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Asking her dad seems easy now

If you've ever asked a woman's father for permission to marry his daughter, you have to have a certain amount of respect for Henry Hager. He's the young man who recently proposed to Jenna Bush, who's dad has a little pull with the 82nd Airborne and the Navy SEALs.

I doubt I'll ever forget asking my father-in-law-to-be for his blessings three months ago. I thought I was gonna pass out, vomit and/or wet my pants (not necessarily in that order). But in hindsight, it seems like the proverbial walk in the park compared to what Hager must've gone through. After all, he was asking a man in President George W. Bush who doesn't let opinion polls, Congress or a loose grasp of the English language get in his way. You think he was gonna give a second thought to playing mindgames with the guy who wants to marry his little girl? Let's compare experiences:

My fiancee's dad is a friendly periodontist with a great sense of humor. Hager's fiancee's dad is the leader of the free world with a penchant for capital punishment and sending people off to war. 

While visiting my bride-to-be's parents' home, I set an alarm for 6 a.m. and used my morning show sleep schedule as an excuse for my early wake-up to make sure to catch her father before he left early one Sunday morning for a golf tournament. Hager likely had to endure a background check and thorough frisking by the Secret Service to get Jenna's father alone.

I presented my plans while sitting in the man's kitchen with a couple of pet dogs wandering around. Hager made his intentions known in the Oval Office of the White House with an armed Marine standing guard outside the door.

Had I failed in my venture, I could've walked outside and driven away. Hager would have had to get through perhaps the tightest security system ever devised and the White House press corps to hide from his shame.

Yes, my voice may have cracked like a boy going through puberty when I finally gathered up the nerve, but I'd say I definitely had it a little easier than ol' Henry. But we have something in common. Despite the anxiety and fear, the fathers said yes. And fortunately, so did their daughters.

By: Kevin Wuzzardo