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Asheville man arrested for selling peanuts as crack

ASHEVILLE -- Police in Asheville have arrested a man for having counterfeit drugs. Police say Randy Weaver was busted early Thursday morning with 21.8 grams of peanuts. Investigators think they were doctored up, cut into small chunks to look like crack. Weaver is charged with felony possession of a counterfeit controlled substance. He is being held under a $1,000 bond.

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Peanuts and crack

Anyone who has sat at a bar, next to a bowl of peanuts and unable to stop ramming fistfuls of them down your gullet, knows that they likely ARE crack! Meanwhile, we should view this law as just another attempt to protect the incredibly stupid in society. Just as my blender bears a warning to avoid inserting your hand while the blades are spinning at 80 million RPM, and the barrel on my new Ruger firearm carries a quantity of text equivalent to "War and Peace" to explain which end the bullet exits, NEVER underestimate what morons are capable of achieving. Personally, I'd like to see all these laws and warnings vanish, and let nature take its would be pretty funny to watch a two-fingered crackhead who smelled like Jif trying to safely unload a single-action revolver.

It's a felony to try and

It's a felony to try and sell any counterfeit substance that itself would have been illegal. For example selling marijuana is only a misdemeanor, where as selling oregano as if it were marijuana is a felony


So, selling fake pot is a felony....hummm. What? too many lawmakers and judges bought a baggy of oregano so they made it that way. I guess they are trying to make selling dope honorable.

Thats the best crack I ever had

What do you mean it was peanuts well them won't no ordinary peanuts thats for sure

Yep, there is a tax

Yep, there is a tax on the fake drugs he intended to sell. So he is being taxed on something that he didn't even have. And they will take anything this guy has in lieu of payment for the tax. You have heard of this, usually a car or vehicle, maybe a home sometimes. This tax is set by some judge and payable even if the charges are dropped. You get your car taken for having drugs, there were no drugs... the Law Enforcement Agency involved still gets to keep the car, home, etc. It's true, look it up!

Felony possession of a

Felony possession of a COUNTERFEIT controlled substance? I will never get to sleep again trying to figure that one out. Peanuts that some sucker thinks is crack is illegal to sell?? That is America. The land of capitalism. We buy counterfeit goods all the time----diet pills, vitamin water, suntan lotion, politicians, lawyers. If it sells, sell it. Peanuts are legal last time I saw. This case would be pretty hard to prove in court.

What a moron!!!!

What a moron!!!!

fake drugs?

WHAT?? LOLOL how can yo be arrested for selling/possessing peanuts? If the CRACK heads are stupid enough to buy them who cares?? Let them make peanut butter sandwiches. Thats IS hysterical.


YES if the crack heads get stiffed anuff mabey they wont spend there rent or food money on the drug.Take there money! so they cant buy the real stuff,let them make peanut butter, this guy should be commended on his part to stop the sale of real drugs