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Area schools not getting lottery money

READ MORE: Area schools not getting lottery money
PENDER COUNTY -- Are education lottery dollars helping your child's school? If you live in Brunswick, New Hanover or Pender County the answer -- according to several state lawmakers -- is no. Those fast growing counties are not getting the money they need for new school construction projects. And now politicians are working to change that. Every day Lorrie Luhring's son Parker gets dropped off at an overcrowded Topsail Middle School in Pender County. It's overcrowded because, as one of the fastest growing counties in the state, Pender can't keep up with the number of kids. Luhring said, "I cringe when I have to go into one of the classrooms. It's very crowded, desks are very close. We have a few classes in computer storage rooms and the janitor's closet." Pender County needs about $100 million over the next ten years for new school construction projects, like the new Topsail High School. The county will get about $500,000 next year from North Carolina Education Lottery funds -- far less than other counties. The lawmakers who wrote the legislation recognized the poorest counties based on their property taxes. Counties with high property taxes were thought to be the poorest because they badly need taxpayer money for the county's general fund. On the flip side, counties with lower property taxes were thought to be financially stable enough to afford new school construction projects without a lot of help from the education lottery. Even though Pender County is getting a piece of the pie, its tax rate is too low to qualify for a larger portion. Rep. Carolyn Justice said, "I think the formula is a bad formula." Justice is working with other state lawmakers to change the way the school construction money is allocated. She wants to see the money follow the child -- instead of the property tax rate. "It's the counties that are growing, and they're the very ones that need the school construction money," Justice said. "The counties here in southeastern North Carolina are the big losers. Brunswick's a loser. Pender's a loser. New Hanover is not getting what I think they should get." At the end of next year Luhring's son Parker will go to the new Topsail High School. She hopes will have plenty of room to grow. Right now, Pender County's tax rate is 80.03 percent. In order to qualify for a larger portion of school construction money, a county's tax rate must be above 100 percent.

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lottery money is coming but they took away all other federal funding because of the lottery. That's what an ass they are. The federal government is a scam.


What???? If NHC is receiving more lottery money than Pender, then why aren't all the classes "real" 21st century classes with technology and computers for every student in all classrooms with a working system that actually stays up for more than an hour a day free of viruses and shut-downs? A paperless school generates a lot less waste than other "traditional" schools. In one Brunswick county school, there are only 4 computers in the media center. You cannot take an entire class to the library to do decent Internet research for classwork. There is only one computer that works in a class that I currently work in; it's sad. Students have better technology in their I-pods than the school does. But I guess it's par for the course for a state whose claim to fame was the state government paying themselves instead of using funds (taxes)raised to build the first public school. The first school did not get built until a few years later. It's good to see the importance our lawmakers still place on education funding today, nothing has changed.


If I understood this right pender county payes less taxes so therefore the county recieves less lottery fund. So if they raise the taxes we would get more but if they raise taxes we are paying for the schools after all. We rely on legestration to much to make are decisions, We the people need to start getting more involved in whats going on with are tax paying dollars. The goverment spends to much of are tax dollars on trying to make us safe. Safety first education last what concept is this. All the money spent on making automobiles safe and people still die. Enough is enough spend the money on making kids go to school and giving them the learning enviroment needed, not 50 students in one class room.

Education Lottery

First of all I don't participate in the lottery. If I want to give to the school then I'll give to the school. All the funds used to create the lottery needed to be used for the schools directly. It's time for our politicians to realize that education needs to be at the top of the list for distribution of tax dollars and discontinue tax breaks for major corporations because they can afford to pay taxes. If I have to pay then they can. It's a shame that our children are the ones who have to suffer through the school system because our state's legislature are not putting our children first.

Education Lottery

People need to realize that the so-called 'Education Lottery' is nothing but a big scam!!! So many people are investing their money in the 'Education Lottery' and "very" few are winning! So where the "H" and who in the "H" is gaining and benefiting from the 'Education Lottery' if the school system is not?????? There needs to be an investigation!!!


Corporations don't pay taxes. They pass their tax bill down to the consumer in the form of higher prices for their goods and services.


Yes, well... we are all learning a lot in New Hanover County aren't we kids?