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Arrest made in Dock Street rape

Wilmington Police and US Marshals arrested 18-year-old Damian Johnson Saturday night. He is charged with first-degree rape, kidnapping, sexual offense and robbery. The alleged attack happened in the 300 block of Dock Street around 1:00 a.m. July 13th. Police said a 22-year-old woman was walking home, when Johnson allegedly approached her with a gun and assaulted her. Johnson is in the New Hanover County Jail under $750,000 bond.

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Why was this woman alone at that hour? Just makes me think that a little good sense on her part would have avoided this situation.

re: assault

SallySue -

I do wonder ...where your idea that someone being "alone" warrants someone else to hold them at gunpoint and impose sexual assaults . Also, have you any evidence to support that if this woman was accompanied by another, this man would not have threatened both of their lives ? Please let me know your thoughts .


i try not to be cynical, but judgment of a victim ...makes one wonder what gives you such gumption. i've been through this particular case in my head over and over again. The only logical/"sensical" conclusion I've derived is that fault lays with no one barring that person which chose to hold another person at gunpoint and force that individual into multiple sexual encounters. i do hope that your good sense prevents all that is undesireable and/or harmful from affecting you.
May God Bless You -

Did you know, Sally, that an

Did you know, Sally, that an assault can happen anytime anywhere? Does your statement mean that if I were attacked at 8 pm over on Market st then I shouldnt have been there and could have avoided the situation? Geez, think before you post please. As the other poster said, she could have been getting off work. She could have been getting in or out of her car. It is NOT her fault she was assaulted and it has nothing to do with where she was. People get assaulted even on the north end of wilmington.

Dock Street Rape

Dear Sally Sue Maybe she was getting off of work? Some people do work in restaraunts and bars. Maybe she had good sense. A predator is a predator. When you are being hunted there is nothing you can do! You are a very ignorant person.


What kind of life has this kid had to make him so angry and violent? He is old enough to know better either way. He needs to be off the streets permanently. Life.

He is.

Thank you. He has 59 years 1 month and 25 days (of incarceration) to go. The fact that he can't hurt anyone else is ...a saving grace.

yes he can

Hes assaulted multiple staff members in prison including a fellow officer to me... state is to soft. Once they get to prison they become untouchable angels no matter the sitiuation. Screw electric chair they need a bench and get them 10 at the time. That might slow these guys down. This particular inmate has no regard for another humans life except his own. Look him up. Ncdps offender search on google. Click the link fill in his name and click infractions and count assaults on staff.