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Authorites say cruise ships will remain rare

READ MORE: Cruise ships will remain a rarity
Wilmington had an economic boost this week when a German cruise ship docked for the day. So why isn't the Port City hosting more ships when they bring in tourists who have money to spend. The scene Monday as the German cruise ship, the Aida Aura docked in Wilmington was filled with eager tourists who were looking to spend money. Its nearly 1,300 passengers and 400 plus crew members spent the day site seeing and spending as estimated $450,000. While the ship's visit pumped money into the Port City's economy, Kim Hufham with the Wilmington Cape Fear Coast Convention and Visitors Bureau said not to get used to seeing cruise ships here. "One of the disadvantages we have is that our port is set up as a cargo port, so we're not necessarily set up as a passenger type cruise port. Our port is 20 plus miles up river and a lot of the ports that we could compete against if we were really actively pursuing the cruise ship market would be those that are a mile or so off the ocean." Hufham also said Wilmington sees only one large ship like this a year. Security regulations at the port make it difficult to handle people walking through, and Hufham said several changes would need to be made before Wilmington got serious about hosting more cruise ships. Some downtown employees say after the boost they got Monday, they'd like to see more. “Business would definitely increase and they all seemed to be really enjoying themselves. I think it could only be a good thing," said Hanna Yester, a downtown employee. A Ports Authority spokesperson said port officials have to come up with an industrial security plan for each cruise ship that visits.

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Cruise Ship Port in Wilmington, NC.

I have heard rumors of a cruise ship port being built in Wilmington, what a terrific boost to the area economy it will bring! As a resident of the area, I can tell you, that this will be a tremendous economic impact to the area as a whole, I have seen a steady influx of tourists traffic to the Wilmington and it’s surrounding areas in the 9 or 8 years or so, and besides generating city and state revenues, it will tremendously increase the local retail business.
It is a topic which in my humble opinion should definitely be addressed by our local officials.

Desiding whats important

We are more concern with visiting cruise ships and beach renurishment than we worry about babies not sleeping because they cold and hungry. This greed and evil must be stopped.


No witty response?


What greed and evil? Let's see: Cruise ships come in and pump hundreds of thousands of dollars into the local economy. Small business owners prosper. Jobs are added. TAX REVENUES increase. That yields more dollars for, among other things, welfare and Section 8 recipients So put up something specific. You're beginning to sound like some voodoo priestess. By the way, are you on welfare and in Section 8 housing? Or are you a working member of our society?

Tonite your world crumbles

Everything will be set upside down and the least shall be fist. Think posative and maybe more cruise ships will come arriving here to see how the new America treats her people with president Obama making sure that everyone get treated fairly. Its none of your business that I live in section 8 housing but I do work as a partime teachers assistent.

One other Item

If everyone is going to be treated fairly, one of the first items for action should be a definite and firm time limit for people to enjoy public housing. These folks who enjoy 10 years or more of public housing, and make no effort to improve their job skills or stop having welfare children, should be fairly escorted out the door and put to work maintaining the grounds of the public housing projects. They should be put to work cleaning up the public housing projects so the living quarters are bug free and clean. They should be put to work identifying the drug dealers who operate in the public housing projects after hours and they should identify the purchasers who bring the drug dealers back. Do all of that and maybe the playing field will start to be fair.

One Can See

why you are promoting Obama. You're apparently part of the crowd who will be on the receiving end of his wealth redistribution plan. Unfortunate you can not see how negative this plan will be on our populace in general. When his small business taxes hit the local Subway, watch the cost of a sub increase. When his small business taxes hit the local McDonalds franchise, watch the cost of a Big Mac increase. Watch the cost of every consumer item, used everyday by everyone, increase when his plan is implemented. Clearly you don't get it. One of the frightening things is you identify yourself as a teacher's assistant; your spelling skills are dismal. Your post reaffirms the impression you are a voodoo priestess.

Come on, now

THIS type of posting is from those that are trying to bait the actual people who CAN AND WILL benefit from who wins. If this person voted I would not be surprised if she took a democratic van to do so. (NOT THAT I DID NOT TAKE A REPUB VAN TO DO THE SAME.) Spreading the wealth IS NOT something Barrack can do by himself. YOU can see as the votes come in that OLD AMERICA wants what they know. You can see that the SUPPRESSED want what they wished they could get on their own. Stop asking gubment to pay for what you chose not to. GEEEZ>


Thanks for showing just how stupid you really are. Can you tell me why "the least shall be first"? Why does that make any sense? So the poor should be in charge? The one's who sit on their butts and praise Obama cause he is going to magically pay for their gas? Being a teacher's assistant you should be ashamed of yourself You misspelled: first positive assistant Pick up a dictionary, learn how to spell, and learn how to form a sentence. You have the responsibility of teaching NC's youth. Stop walking around your whole life as a lazy human being. You are a complete disgrace to society and NC school system.

Also, she misspelled

Also, she misspelled "partime", I am assuming she meant part time, and "its" is a contraction, so let's try "it's". No wonder the kids graduate without knowing how to read and write.

Cruise ships

The reason this isn't being considered is because the "Powers that be" have put their resources into the convention center that they believe will increase our economic development. It could be years before we have the income to open for cruise ships which I believe would be better for our economic development then the convention center.



Go Figure

at a time when the local economy needs all the revenue it can generate, the "powers that be" make excuses on why this opportunity can not be pursued rather than look for solutions which would boost the economy. You don't see a lack of effort or enthusiasm in ports like Baltimore or Savannah. A one day visit pumps $450,000 of revenue into the local economy. That's pretty strong. Repeat that a few times a year and look at the revenue impact. Do the "powers that be" think those ports are superior to Wilmington? Wilmington may be 20 miles inland. But it's a pretty scenic 20 miles. And when they get up here, they have downtown Wilmington, the movie studio, and so much more.

I agree 100%. Why not look

I agree 100%. Why not look for some alternatives. How about setting up a suitable dock in the new Gateway project for cruise vessels? That would put the cruise occupants smack dab in scenic downtown Wilmington as soon as they step off, and shorten the distance that the vessel has to travel sligthly.