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Ashley and Knightdale fight it out in state playoffs

READ MORE: Ashley and Knightdale fight it out in state playoffs
The state playoffs are supposed to special. The Ashley Screaming Eagles vs. the Knightdale Knights playoff game was truly that and then some. It had everything you could ask for. Early in the game, Ashley’s Chris Snow received a red card for a cheap shot and was tossed for the rest of the game. Knightdale took a 4-2 lead, but the game was not over. Ashley made a comeback despite playing with one less player than Knightdale for the majority of the game. After regulation play the game was tied at 4. The first overtime period saw both teams score. After 100 minutes of play both teams were locked up in a 5-5 duel. Then it was 10 more minutes of overtime before the state playoff game came down to a penalty kick shootout. You have to watch how this heartbreaking game ends for one of these two teams. It is a must see!

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Ashley's mens soccer team has been great from their very first season. It was all we had going for us sport's wise...I graduated in 2004 and I always looked forward to the soccer games =]

Penatly Kick

Has anyone seen a penalty kick that was made and then the referee decides it doesn't count because the opposing team is too close to the sidlines???? I mean is this even legal???? I was dissappointed at how ugly the knightdales played, they did not deserve to win at all. I applaud Ashley for how they held their heads high and played hard in the face of adversity!!!! The kick to snow was insane that dude wasn't even close to the ball, they both should have gotten red cards, not one yellow and one red!!! I have never been more dissapointed, if this had been the football game all hell would have broken loose from Ashley School officials, but no it's "just soccer" its a shame because those boys worked so hard!!!

Okay you're talking about

Okay you're talking about how dirty knightdale played?? are you freakin kidding me!! your player is the one who punched our player in the head & got ejected from the game!! you're lucky your player didnt get jumped after that! that shows how sportsman like we are & how rude & disgusting your team is! GO KNIGHTDALE, the WINNERS!!

Penalty Kick

The penalty kick was disallowed because the second referee blew his whistle before the Ashley player struck the ball.

Poor sport

The Knightdale player didn't purposefully go to kick the Ashley player. Snow on the other hand purposefully hit the Knightdale player. Not only should he receive the red card, he should also be suspended for fighting.

Poor sport? ha yea right

Poor sport? Your player went in full sprint and kicked snow right in the groin and you cant say he didnt do it on purpose. watch the video. The knightdale tool-shed of a player raises his foot and cleets snow in his groin and tries to walk away like a little girl until snow plants one right on his head and drops the tool. so yea your right snow did purposefully drop your player and i bet he wont do anything else cause now he knows if he cheap shots some one a punch might just happen to land on his face and he will lay on the grass and cry and not do anything about it.

Try again

Once again my monkey, I don't have a child at either school nor care who won. I was talking about sportsmanship, something snow is deeply lacking. I would guess you also back Elizabeth Lambert and say she was playing fairly against BYU. Ashley lost and I would say due to having to play with only 10. Again, his fault.

if only there was a video of

if only there was a video of snows actions immediately following the last pk. i watched him as he first shook the refs handed and said good game and also watched him walk straight up to a knightdale player and wish him luck in the second round and then lift his grieving player off the ground. you cant judge his sportsmanship on this 3 second clip of him. he is a great person and understands his mistake and was man enough to congratulate the other team.

But you can

I can and did judge his sportsmanship, rather lack of sportsmanship. Great people don't sucker punch others. You sound like the people that come to defend criminals after they get caught. They spout off what great guys they are, how they would never hurt anybody.

Not even close to a poor sport

Yes he did intend to kick him! Go back and watch the video!!!! The ball was on the ground and not even a 50/50 ball!! The player came leaping in and karate kicked him. Out of instinct and if you watch the video again happened out of reaction. If your a man and have ever been kicked there if you ever played a sport you would know!!!!!!!!!!!! Chris is a great kid and it's not in his character to strike someone for nothing! Sorry the whole thing happened, but don't be one sided see the big picture!! C.B.

Didn't land

I would guess the kick didn't land "on the spot" since Snow 1) didn't fall to the ground 2) didn't throw up 3) had the ability to sneak attack the other player hard enough to drop him. One word for snow... punk.

Amen!!! What about the many

Amen!!! What about the many other dirty plays that were caught on film, by the Kightdales? It really burns me up that these boys worked their butts off to get to this point and a referee's BAD calls took it all away. Ashley's soccer team is the only sport that does well for Ashley, don't you think Mr. Turner should have supported them a little more????? Hello Athletic director? Oh yea and how do you CALL BACK a penalty kick??? Please tell me that.

The PK was was nullified

The PK was was nullified because of the second whistle blown before the player struck the ball.

Have you watched the video?

Have you watched the video? What side were you siting on, I mean really he came at Snow cleats up straight at his groin no where near the ball. I agree Snow should control his temper, and so should the other team. All I can say is the Eagles can proudly hold their heads up high and know that they played with integrity, it was pure skill that go them to where they are not playing dirty. We played a man down and still gave you a run for your money. Kightdale played UGLY!!

Yes, I have watched it

No, you didn't give me any run for any money. I don't have a child at either school nor care who won. I do care about sportsmanship and this was one of the worst cases I've seen in quite some time. To me it looked like the Knightdale player had jumped in the air to try to block Snow. I really doubt he aimed for his groin. Snow on the other hand purposefully and with intent hit him. Snow should be suspended.

It was Retaliation .......

If WWAY can add about 6 seconds of the video before the kid kicked Snow you will see that it was retaliation. In the video I recorded you can see the kid from Knightdale intentionally went after Chris Snow because another Ashley player accidently fell on his head. When the center ref didn't call anything he jumped up quickly and went directly after Snow. He foot was not even close to the ball from the angle of my video. You can the kid on the ground in this video if you pause, play, pause, play at the 26 sec mark.

if you actually watch the

if you actually watch the video, you would know that the ball is long gone when the knightdale player kicked snow and if you are a man and you are close to getting kicked in the groin then you would know that its instinct to protect yourself. Ashley deserved this game so much more than knightdale, plain and simple.

So what

Even if the kid intentionally tried to kick him, no matter where, it doesn't give permission to retaliate with a punch. This sounds like parents trying to excuse bad behavior because look what he did to me reasoning. Sometimes you have to be the better man.

I can't

If I'm running and I jump in the air, I can't change my direction until either I hit another object or land. Ashley might have won had Snow not acted out and forced the team to play with 10. It is his fault he acted the way he did.

of course you can't change

of course you can't change direction mid air, but you certainly can move your foot out of the way or pull your leg out. and if he was really going for the ball he would have come across the path of where the ball was going, not directly to where it came from. think about corners blocking a fg in football. they dive across the face of the kicker so they don't strike the kicker. no excuses on either players part, both retaliated and unfortunately one was punished harsher than the other. Ashley got shafted. thanks refs.