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Attorneys say Soles could be facing serious tax issues

The new home of 17-year-old Allen Strickland, who lived alone, caught fire last week in Tabor City. The land was given to him by a relative, and according to a deed prepared by Senator Soles’ law firm, Strickland is the legal owner of the property. Strickland says the house cost about $70,000 to build. He says the Senator gave him cash to cover the cost. "Me and him made a deal, that he would build this house and put clothes on my back and make sure there was food in the refrigerator, as long as I went to school,” Strickland said. WWAY has learned the teen doesn't have a valid driver's license, but Strickland says the Senator also gave him cash to buy a white Corvette. We've been trying to reach the Senator for weeks to verify if this is true. He won't return our calls, and we were asked to leave the property when we paid a visit to his office in Tabor City. Strickland''s father died years ago, his mother lives in another part of the state, and he doesn't have a job. The money to buy these things has to be coming from somewhere, and if it's true that it's coming from the Senator, attorneys say that could create some serious tax issues. "An individual can give to another individual a gift, as long as it does not exceed 13,000 dollars in 2009, and not have to pay taxes, but if they exceed that amount, the donor, the person giving the gift, has a responsibility to report that, along with their income, and pay taxes that are much like the estate taxes they would pay when they die,” said attorney Griff Anderson. If Senator Soles did in fact give Strickland the money, he may very well be planning to report it to the IRS. But unless someone runs afoul of the IRS and is sued for damages in court, their personal tax records are not public record, even if the person in question is a public official. Further complicating matters, Allen Strickland says all the money the senator has given him has been in cash. "The question arises, why? Why would someone take the risks of a cash transaction? And the answer that is most likely, is that the person does not want other people to know about it, and they don't want a paper trail,” Anderson said. The SBI has been called in to investigate the fire at Strickland’s home, and Senator Soles alleged financial ties to the house could certainly be relevant in their investigation. Theoretically, they would have access to the financial information we haven't been able to obtain, so there's still hope that we may learn who paid for these extravagant gifts to the Columbus County teenager.

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Who and what?

Is this kid RC Soles child? Why would Soles give all this to a child just to keep him in school? If not his child then why is he given all this? Hummm>>>>

Did I miss something!

Maybe with all the comments being made, I missed it, but has anyone asked why his mother is not involved with him since he is 17? Who is the guardian, and why?

Soles in columbus county

Why is it that people think that because a person is in public life they are or should be required, obligated to answer questions for the public. If there is something there an investigation will show it, and if there is not just as any other person placed in the medias' eyes with a lot of publicity he will be guilty. As opposed to not answering I believe it would be appropriate to say (none of your dam business, what I do with my money, my tax issues are between me and the IRS) as far as it being RC well anyone here at home that has lived around columbus county knows the stories, rumors, etc that have been around as long as RC has been in office. Does that mean he has not done a good job, No it means he is like a majority of any politicians in office, most of the time the difference being Al Capone was honest and upfront about his dealings his actions spoke for him, just as our politicians do only difference between the two Al didn't feel it necessary to attempt to make you feel like he was acting in your best interest while he took from you, politicians don't have the nerve.

Is Strickland in school?

Has Allen Strickland kept up his end of the bargain with Sen. Soles by continuing his education? What grade is he in and when does he expect to graduate? If he's not in school, how does Sen. Soles plan to force Mr. Strickland to uphold his end of the bargain? Lots of questions! Need more answers!

There are way too many more

There are way too many more secrets, regarding Senator Soles, that need to be brought to light

Who is Allen's Guardian?

WWAY, who is Allen Strickland's guardian?????????? Will he or anyone else answer this question?

Someone in South Carolina.

Someone in South Carolina. It was in one of the WWAY stories. One of his parents is dead and the other is out of state (I believe).

He may not have one...

He may have been legally emancipated which is likely the case since he is 17 and living on his own with a home & car in his name!


I state this with thinking the best of Soles motives... and that all this was done with only a kind heart of an older man trying to help some disadvantaged youth.. The motivation of Soles to help this young man though... to all of us remains a mystery... As far as the gifts etc... and the money... if there were issues of soles giving too much in one year..and the money was earned and income tax paid by soles before soles gave it away to him, he could if he wanted ... say the moneys were loans.. (wink wink) After all the moneys given by soles to strickland was apparantely soles money and he could do with it as he wants.. I hope naively there is not an unsavory reason for him giving the money... but bottom line if it is soles money... he can do with it as he pleases.. just as all of us have that right to do what we want with our moneys...


What gives a state politician the right to refuse answering questions about gviving gifts to one youth? I would presume there would be a tax problem here. Vote the politicians out that think they are above the law.

He shouldn't have the right

He shouldn't have the right to refuse the questions that everyone is wanting to know.He is no differant than me or you.You would think though he would be wanting to talk about things being said about him.Sounds like his guilty of something.Wonder what his has to give BJ when he gets out this coming week?Can't wait to see.I hope that wway doesn't give up on getting to the bottom of this mess that our great SENATOR has been doing in the years.


You are somewhat wrong...he is different than you and I, he is a publicly elected official and therefore has less of a right to refuse to answer. You and I can very easily refuse to answer questions the press asks, but he does only to a certain extent. There is a great deal of difference. I fully think he should answer...personally I would not, but i'm not an elected official.

Well you would think if he

Well you would think if he hasn't done anything wrong then why is it so hard to answer the questions that are asked.He seems to be a smart man so wouldn't you think that he would.And I agree that he doesn't have to do anything but, he is no different than anyone eles just because of who he is or what he is.And your right he should be answering.If I didn't have anything to hide I would be talking just so people would know that I haven't been doing the things they say he has.Come on his the senator wouldn't that be a could enough reason?

Probably Not

If he gave funds prior to January 1, and they would trigger the "gift tax" issue, all he has to do is file an amended tax return for the year or years involved. Easy explanations for failing to do so -- busy attorney, leading member of the legislature, attending to his constituents needs -- do not be surprised if that is occurring today or over the week-end. For funds given this year, tax filing deadline is next April. Plenty of time to take the necessary steps to avoid a problem. So, if he does the above, no tax problem. And it did not take an attorney to figure that out.

The Soles Story

Stick with this folks. So far, you are the only media outlet in this town to do so. This smells like it is going to break open and when it does, it will be big.