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Ashley teacher suspended


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- An Ashley High School teacher is on paid suspension while the school district and the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office look into an allegation against him.

Jason Daniels is a special education teacher at Ashley. A school district spokeswoman said the district suspended him with pay December 3 pending an investigative suspension.

A Sheriff's Office spokesman said a detective is investigating, but could provide no other details about the allegations. Cpl. Jerry Brewer said an incident report from Dec. 2 listed only "other offense," the name of the victim and the school's address as the place where it was taken. Brewer said the report was taken when deputies went to the school to stand by while Daniels was escorted from the building.

So far neither the school district can say what the allegation is against Daniels or who else it involved.

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Hard for me to beleive this one.....

I hope WWAYTV3 do a follow up to this story when they fined out it's not true, because I don't believe it.

Wow That's Complete

Wow That's Complete Bulls**t. He did what he did. Why in hell is he STILL getting paid?!


And he gets paid!!! come on!

your dumb

Kids dont lie ever huh? Kids can lie and give good people a bad name


Maybe you have heard of one of the major building blocks of the US justice system, "innocent until proven guilty".


thats why our justice system is so screwd can commit a crime and we have scum lawyers to defend you although it could be on video and they say stupid s**t like you innocent til proven guilty......I say you do the crime you pay the time! But again our justice system is so screwd up that mistakes are made and innocent people sit in jail for a crime they did not commit. Ya our justice system,goverment, they all suck!

Say what?

Do you even have a point? Just because someone is accused of a crime doesn't mean they are guilty of said crime. Your post makes no damn sense at all. Not sure what your complaint even is. You seem to think he should be hung for a crime your not even aware of, and then go on to complain about the innocent people in jail. Pick a side cupcake and stick with it.


Try telling that to the TSA...