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UPDATED: AT&T outage over


WILMINGTON (WWAY) - AT&T customers are finally back in business. After being unable to send or receive calls on the mobile phones much of the day Wednesday, service is now restored.

The outage affected users not only in eastern North Carolina, but also in other states including Georgia, and Tennessee.

Without mentioning many specifics, AT&T issued this statement Thursday morning addressing the issue:

"Due to an equipment issue, some customers in areas of eastern North Carolina may have experienced issues with their wireless service yesterday. AT&T technicians worked to resolve the issue, and service is now restored. We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers."

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I have been without phone, inet, and television service since Tues evening. What would be great is AT&T letting their customers know what is going on. I have heard through the grapevine that service is out because of a virus. It reportedly has affected Louisanna to Florida, North Carolina to Tenn. I have had service with AT&T for 2 years and the technician spliced the wires in order to avoid rewiring the entire house and this has resulted in 10-20 service interuptions a day. Can not get them out here to rewire the house eventhough they know there is a problem and it has been requested to be rewired multiple times.


AT&T sucks. iPhone is Awsome. Ever notice how all those other smartphone owners are always bashing the iPhone, comparing it to their's, saying its better, blah blah blah, but iPhone owners never really bash the others? Its because we love the iPhone, we don't care that AT&T sucks, it doesn't matter what features a droid, blackberry, or whatever has. Always bashing cause you are jealous, and it shows, kinda like little man syndrome. Let me ask you this, were folks camped out for a week before a droid came out? Hahahahaha

At&T Poor Service

I used to be with AT&T but their service was bad, their employees even worse. Pretty much AT&T is motivated by profit,not customer service, never have been, never will.

Verizon is the most reliable

Verizon is the most reliable and has the best phones! I've had them for 6 years...never had a dropped call or any service issues, best phones (Droid no need for an Iphone)!!!

Just shows how folks have

Just shows how folks have come to depend on a gadget and think their lives have ended if the gadget stops working. Somewhat amuseing. This is why I still have my landline. Takes a lot to put it out of service. I have had US Cellular for probably 10+ years and have very rarely had any problems. My wife has company-provided Verizon, and it sucks IMO. Her personal cell is USC, like mine. We are not associated with USC in any way, except customers who have had excellent service from this company and have made calls in remote places that I never thought I would have gotten a signal.

AT&T has laid off over

AT&T has laid off over 10,000 employees already this year. It is not surprising their service is so poor.

I will be getting rid of my phone

After what happened, I will be getting rid of my At&t phones. I know that it was not the company's fault, but that outage caused a panic in my family esp when we couldn't find a family member. We called the company and they would not even talk to us!!!
So I will be switching to another phone company. Sorry at&t, your service sucks.

This could happen to any

This could happen to any firm and likely has happened to them all. Relying on constant contact is something you should get over... you shouldn't panic just because cell service us down... did your brain shut down when there was no signal?

Google goes gown, Apple goes down... it is tech, it won't ever be perfect... get over expecting everything to always work... as if we don't all make a mistake... sheesh. Perhaps it is the art customer that Needs to improve. ..

most I phones were working.

most I phones were working. It is a way for AT and T to mentally mess with people so they get an I phone

AT & T Experiencing outage

How can you tell the difference between and outage and an awful signal? My AT&T service is awful all the time. Can't wait until Verizon gets the iPhone next year. I'm finished with this lack of signal ALL THE TIME!

Don't wait for the Iphone

Don't wait for the Iphone for Verizon. Go Droid! I had an Iphone and the Droid surpasses any and all Iphones! Best phone Droid, best network Verizon!

att crap

Thank god I switched to Verizon a couple of weeks ago. LOL

Business Suffered Today

I'm a Business owner using an att iphone and i lost a serious amount of money today due to not having my phone wheres the complaint line i got about 350 of em

if you call at&t and

if you call at&t and complain and tell them you are a business owner they will give you a $25 credit towards your next months bill....effective immediately....i called last night once my service was restored

i went out buying a new phone thinking it was my phone.

very upsetting to go buy a new phone and find out its the company. suc k it att

I want to be compensated.

I want to be compensated. Many cell phones are also business phones.


tracfone doing the same thing since at least 830 this morning in Bladen County. Showing no service or emergency call only and shows no bars.

AT&T? Give me 2 tin cans & a string??

Down all day!!! Will they knock one day of charges off my monthly bill?!?!

Good question...I would like

Good question...I would like to know the same thing.

OH My Goodness

I was on the undecided about getting att, but I think this made up my mind for me. I'm sure they will do nothing to comensate the customers this affected.

Actually they aré. And they

Actually they aré. And they don't want you as a customer anyway.


I want out of my contract.... Not just because of this...but the fact that almost all of the other company offer better deals then At&t are these days!!! we have not had anything working on none of our phones for almost 12 hours now!!!

Not just AT&T experiencing outage

It's not just AT&T experiencing outage... I have a safelink tracfone... its been out all day..... my other tracfone, a Straight Talk phone is working just fine.


If you can afford a Straight Talk phone why are you sponging off taxpayers for the safelink tracfone? Why do you need two phones? And since I’m paying for it I have the right to ask.

Freak out!

I was just in the Leland ATMC office paying my bill and with the number of people in there freaking out and sharing horror stories, you'd think everyone's kidneys just shut down. Get a grip people. Or better yet, go buy all of the water and bread off the shelves. And be sure to buy plenty of ammo, because I hear there are zombies.

AT n T

this is so funny and so true...its a phone. you will not die people. even with no electricity for a while or no car your life is whats important.

DOA - No Crackberry

DOA - No Crackberry functions.......


anyone else want to let Apple decide who your cellular service is from?


It's weird...I can make calls, send and receive texts and use the wifi, but no incoming calls's not just iPhones. It's apparently most all phones..

Ironically though, I have to say it's been kind of nice not having any calls coming in. Very peaceful :)