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Art helps DA's office work with victims


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Art is helping prosecutors in their fight against crime by helping the victims. Artwork by 17 artists from right here in the Cape Fear area is on display at the New Hanover County District Attorney's office. The purpose of the art is to calm victims of crime who are there to explain what they've suffered, which can be a tough thing to talk about. The art can also relieve stress on people when they are going through a trial.

The artists say they feel blessed to be a part of this.

"When I walked in here, I get very in awe of what they do here and the people they help, and I'm so glad to be a part of it and also when we hung it it was like they were made to be here," artist Sherry Thurston said.

Artwork from students at area middle and high schools is on display at the DA's office as well.

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Violent crime victims are not given justice in new hanover co

I was brutally beaten almost to death on my birthday. The das office was such a joke. The person who did it got plenty of help in court and my worthless atty ada jason smith didnt help me one bit he basically told me to shut up when i trie to tell him things he needed to know like the witness who called 911 wasnt there. he didnt know where my paperwork was never bothered to reas the ten pages of abuse i wrote about what my abuser had done to me but the defense read it. I was beaten up on the stand and reasonable answers to questions i was never goven any prior help to answer them from the ada were treated like i was being ridiculous like why id you take so long to file charges well my car needed 2500 in repairs the guy who beat me up forced me to spend all my cash and credit so he wasnt homeless an threw me out i was scared and the weather was bad and i had to sleep in aa freezing cold car and risk icey snowy weather to come here oh and i was terrified of what hed do to me. The judge shook his head no as if that wasnt possible or legitimate. Evidence i had like threatening texts werent presented cuz jason smith didnt know they were there the ten pages i wrote he shouldve read and didnt wouldve helped him present a better case but worst of all the witness who called 911 didnt come to court cuz karen jackson lied repeatedly about how to subpoeana him who was the victim witness assistant. I didnt go to court in another count because of this court andbi got chared with a crime and convicted. I didnt remember signing a subpoeena when my cars windshield was bisted out by him or he was chasing me down after throwing me out after i spent everything i had he came after me with a two by four and a tire iron and his car. I was yelled at and humiliated in court by a very mean abusive judge when i had a brain injury that was so severe it took me a year just to do basic math again and i didnt know i was subpoenaed i was threatened that something bad would happen to me if i didnt drop the charges and after what this worthless das office did to me i didnt want to risk it because i knew our justice system would just fail me again. I pressed charges to protect other women from this monster. He has since raped someone and beaten someone else and if he was behind bars for five years like he shouldve been they wouldnt have been hurt by him.


This might have made more sense if you would use punctuation. Your sentences ran on and on and I am sorry, but I couldn't focus on what you are saying.