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Argument leads to Oak Island shooting


An Oak Island man is in the hospital being shot and crashing his car Saturday. It all happened outside the Moose Lodge on Long Beach Road in Oak Island.

Kenneth Moore was shot and then crashed his company van into his workplace across the street. Moore and Martin Doak were inside the lodge Saturday evening when a disagreement brought the two outside. The argument escalated quickly and police say Doak shot Moore in the stomach.

Investigators say Moore then got into his van and tried to leave, speeding straight across the road, running the van into Hinesley's Heating and Air Conditioning, where he works. Moore is in fair condition this afternoon, but there is significant damage to his workplace.

"it's just totally destroyed," Chris Cole, the manager at Hinesley's said. "There's nothing you can do about it. You can always replace vehicles. The main thing is that he heals up and comes back to work for us."

Moore is resting at New Hanover Regional Medical Center and is expected to make a full recovery.

Doak appeared in Brunswick County District Court this morning. He is charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill.

Investigators don't for sure why Moore tried to drive off. Detectives visited him in the hospital this afternoon for questioning, but he is not facing any charges for crashing the car into the office.

Members of the Moose Lodge we spoke with said they are upset and embarrassed that this happened at their lodge and hope it won't reflect poorly on them.

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The true question here is WHY JUDGE???

Even though an employee is given a vehicle to drive, doesnt not given them permission to drive it after hours, much less drive it to a bar.
But who knows the reason, why he drove it there that night? Maybe he was being a good friend and came to pick up a drunk friend that couldnt drive home, and just happen to run into someone who had it out for him?
I honestly do not believe his employer would ever knowly give him permission to drive the company van to a bar.
Employers are well aware of what kind of picture that would give potential client, and also well aware of what kind of risk it would.
To think that his employee gave him permission to drive the van to the bar and drink is just absolutely ridiculous.
After being shot, he probably did speed out of driveway trying to get help and went into shock and lost control of his van.
People who pass judgement against this employee or his company, because of an accidental beyond their control, are just looking for a reason to complain and run someone into the dirty and give them a bad name.
The old saying is "Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged!"

My guess he was drinking,

My guess he was drinking, that is what bars are for. I doubt if he was "socializing" as mentioned in another post. No, I really don't think he intended to trash his employer's truck and business, but he did. It was his own poor judgment to go to the Moose Lodge to begin with. This is not the first incident that has happened there and probably will not be the last. Employers don't realize it, but when a lot of folks pass a bar or ABC store, they take note of the names painted on the sides of vehicles parked out front.

I think it is funny that

I think it is funny that this place does a background check if that was the case they would know that this man was a felon to begin with so someone wasn't doing their job to begin with if they were maybe this would have never happened in the first place. On another note the last comment on we don't know these men your right and you are not guilty of anything until proven I don't think that anyone knows what happened in that bar or outside of that bar or why the thing started to begin with so as far as everyone else i think that they should keep their mouth shot until more information is giving and you know the truth.


I am a long time member of the Oak Island Moose Lodge and would like to let everyone know the Moose is a nonprofit family organization, My hope's for the Moose Lodge is that what happened on Saturday night does not turn people away from wanting to be apart of such a wonderful place that does so much for our community.The Moose is not a corner bar, just because we serve alcohol doesn't make it a bar, We have a Social Quarter where all members are welcome to come Socialize with each other and have a cocktail and dinner while there.ALL prospects for membership go through a criminal background check before becoming a member, If you have a criminal record you are turned away.So as you can see we were all very shocked that something like took place.Please feel free to go on our website to see what our Lodge is about

Correction to website address

The correct URL for The Oak Island Moose is

Why would you want someone

Why would you want someone like this, who drives your company van to a place where alcohol is served, gets into a fight, shot and tears up the truck and your place of business to continue working for you? I wouldn't want him doing any repairs or installation on my property.

Do you know the whole story?

Do you know the whole story? was the driver of the van drinking? Did he pass out? Did he mean to run into his place of business. You shouldn't judge. Do you even know either guy or what their work ability is. Sounds like the driver was in the wrong place at the wrong time.