Henry said Saturday. Henry lives in Cary, works in Wilmington, and drives a pick-up truck. “Now I'm going to finish filling up again today and then I'm going to park it for about three to four days and jump on the moped.” “I hope whoever wins in November will help change that so the prices aren't as high for people,” said Nate Kurtz of Wilmington. On Friday afternoon Governor Easley enacted the price gouging law, which prohibits retailers from charging prices that are "unreasonably excessive." The state attorney general's office, however, would not put an exact amount on how high is too high.

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You said it Make your trips count stop so much driving around for little things. When we slow down paying it the prices will go down. Do your part also... Stop waiting for someone else to fix it for you. Make a change

did anyone ask why it didn't return to 2.00 a gallon

did anyone ask why it didn't return to 2.00 a gallon after the crisis was over with katrina the answer is no they continued to pay it so there for the demand was up and it stayed there .when demand for gas and oil goes down thats when prices far cause oil companys need to sell it. conserve you gas and stop on way home from work and get the things you need instead of making extra trips and burning more gas. They allowed the refinerys to push us to pay it.