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Authorities investigating Columbus County drive-by shooting

READ MORE: Authorities investigating Columbus County drive-by shooting
LAKE WACCAMAW -- Investigators say they may have found one of the suspects in a drive-by shooting Friday night in Columbus County that left one man dead and two more injured. They picked up the man on a separate charge Saturday night. Meanwhile the investigation continues into what happened. Investigators say after a football game Friday night at East Columbus High School about 200 people gathered at Sam's Pit Stop in Lake Waccamaw. Around 10:30 p.m. police say four people wearing masks drove up in a silver Ford Taurus and opened fire. One man, 22-year-old Darnell Frink, was killed and two other people were shot in the legs. Detectives say the shooting was caught on video by the store's three surveillance cameras. Carrie Brown works at Sam's Pit Stop. Luckily she wasn't working when the shooting happened, but says the crime makes her think twice about her job. "I'm scared," Brown said. "I'm definitely scared to work out here now because after what went on last night it makes you wonder, what's going to happen now, what's going to happen next, I mean, is it going to happen while I'm working?" Other residents who live near the gas station say more needs to be done to keep the crowds under control at Sam's Pit Stop on Friday nights after football games. Lake Waccamaw resident William Thurman said, "Yeah, there's a problem here. There should be more patrolling of the area and that should cut down on a lot of the gathering together." Police are looking into a motive for the shooting, but brown says she already knows the reason behind the gunfire. Investigators are still reviewing surveillance video for any other leads on the fourth person in the car. If you have any information on the shooting call the Lake Waccamaw Police Chief at 840-7772.

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When you live in the country,

Living in the country, places have more space between. Everywhere out here has distance. It is not like the city. So crime is going to be a bit tougher when it is spread out and the cops are not alway there to see. East Columbus High School is also on the long stretch of highway, they may keep an officer, but it still takes a good minute for people to get there. I think it goes back to home training, the parents should know where and what their children are doing, even at the high school age. And they should watch out for the gangs and such. Some parents just give up and don't pay attention until their child is locked for life for a stupid decision they made at the age of 15-18. I have a family member in another state who was involved in gangs, he did 4 years, he could have gotten more. Now Thank God he keeps his nose clean. Also, the schools are good, at least the teachers care about their students here, I for one have noticed the difference. When there are a smaller population of students, teachers and staff know them more. Wilmington and Brunswick County are really getting over populated.


I am so sick of crap like this. Kids were afraid to even go to school today because of a few thugs that terrorize. It's insane. Gang members need to be exiled from public schools. I say bring back profiling. If you look like a gang member, suffer the wrath that is associated with it. There are so many GOOD KIDS that obey the law and deserve an education without having to be at school in fear. It's UNFAIR.

Reason for gunfire?

Why didn't you print what she thinks was the reason for the gunfire? I'm sure the reporter asked.

I bet the shoot has a rap

I bet the shoot has a rap sheet a mile long. Courts just keep putting them back on the streets.


Is this why the schools were on lockdown today? what is going on in columbus county? all you hear about in columbus county are killings....Drugs,Gangs,and Killings.....why hasn't anything been done about this?

Seems like if this was a

Seems like if this was a problem the Sheriff would assign more Deputies to the School games and everyone knows where the crowd goes after the game so there is no reason that the Deputies should not continue the patrol to handle the crowd afterwards. Lake Waccamaw is not a big enough dept. to handle a hugh crowd.

Not surprising

Its not surprising to anyone that lives at Lake Waccamaw that, if an incident like this was to occur, that it happened @ Sam's Pit Stop. Any given day after school the loitering here by swearing, rude wanna-be thug teens runs rampant. Many of the LW population avaoid this store in favor of the other. The clerks say the owner doesn't mind if they are in the way of customers, so it really isn't a matter for the police to enforce. The police department at the Lake is absolutely outstanding, with quality leadership and concerned officers. There is a "no loitering" sign, but it is apparently there in case of litigation.

Police need to step up

If the Lake PD is "absolutely outstanding, with quality leadership and concerned officers" why do they continue to let things like this happen right under their noses? Crack down on these crowds and put an end to the lawlessness...period. It will only get worse before it gets better. Society continues to cater to such lawlessness and sorry individuals. Pickup a News Reporter and you'll see who's causing all of the problems in the county. It's the same repeat names over and over and over....probation, plea, intense probation (big deal), plea...probation and the cycle never stops. There needs to be a clear message hasn't been and won't be anytime soon, one reason I'll never raise my family in such a backwards area. I'm from Whiteville and it brings tears to my eyes and sickness to my stomach to see such a good area go bad. God bless and good luck.

Correction for the uninformed

The Lake Waccamaw Police Dept. do not, "continue to let things like this happen right under their noses", since this is the second murder in 24 years. The author of that misleading and uneducated reply lives in one of the more violent areas of the county, and the deceased was from another. The crime rates in Lake Waccamaw are quite different from the rates seen in these two areas. Granted, it is a problem we all must live with in Columbus County, but let's not assign blame to the Law Enforcement agency with the lowest crime rate in the county for the rate of violence in areas they do not control.

How do you know what part of the County I live in?

I'm the "author" you refer too. How do you know where I live? FYI, read my previous comments. I said I'm from Whiteville, not that I live in Whiteville. I currently don't even live in the United States. Yes, I still read the News Reporter, but by mail. I agree that the Lake is one of the, if not the safest city in the county but last Friday's incident should be a wake-up call. And don't act like other crimes aren't happening in that area. You're probably right that on the Lake side of 74 not much happens...oh, what about all the robberies at the Lake that finally got solved last year? It will only get worse. Good luck!