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Attempted Kidnapping in New Hanover County

There was a scary situation for a local elementary school student today. Police say just before 3:00 p.m., an 11-year-old girl was walking home from school, when a man sitting in a truck called her over. We are told the girl did approach the man, but when he tried pulling her into the truck, she bit him and ran back to school. The youngster attends Forest Hills Elementary, and was taking a shortcut to the nearby Forest Hills Apartments. We will keep you updated as we learn more about the situation.

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Did I miss something?

I understand the low-life pedophile was wearing a ski mask & that the little girl came over to the vehicle when he called her. Did he possibly know her? Why would she go over to a guy in a ski mask? Anyway, I'm glad for her & her strong chompers. Hard & scary lesson to learn, but maybe this will help the next child to be more aware. As for the WPD, I echo the sentiments below. They all live here too and care as much or more about this community. It probably bothers them more that this guy is on the loose. WPD, I wish you all the support I can give to get the bad guys off the streets, whether they are speeders or pedophiles.

Actually, where are the parents?

While, yes the man in the truck is the villan in this story...where were the girl's parents. She's only eleven years old, not an adult! Someone should have made sure she was getting too and from school safely (even if it meant just walking in a group of friends). With all of the recent crimes going on in Wilmington, you would think at least some extra cautions would be made for children.


That little girl did the best thing she could possibly do in a situation like this! Whatever you do DON'T GET IN THE CAR! Good girl! Unfortunately this kind of thing will happen again...pedophiles are the lowest form of life on the planet. If we educate our children to not even walk toward a car they are not familiar with and scream FIRE as loud as they possible can, maybe these creeps will get caught by someone hearing the child scream. They could get a tag # or better description of the car. My heart goes out to that poor child, but she had the presence of mind to bite him and run back to school! She was taught well. Lets not all jump on WPD! They can't be everywhere! Maybe if the budget included the hiring of more police officers, they could be utilized more. Everybody wants more police but no one wants to pay for them! Wilmington police department is one of the lowest paid in the country and they do the most dangerous job. I back them 100%. If you wear your seatbelt, you won't have to worry about getting a ticket! God bless the little girl and the Wilmington Police Department. Maybe some people who sit home and do nothing but complain could volunteer at the local schools to watch that strangers don't try to lure children into their cars!

first day back.

First day back and already an issue.. This is ridiculous. The girl was not taught well at all. She should have never even approached the vehicle. She was smart and bit the man and ran off, but she wouldn't have been in the situation if she didn't approach the car. Also, most parents work 9-5. They can't be there at 3 when their kids are let out of school. That's why children need to be taught all the "stranger danger" rules. Explain the rules to your children and have a family friend or close coworker your child is not familiar with test them in a public setting where most of these predators lurk. The most recent phrase predators are using is "Can you help me find my dog?" What normal child is going to turn down an opportunity to find and potentially play with a dog???? PLEASE, parents educate your kids about stranger danger!!

Re: Possible Abduction

Hmmm...something about this story isn't flying for me...


I am very PROUD of the school for their response. My children attend Forest Hills and I received a call this afternoon letting us know there was an incident and reminding parents of the proper way to inform the school of a change in transportation. As for the previous posters response. I know for a fact cops were busy with car accidents and such because I passed THREE accidents on the road this afternoon on my home. They can't be EVERY WHERE ALL the time. And the report that they were there within minutes of the report should say something about them. And if people wore their seatbelts as they are supposed to then there wouldnt be a need for road blocks!

Again, where are the cops????

Again where are the cops???? It's nothing new that for decades the Forest Hills area has a problem with crime. Not from within but coming from outside the neighborhood. I guess the cops must feel they have more important things to do such as road blocks for seat belt violations....

Do you not realize that

Do you not realize that within each police department they have units assigned to perform different tasks like Detectives, Vice, patrol, schools, etc. Usually, but not always, the officers you see performing license checks are part of the traffic unit and their responsibility is to enforce traffice laws which inclue seat belts, driver's license, speeding, etc.



Why does everything have to

Why does everything have to come down to the cops? Cops can't be everywhere at every second. Things are going to happen, you can't blame every single crime on the cops not being around.

Where were you?

This is so scary and it will not be the last time it happens. My question to you is: where were you? The police do what they can to be where they are needed, but they can only be spread so thin. Was this girl walking alone, and if so, why? In this day and time, no one should walk alone even in broad daylight, but especially a young girl. If the community is so concerned with the dangers, whether they are outside the Forest Hills area, or inside, why don't the parents get together and set up a system where they take turns watching out for the children? I know alot of them probably work, but surely there would be someone that could keep an eye out, similar to a community watch program. Perhaps if you talked to the police chief and set up some type of community meeting, solutions could be found. Something has to be done - the next girl or boy might not get away! What if it is your child?

Easy accusation

You are right.. maybe if he would have called the police first.. or maybe if the police could predict the future, they could be in every necessary place every time. This could have happened anywhere, it only takes 15 seconds.

What do you expect?

What do you want, a police officer stationed at every subdivision? There are limited amounts of law enforcement personnel available and they just can't be everywhere at all times. I think this little girl was well informed and handled the situation wonderfully (THANK GOD!!!)! It is a shame that these people prowl our neighborhoods as child predators and I would love to catch one personally. You could try being a police officer yourself, but may need to try in a town where they start you out with just one bullet in your pocket. Perhaps that would alter your ever-present criticism of our area law enforcement might get you off your couch to help patrol your own neighborhood!


Oh, I forgot that every citizen is granted a personal police officer! Give me a break! They can't be stationed at every city block 24 hours a day, then you'd be on here griping about your tax hike. If you are so concerned about crime in your neighborhood why don't you be PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE and help the police out by calling in any suspicious activity. Better yet, why don't you take the initiative and form a community watch? Once again, another person jumping in to play the blame game. I guess nothing is ever good enough for you! News Flash! Life is not a bowl of marshmallows! Yes it is unfortunate that this occurred. However, we as citizens need to do our part and help catch this slime ball. Too many criminals get away because people are afraid to come forward with information.

Any neighborhood...

This could have happened in any neighborhood. Do you expect there to be a cop on every street "just in case". I'm also shocked the girl approached the parents not teach their kids to not approach strangers, especially when walking alone.

get off your butt

Then you Straight Shooter get off your butt, go through BLET (if you don't get washed out first) and then come join the blue line. Come fix the problem of police CAN'T be everywhere all the time. What are your suggestions or do you want to just complain?

Where are the cops?

Where were you? As a citizen you are just as responsible as a police officer. Did you ever go fishing? Did you catch them all? Neither can they. But they risk their lives everyday to protect us. They miss holidays and special occasions with their famililes to do their job and they DO NOT complain about it. They grieve when they lose someone and they get mad when they cannot solve a case. They are not perfect how about you?

I think its great that three

I think its great that three stories down the is a story about how the police will be patrolling the school zones and that there number one goal is to keep the children safe this week. That one worked well

Where were the cops?????

How about where were the parents? Why in this day and time are parents letting their children, especially this young, walk to and from school by themselves? Take responsibility for your own families and stop trying to blame others!!


KNOW that vehicle stops are done because someone broke the LAW...right? That person speeding that is stopped...MIGHT very well be the person that attempted to kidnap this kid.... People like YOU shouldn't stand on the other side of the fence and toss rocks at people that uphold the law when you OBVIOUSLY don't have a CLUE.