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Sheriff: Pregnant Marine is dead, comrade is main suspect

READ MORE: Sheriff: Pregnant Marine is dead, comrade is main suspect
JACKSONVILLE (AP) -- Authorities on foot and all-terrain vehicles searched a residential neighborhood near Camp Lejeune today for a shallow grave holding the body of a pregnant Marine. They say the main suspect in her death is a comrade she had accused of rape. The Onslow County sheriff says information from another woman, a former Marine, left investigators certain that 20-year-old Lance Corporal Maria Frances Lauterbach is dead. But they haven't found her remains. Military and civilian investigators are seeking the key suspect in the death, Corporal Cesar Armando Laurean of Clark County, Nevada. Sheriff Ed Brown says the 21-year-old had declined to meet with investigators and apparently left the area without telling his lawyers where he was going. The search was focused on a wooded area not far Laurean's home. Laurean has not been charged with a crime. Authorities say Lauterbach reported the rape in April. Brown says he doesn't know if Laurean might be the father. The sheriff hinted Friday morning that a positive outcome was still possible. But he said that was before detectives received news of Lauterbach's death from an unidentified female witness who is a former Marine. Naval investigators say there's no indication Lauterbach sought witness protection services available from the Marines. (Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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marine murdered

First of I was upset when the media talked about her being a liar. When someone is missing first we should try to find her and not distoring her character. Even more so went the women is pregnant. Now that we believe that she is dead and now that we know what a monster that guy is we will devote our time to finding her. I hope we find the guy and give him justice.

People are sick! Everyday

People are sick! Everyday you hear stories just like this one. How could anyone do such a thing and not even think twice about it? Life is such a precious gift to have someone take your life AND the life of your unborn child is disgusting. What is wrong with people??

What is going on?

Ok, first of all, Marine, Pregnant, Helloooo, why did they not discuss this on the air sooner? She had no family here and pregnant! Someone should have known of her whereabouts! Not to mention, she accused him of sexual assault, he may be the father! I would have thought more of Camp Lejuene! I am praying she just took off and left. How cruel of someone to do such a thing.

It's far too early to blame the Marine Corps

This is a tragedy, but every single story cites the fact that the victim and her murderer obviously had some kind of relationship after the alleged rape and despite the protective order. There are also aspects of this story that raise red flags to those of us who spent a lot of time in the Corps. Was she being harassed, or did her leaders simply question why she was pressing charges against this man she evidently still had a friendship with? Her uncle claiming that harassment drove her to move off base may be totally false, for she was due to deliver her child this month, and would HAVE to had moved off base once that child was born. Getting a household set up two months early would certainly not be unusual, and I have known many female Marines who have done just that. Let the investigation take its course and let all the facts emerge before we start throwing stones at the Corps.

Marine Murdered

Good job WWAY on covering the national story that happened in your backyard!

Lance Corporal Lauterbach

My comment, I'm disgusted that a member of the Marine Corps could do such a thing. Very few women serve their country in the military and even fewer join the Marines, Lance Corporal Lauterbach must have been a very patriotic women and I am praying that her remains are found so that she may have the descent burial that she deserves. BOB HARAN, USMC 1968-71 Phoenix, Arizona

Read the Pentagon Report

From Pentagon reports: After a survey after the year 2000 of the female personnel in the service (all branches), 30% reported sexual assaults and attempted sexual assaults. The numbers can be found for the repeated rapes, gang rapes, etc... But no need to quote those here. Something tells me that there is a problem with the way things are being run, and not just in the Marines.