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Assisted living residents arrested for drugs, sexual assault

READ MORE: Assisted living residents arrested for drugs, sexual assault
LAKE WACCAMAW -- In the past few weeks Lake Waccamaw Police have received several complaints about the Waccamaw Village Assisted Living Center. Some are about residents behaving badly, others are calls of concern for residents safety. Three residents at the assisted living facility were recently arrested, some for drug activity, another for sexual assault. Melody Aycock says she became the manager of the Waccamaw Village Assisted Living Center only six weeks ago and the problems there existed long before that. She said, "A bunch of things happened at once, and these may have been problems that have been happening through the history of this building through the many different administrators and owners." Town Manager Darren Currie has seen an increase in complaints about the center over the last 8 months. "Of late there have been two drug arrests of residents in that nursing home facility and one sexual assault arrest that has been made," Currie said. "There have also been a couple of incidents where wheel chairs were almost hit by passing cars or trucks." Aycock says to help stop these problems she's making new rules. "We've told the residents that we will take them to the store everyday, we don't want them putting themselves in danger and walking up and down the street," she said. Aycock is also doing more to screen residents. In the past all that was required was a referral form, and that doesn't give any information on a person's history of aggressive behavior or sexual offenses. "I am now doing a thorough assessment searching the history of a resident," Aycock said. "We are also asking for the written nurses' notes from the past one month … so we can get a sense of the person's behavior." The town manager says these changes have helped. But because of recent problems state agencies are still investigating to make sure there are enough staff to meet the residents needs, and that the center is following all the state's rules. The Waccamaw Village manager, town officials and state regulatory agencies plan to meet this Friday to discuss the problems and possible solutions. The manager says she's determined to improve the center.

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Assisted Living

It's sad that all of this is happening. And I do know how hard it is working with so many residents when you're working under staff. Believe me, Waccamaw Village Assisted Living is not the only nursing home that this is happening to. And All the other homes need to do more screening of residents too. Staff is constantly being attacked by residents and sometimes family members if they feel a certain something is not the exact way they want it to be. You hear family calling staff vulgar names and threatening them. If only families stop to realize what all it takes to take care of their love ones. Some are put in a home because their own family could no longer take what all they (the resident) put THEM through. If you had a hard time taking it, then what do you think staff goes through. We try to provide the best good quality care that we can and most of the time are made to feel like it's so unappreciated. And yes, staffing is a problem everywhere. Where are the administrators and the DON's. When will someone take notice of the issues on both sides and not just one? "Concerned?" You bet I am!

Lake Waccamaw Assisted Living

hear hear, people do not have a clue of what it really takes to take care of these people. I live near that facility and have been following the media and think it's so awful how this place is being attacked. These problems that are being reported are a bunch of BS. No one has reported staff taking the residents out to lunch or on a picnic, coming in on their days off to take take a resident home for the day, or for the holidays. I live close enough to this building to see these ongoings. The woman who made the comment about the man swimming naked in her pool failed to mention that was something that occured a long time ago. It just shows how peole love to have their one minute of fame even if means degrating and hurting other people. People need to focus on the real news issues and leave this building alone.

Druggies get old too

Drug addicts get old just like everyone else. The lucky ones just manage to avoid lethal overdosing somehow or another.