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Arrested student lived outside school's district

WILMINGTON -- The recent arrest of a Hoggard football star on a felony drug charge has raised questions of whether he should have been enrolled in New Hanover County in the first place. The arrest report for Shawn Sidbury indicates the running back lives in Hampstead -- outside the Hoggard school district. A school spokesperson says their records show him living within the school district in New Hanover County. Sidbury was a key player in Hoggard's state championship win this season. Police arrested him Saturday night for possessing ecstasy and marijuana.

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Double Standards...

Why is it that my kid in order to go to Hoggard had to go through the "proper channels", fill out the "proper paperwork" and then wait for someone to make a decision? Athletes are allowed to go to any school they want,somehow being "overlooked" because they are athletes. Don't we have an investigator on the school systems payroll to identify kids that are out of district and correct this problem?? I guess they overlooked this situation also. Bottom line, if my kid was an athlete, we wouldn't have to do the right thing, we could choose whatever school we wanted to attend. What kind of message are we sending to our kids?

Overall, Sidbury is a good

Overall, Sidbury is a good kid. I've never known him to be in much trouble. and now that this has come out the MEDIA and the COUNTY are taking things TOO far. People need to stay out of personal family business about where he stayed. If people can't bring you down one way, they sure as heck will try to bring you down another. ESPECIALLY a black person.

I'm growing weary of the

I'm growing weary of the race card act. We are all discriminated against in one way or another--too fat, too skinny, too pretty, too odd-looking, too old, too poor, too white or too Asian. I could go on. What sets those with integrity and good character apart from the remainder of the population is how intelligently they respond to perceived criticism. I do know that lack of correlation between home school district and athletic participation is a thorn in the sides of many people who support athletic programs, and from my personal experience, it has nothing to do with the athlete's race.


Good kids haven't been charged with gun crimes, motor vehicle thefts and destruction of property... all things this great kid has been charged with in the past. We don't care he is a black guy, he brought himself down and you did it to yourself by trying that foolish race card!

Race card....

**yawn** Yes uncdub... he seems to be a real nice kid for a drug dealer.

out of district

"ESPECIALLY a black person." There it goes, theres that race thing. The kid got busted for selling drugs, he lives outside the school district and should not be at that high school. PLEASE tell me UNCDUB what him being black has to do with it?? Absolutely NOTHING. You are just another one trying to make excuses for him and the color of his skin is NOT an excuse.

Everyone knew where he lived

Everyone knew where he lived and where he was from. Its only now that people start to play dumb. As long as he was playing well nobody cared what he was doing off the field or where he lived. That is the culture in NH county. Sports are what is important. But if anyone denies knowing where he is from, they are lying!

Not only did I not

Not only did I not know where he lived, I didn't know who he was or what he was apparently (locally) famous for. So, what, drug user/dealer got busted and he was in high school? He was something of a big deal among those who give a sh!t about HS football? C'mon, you need more juice with your hero before you can throw the race card.

new hanover school's

Another scam uncovered. Your lack of ehtics and morality are showing bigtime!

to be sure

I'm sure he is innocent of this as well. It is his parents fault, he didn't have a daddy, he was spanked as a child, he wasn't spanked as a child. I'm sure there will be an excuse for this just as one will pop up for the drug charges.

I thought he was...

I thought he was the 3rd running back and that the 1st string guy was the one who got arrested and wasn't allowed to play? Didn't Saquan also get in trouble and get kicked off or was it shawn? When I was at Hoggard 1997-2000 no one ever got in trouble like this. Now I hear kids in Wilmington are up on heroin, ex, and of course weed. When I was there most started drinking in between 10th-11th grade. (Lots of UNCW parties we could go to) never did anyone do these kind of drugs though. Either way I hope everything gets better in my old hometown.