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Area to get public transportation funds

More federal recovery money is headed to our region, this time, in the form of public transportation upgrades. Senator Kay Hagan announced Monday that $2.5 million will go to the Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority in Wilmington, which operates the Wave bus system. The money will go be used to purchase two hybrid buses, two vans, and to build more bus shelters, and make other needed improvements. In all, more than $52 million will be distributed to public transportation systems in North Carolina.

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Great use

Now that is a great use of the money. Currently the city and county can't hire any police officers/sheriff deputies due to budget constraints but we can spend money on buses? Good, next time you are being robbed call for a bus!

$2.5 million for WAVE?

Considering the number of riders, that amounts$500 thousand each? Yet again we're throwing good money after bad. Unless WAVE can be self-supporting, it needs to go the way of the dinosaur.

Public transportation in

Public transportation in this town is a joke, how could it possibly be self sustaining with its current infrastructure. Imagine the money they could bring in if the system, you know, worked like it should. Bus schedules are more like a guess. Bus routes make no sense and go nowhere. Do you EVER see buses running early in the morning, when the most impaired drivers are out? Why don't we have a designated, easily accessible bus depot downtown to encourage all late night partiers to use the bus? Why are there virtually no covered bus stops? Why do none of the bus routes go anywhere Near the beaches? Like I said, the bus system in this town is a complete and total joke, and traffic in this town is a growing problem every year. Maybe if the bus system wasn't such a joke, more people would use it, thus that 500k a person would drop dramatically. The population in this town isn’t getting any smaller anytime soon, and the roads aren't getting any bigger. It’s about time public transportation became a factor in Wilmington.

Public transit systems..

...basically fall into two categories: The Northern systems that were in-place prior to the post-WWII "auto explosion," and the newer systems of the South and West that serve the urban underclass almost exclusively. The older systems up North serve people across the entire economic spectrum. They were built and expanded at a time when few could afford cars and fares for buses and subways were cheap, in a dense environment where many who could afford a car had no desire to own one! Most riders still don't want to drive a car into Manhattan or downtown Philly every day. Everything changed in the fifteen years following World War II. We became a "car society," and nothing short of $10 gasoline or restricting auto access to city centers is going to get people out of those cars and onto the bus. Look at L.A.'s public transit system, see who rides it, then look at the Hollywood Freeway or I-5. There is absolutely no incentive to ride WAVE. I've lived here for sixteen years (this time) and have never even THOUGHT about riding a WAVE bus. In my vehicle I can set the temperature where I want it and listen to what I want to hear.

"In my vehicle I can set the

"In my vehicle I can set the temperature where I want it and listen to what I want to hear." And you call yourself commonsense? You are just part of the problem. You have no respect.

I have no respect for what?

Twisted, bizzarro world points of view? Consider this: I drive a vehicle that I paid for. I pay for the fuel that goes in it. I pay taxes on that fuel that help maintain the roads. Meanwhile, every WAVE rider is basically receiving subsidized transportation, because the fares are too low and the system not only doesn't support itself, it's awash in red-ink that the taxpayers have to keep paying for. So yes, if you view self-reliance, independence, paying your own way through life and not wanting to join the village of government dependent sheep as "a problem," then I'm certainly and proudly part of the problem.

You're right, I forgot, you

You're right, I forgot, you are the only one in this town. Forgive me for being so naive....

You think I'm the only one who feels that way?

Do you truly believe that most people choose cars over WAVE simply because WAVE is unreliable? HA! You are naive. Timing is everything. Timing allowed the Northeastern mass transit systems to grow, thrive, and eventually become a financial albatross around the neck of cities. The timing is no longer right. They become finacial albatrosses immediately because of poor passenger count. We are an "auto nation," and people are going to drive their cars before they ride a bus unless there is some clear, easily measured benefit to taking that bus.


I would think that it would be cheaper to subsidize cab rides than pay for these dinosaurs to go around town, not to mention to pollution. I never see more than 1 or 2 people riding in them!


Am explaining in detail as to why Wave Transit ridership is so low and why Wave passengers are no longing riding the buses. The bus stops are too far distance apart, entirely too much walking for passengers, no benches or shelters to protect from weather elements, takes too long to get to your destination with their inefficient routes, also routes do not take passengers where they need to go, hours for bus service need to be extended to later evening hours., GO INTO THE MALLS NOT AROUND THEM. Put the shuttles back on UNCW CAMPUS, not on weekend routes for the public, they do not have the features the public demands for easy loading of passengers and wheelchairs, are not safe and do not ride comfortable and air conditioning does not always work, Wave Transit needs to become a service of convenience for passengers not the inconvenient service it now is, maybe should be renamed INCOVENIENCE TRANSIT INSTEAD OF WAVE TRANSIT.